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July's Build Theme: Taverns & Mead Halls

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Yes we did this theme a while ago (when I first started the build comps up again 2 maps ago).  This was a favorite and I thought, what a great way to bring back some nostalgia while challenging players to recreate what they may have already done.

There's a twist to this though... you do not have to keep your tavern/mead hall in the medieval build style!  You can take it back to Roman inspiration, put a Mayan spin on it, or take it all the way to the future!

Here are the requirements:

2 levels- one level for the drink & food and the other for sleeping quarters

Fire element in the main gathering space

Food prep area (like a full kitchen, line prep cook area, or kitchenette, etc).

A sign with the name of your Tavern/Mead Hall (can be a basic wooden sign or it can be incorporated into the build using blocks to spell it out, or hanging banners with letters)


1st Place 1500

2nd Place 1000

3rd Place 500


As always each winner will receive a box of goodies at the build comp house along with their ember prizes.


Remember the more original and creative you can be with the build earns you more points!  You have until August 5th to build your entry, I will Judge around 12 noon (central time).  Please let me know here, on discord pm's, or the /mail system in game if you'd like to participate and I will set you up with a plot.  Players from June's comp if you'd like to keep your plot please let me know, plots will remain named until Friday so that any players from last month can start their builds for this month if they want to continue with July's comp.  After Friday I will reassign the plots from players not wishing to participate this month.

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And the winners are:

3rd Place: blue_knigh I enjoyed the redstone tables and the outside entrance for the sleeping quarters, however, the attic space was wasted

2nd Place: ellibear Great use of the grounds using up all the space and using the greenery for an entrance, there were however areas of wasted space such as an empty balcony there's a lot more you could have done there to fill in and decorate the space.

and 1st place:

Dreamy!  (I know what others are going to say, no this was not favoritism, no this wasn't a bribe)  There was no wasted space whatsoever.  The grounds were completed, there were multiple levels, several seating areas, a bar with bar stools and cups ready to drink from, the kitchen was filled with appliances, plenty of rooms, two decorated balconies and even the bathroom provided more than other builds such as a towel and toilet paper.  This build included several details that made use of basic items in minecraft to be something entirely different, even the meeting room featured a fire pit which was unique compared to the general fireplaces seen in the other builds.

I will attempt to upload some videos I took of each build when I get back from work tomorrow, until then you can check out the builds by visiting /ewarp buildcomp to see the builds for yourself.

I will also be placing the prize boxes down and sending the monetary gains to the winners.  Tomorrow August's comp will also be announced and we are moving locations, tomorrow evening I will have one of the admins change the comp warp to the new location near Northwick.

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There has already been blowback from a few players over the winners.


Let me clarify that I judge each build based on meeting the criteria and originality.  Let me also take a moment to remind players that complaining ant nitpicking about the winning builds is not good sportsmanship and continued behavior will result in a 3 month ban from the competition to give such persons time too cool down.  My friends and family should not be made to feel like they can't enter & have fun with everyone else because of situations like this.  Cedarcraft is a fun, supportive, uplifting community and these behaviors do not reflect what the CC server stands for.

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