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  1. Yesterday
  2. GeoStar13

    Soo, something when the bang.

    Aww man, I was on for about 20 mins then crashed again. Went to rejoin and got same msg. Will try a reinstall tomoz.
  3. ofLegends

    Soo, something when the bang.

    Poor Geo 😢
  4. GeoStar13

    Soo, something when the bang.

    Thanks Leah It.fixed itself today so all good. 😎
  5. lebh

    Soo, something when the bang.

    Are you able to join any other servers? there are some of the solution that I saw online: dissable the firewall then try and join and see if that works restart your router/wifi contact your ISP (reinstall java / Minecraft)
  6. Last week
  7. lebh

    CedarCraft Wiki!

    I want to share with you all a project that I have been working on: https://cedarcraft.fandom.com/wiki/CedarCraft_Wiki It's a wiki with a lot of information and commands that is helpful for us all. use /wiki in-game to get a link in chat to the wiki Credit to missatessatessy for proofreading and editing If anything is missing or you feel that something else is needed, just send a message on discord, in-game or on here would be great.
  8. GeoStar13

    Some Ideas

    Blaze rods as fuel ftw! And come.to my place....so.many squid spawn.
  9. GeoStar13

    Soo, something when the bang.

    Was happily raiding a nether fortress when my internet went down. Wife called IPS and all was fixed I can log in then crash and burn. Now cannot connect to CC 😪
  10. ofLegends

    Rainbow Star Sheep Farm

    Screenshot taken by VeritasLuxMea
  11. Jet_Chi

    Some Ideas

    i looked at the Xisumavoid farm where he uses a sweeper to harvest the kelp then one to push the floating blocks, i think this idea is great but i was concerned it would cause lag for others. i might try to do something like that farm. I really want to use Black Concrete but i would be farming squid for days, in if it was possible to find an area to force spawn squids would it cause server lag to create a farm out of it. thanks for the responses 🙂
  12. ofLegends

    Some Ideas

    I mostly agree with what you've said, but for #2 I just want to say that 1.13 is horrendously laggy for some reason anyway (Mojang's fault, not CC's), but if you wanted to build one go for it. It's client lag anyway, not server lag. The general consensus for "laggy" farms has generally been to just get them evaluated if you're unsure, but for the most part if it's not fully auto it's fine. 🙂
  13. rocksvin

    Some Ideas

    1) You just have to bite the bullet, really. It's a pain to farm them, but they're out there. What I can recommend is to sit in a boat and move along in an ocean till you see something spawn, (push f3+b to see them better) usually a whole area of mobs will spawn including fish, dolphins and some squid - once you've killed the squid, hop back in the boat and move another bunch of chunks away till you see something new spawn, eventually you get a feel for when you can stay in the boat and wait for a new wave. But you gotta stay on the move, remaining in the same spot doesn't really work. I've personally obtained several stacks this way. Also, always do this in resource world. 2) I don't think kelp is nearly as laggy on our server compared to single player. Notice how item drops seems to stack here? That's not a thing in single player, and cuts down massively on item entity lag. Constantly updating water sources from one could be a mess though, but we'll figure that out eventually. Or Mojang. We have one that is under construction atm (8x30) utilizing a sweeper, at most we're looking at 240 kelp, but in reality it's probably closer to 120, and most of that will stack together. Xisumavoid (on youtube) built a similar one, if you wanna check it out. 3) Sort of agree, I just don't know where it could do with a buff. On one hand I'd like ores in general to be worth more (gold, iron and diamonds) but we mine stone 90% of the time if not more while branch mining, so maybe that's where said buff could be. I think most jobs seems to be around 5k ember/hour (and some more, with outliers) while I have a hard time pushing miner past even 4k. Last I checked, I sat around 3500. Thing is though, as a miner you get really useful byproducts that fuels other professions (most notably gold), and it's in almost direct correlation with blacksmithing due to the insane amount of materials it requires to level up, so you gotta keep this in mind. You gain much more ember from mining than your /money says, in a way, so for that reason I'd say it's fine. But is it bad if a job gives you just 5-10% less than another job? If you hate farming crops over and over, but if farmer job would give you 10% more than miner (which we can pretend you love for argument sake) would you still pick, and stay, with farmer over a time frame of say 100 hours? I know I wouldn't, would happily take the 10% loss and keep on doing what I like. Chances are, doing what I like, I'd probably put more time into it in the long run. 5) The thing with private islands is that they need to be kind of private and out in the ocean, while being part of the main world. While we do have an ocean, it's simply not large enough to sustain the 5-10 islands I'd like to build in this case, along with people already feeling like there isn't enough real estate to go by. I'll review it again later when the map expands, because it's really not an option to put the islands in a separate world (more server load, and detachment, although it would actually feel isolated :P) edit: Further thoughts on mining
  14. Jet_Chi

    Buying a Beacon

    I want to buy a beacon as im doing alot of mining around my area at the moment, if no1 wants to part with one in long term can someone loan me one if that arent using it. Please let me know how much you want for a beacon.
  15. Jet_Chi

    Some Ideas

    1) Ink Sacks are harder to obtain, as to build a decent spawner it will cause huge lag spikes. i have looked at designs which involve taking portion of a river biome and drying the rest of the rivers out to force them to spawn. Need that black concrete :S To offset the issues with building a squid farm, could there be more incentive for people to go farm Squid, like more exp/ember from hunting them? 2) Coal blocks look nice but lots of people use coal as a fuel source. i have looked into kelp farms as a fuel source and lots of them seem to be automatic with observers as allowing the kelp to grow fully then harvest causes large lag spikes, i tried this out with a simple piston farm on 20 kelp blocks on single player and it created lag spikes. Can the mods review different types of kelp farm and say what is acceptable. 3) Mining seems to be very underwhelming on Jobs, can it be buffed slightly to bring it in line with other jobs. if you control a guardian farm you're probably making tons more ember than you can with mining. 4) Weekly Challenges for prizes, this is vague but it could be any sort of challenge to inspire some competition. 5) private islands like on previous maps where you can spend a large amount of ember to buy islands, those islands can be found through a portal room at spawn. cant see a downside to this. Just some ideas ive been thinking off, lets have a discussion 🙂
  16. rocksvin

    Shop Relocation

    /shops have now been added as a command, takes you to the upper floor!
  17. VeritasLuxMea

    Voting Site is down

    It appears the fifth site is now up again, I am marking this as answered 🙂
  18. TuckerAmbr

    Equestriville Mayor elections

    Are you going to build a wall on the southern border?
  19. rocksvin

    Admin Shop Lottery

    To save further discussion, let me take this thread to the finish line. "Can we add admin shops?" No, that's currently not planned. "If we add admin shops, can we have a lottery based on their profits?" No, the intent with admin shops is to drain the economy of ember, splitting the 'profits' from it would ruin the intended purpose.
  20. VelociRandom

    Admin Shop Lottery

    A neat idea, but kinda falls flat on the fact we don't have any admin shops :P
  21. TuckerAmbr

    Voting Site is down

    Thank you.
  22. DrConch

    Admin Shop Lottery

    Would it be a wild idea to have profits from the admin shop go directly toward the lottery jackpot? Maybe not 100% of the profits, but at least 50%
  23. basicmark

    Voting Site is down

    Thank your for reporting this issue :). You should continue to get your keys after every 5 votes, but as one voting site is down it will take a little longer. We will monitor the situation and may switch to another site if this one remains down.
  24. NSGYT

    My Puppy

    That's so cute
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