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  2. Just as I thought of turning back to minecraft again I met this post after being on and off for a day. No one appeard to be online as I was checking who's still playing. I used to play between 2011 and 2015, burned myself out completly. as I left minecraft, I kinda longed for a community like we had here back in the day, I did find it in Wurms unlimited, but it was not to last. I dont know what it is. something made me never forget about Cedarcraft.
  3. Use the way back machine :p
  4. See title, rest in peace cedar history. Was nice looking back at the fun we once had. 😔
  5. The archive is no longer functioning.
  6. It's good to see you back 🙂
  7. Thanks. There's no place like home. I am not quite 100% but I feel pretty good. 🙂
  8. glad to hear you're feeling better
  9. I have been away since at the 10th of April or so. I was sick in the hospital. I am now back home so I will be able to get on the server soon. Tillisnut
  10. Nice to see you again 🙂 A very cool yet catchy song to listen to too 🙂
  11. Hello! I have been out of the community for a while but some of you might remember me working on the rail stations with Hellfaerie. It's been a while since map 3 but I remember making this short demo cover of "Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Perpetuum Mobile" in noteblocks but never did anything with it. Despite its incomplete state I've just decided to make a short vid on it because "perfect is the enemy of done" and it needs to be redesigned anyway due to multiple issues, so it's done in a sense. 😛 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfzY0Ua_GQE Thanks to hafizanaqi and friends for their plot I built on and the background pixel art.
  12. Oh no, sorry to see you go Zili. Looking after yourself is main priority. Take care and all the best sweet ❤️
  13. I guess this doesn't come as a surprise since I've been AFK for 6 months now due to my health; but I have informed Vet that I am no longer able to remain as a moderator. In a nutshell: My health is still declining and we're not quite sure what is causing it only some of the the things that are helping the decline overall (and not to my advantage). The workload irl has only increased over the last 6 months because apparently I do my job too darn well 😕 More work stress means I can handle less and less of the stress and duties associated with moderating here when active staff numbers have dwindled. Rather than continue to be a staff with perks and not even signing in at this point, I am stepping down so that the admins and staff can have needed conversations and find solutions to helping Cedar be active again. I might pop in from time to time but mostly my time these days is spent in bed trying to get more rest, reading to relax, and slowly but surely (eh...75% of the time) completing my chores so that Dreamy isn't the only one keeping the house picked up and cleaned up as I'm not able to do what a normal healthy person can do in a days time. What may take you an hour or two to complete (such as washing, drying, and hanging up the laundry) becomes a two day process for me that leaves me unable to do anything else...that leaves me with very little time and energy to handle even simple modreqs and definitely not hosting and judging build comps. With the lack of energy and the frustration that I am not able to function properly anymore comes a black cloud of mental health issues as well and the only way to combat that is to try and find more time/ways to rest rather than adding on to the stress and physical actions I am unable to perform.
  14. Is this still occurring? Next time you get on please contact me and I'll check the server logs to see if anything shows up server side.
  15. Since last night, I can log in, but chunks are not loading and I can't do anything (open doors, chests, eat, etc.) and after a couple minutes I get disconnected. I first tried connecting right after the server restart. Is it just me, or are others having this same issue? Thanks.
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