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  2. We're in the middle of setting up a full server reset and updating to 1.20 right now! It's taking a little longer than anticipated because Minecraft is being Minecraft, but progress is being made. There's been several announcements on the Discord, but the forums have fallen behind somewhat, sorry about that. If you visit spawn you'll see that we're close enough to the reset that we've opened up the end-of-map memorial sign room at spawn like we have on the previous maps, but no exact ETA on the new one yet.
  3. I played this server throughout most of my adolescence. Definitely an old favorite, and nostalgic server for me. I hopped back on to see the player limit is now 50, and that it seems... rather dead. I cam back to the forum, and it too seems to have been abandonded. Is there anyone that still plays the server, or even uses the forum, or am i simply trying to communicate to a void?
  4. In case anyone wants to port these to modern versions (with some very minor corruption, presumably unavoidable because of just how big the maps are). Load each map in the version Missa listed above (the version they were saved in, just to make sure they work), Then 1.8.9, Then 1.12.2, Then 1.15.2 (Make sure you assign a fair bit of RAM here or it'll crash during conversion), Then you can load in 1.20.1! And be sure to use Esc > Open to LAN w/ cheats> /gamerule doFireTick false as quickly as possible!!
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