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    • JohnSF93

      Hello CedarCraft,

      CedarCraft was founded on 26th September 2011 - over nine years ago. Over this time, this incredible community has produced everything from long-lasting friendships, loving relationships and a place for everyone to come together and enjoy their time. It's not been entirely blissful the whole time of course; there have been lows as well as highs along the way: as there is in any environment - but unlike any other community we held strong and made it work. I never would have expected that this game and this server that I rent (due to your generous donations through VIP packages) sitting in a rack in a random london datacenter would ever have achieved what it has done. For this I am so, so proud of this community and everything we have done here.

      And this is why I am finding it currently very painful to be announcing my resignation from CedarCraft as owner and as a staff member. All of our journeys through through life are very different, and sometimes they reach a point where you can no longer continue doing the things that you wish you could. My new career path that I started in the last year has meant that I have very little free time any more to commit to CedarCraft (and even less energy when the time does arise!). I have, of course, seen the effect that this has had on the server and community in the last few months - giving CedarCraft and your community a sense of being neglected and not well upkept. This was not my intention but clearly continuing as owner was likely to do more harm than good.

      In light of this, and after many discussions to ensure that the CedarCraft community can continue to thrive going forward, I am extremely happy to announce VeritasLuxMea as the new owner of CedarCraft. After joining us soon after the server opened and having been an administrator here with us for the last 5 years I am certain that our community will continue to grow and thrive going forwards under his leadership.

      I will remain part of this amazing community, even if not a member of staff, and I'll be around on here, the community discord and on the game server. Thank you all so much for being part of something special and with your continued support of our community going forwards.

      All the best and I'll see you around,

    • JohnSF93
      Hey CedarCraft!
      The build competition is now OPEN with the theme: Sci-fi spacecraft as voted by the community!
      This time, things are a bit different. The build comp will be in the new creative server on CedarCraft.
      Helpful information:
      Get to the build comp: /buildcomp and back again with /survival Get yourself a plot to build in: /plot auto Add others to your plot to help you build: /plot trust [player] (allows players to build when you're offline) Remove others from your plot: /plot untrust [player] Change the plot biome: /plot biome [biome] Mark your build as finished: /plot done Delete your whole build - cannot be undone: /plot delete Note that you will be able to see 1.16 blocks but these cannot be placed until the server fully upgrades to 1.16
      You can download your completed build as either a world or schematic for pasting into your own worlds with /plot download
      In the near future, we are releasing a full creative server as well. There will be the options to paste your creative builds from this server into your plots on the creative server!

    • JohnSF93

      Automatic Farms

      By JohnSF93,

      Hello CedarCraft,
      There has been some recent discussion and debate into the use of automatic farms in CedarCraft - that is, farms that can generate resources for players without the need for any interaction whatsoever. When CedarCraft was first set up in 2011, when server software efficiency wasn't as good as it is now (and our hardware was much more basic), this rule banning such farms was designed around reducing the impact of such resource-heavy farms on the server and the overall user experience. This rule has always been something that has persisted across server updates.
      Recently however, concerns have been raised that players want the ability to freely use automatic farms, as it is part of the standard Minecraft experience. Since we've previously had no suggestions or requests to review this rule (at least not on the forums where administration can see), the banning of automatic farms has simply slipped through from map to map.
      After being brought to our attention, a full discussion with the staff team was held, in which it is our collective feeling that, with improved server hardware and improved server software in the 8 years we have been running, we believe we can safety allow automatic farming. 
      As such, the rule preventing this has been removed and players are free to go wild with farm creation.
      When building any automatic farms, please please keep in mind our Environmental Guidelines
      In place of this is a rule that essentially just asks you to be mindful of the greater community when creating your automatic farms. Though there is no hard-and-fast rule, at times where server lag is becoming an issue, farms with too many entities and found to be a significant contributor will be asked to amend the farm, for the benefit of the community, at staff discretion. Additionally there may be some amendments to jobs/mcmmo for balancing purposes down the line.
      Thank you very much and we hope that you enjoy this change. Please feel free to leave any comments or queries in the relevant topic.
      CedarCraft Owner

    • JohnSF93

      Voting Rewards

      By JohnSF93,

      As we all know well by now, voting for us daily is one of the most important things that you can do to help us in terms of bringing new faces to the community and getting our name out there. I've recently reduced the amount of sites needed to vote on daily from 5 to 3, hopefully making this less of a chore for you all.
      As well as this I want to improve the vote crate that you get for voting 3 times a day.
      Also, there is the possibility to give the top 3 (or more) voters a month their own special prizes. 
      Please let us know what sort of things you want to see in the vote crates that you feel will make voting more worthwhile.
      And while you're at it, don't forget to vote!
      If you really want to help us, please consider making a review on our voting pages (especially PMC, /vote3) so new players can see how we stand out. Thanks!

    • JohnSF93
      Hello CedarCraft,
      Following in-depth analysis of our recent server performance, we have removed map 6 from the server and this will soon be available for download for your personal use locally. In addition, we believe that we have unfortunately found a significant source of the recent server lag spikes in the barrels plugin. As such we will be disabling all barrels on the server the upcoming Tuesday 26th May (evening, UK time).
      There has sadly been no easy way to automatically transfer your barrel contents into chests and so this will have to be done manually. If you are unable to do this before Tuesday, don't panic - all barrel data is saved and will remain accessible by the admins. Simply raise a /modreq and we will be able to replace your items.
      In better news, we have made significant updates to the server software and bug fixes to many plugins. We've purchased a new anticheat that is much better at what it does and with much less of a performance hit. The jobs system has had multiple bugs squished and all rewards for levelling up in each job are working properly now. Alchemy has also been fixed and is paying out XP/E accordingly.
      We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this change, but our overall aim is to get back to being lag free - at which point we can start reintroducing features such as Mob and PvP arenas and other minigames. See you in game!
      - JohnSF93

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