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  3. All good now 🤘
  4. Didn't work, still stuck at build comp.
  5. GeoStar13

    So I'm stuck!

    Logged on and am at build comp. Did /survival no go Did /home no go Did /spawn no go. Am stuck at build comp? Hmmmm, one thing I could try is Pic AxChat as it takes you to spawn.
  6. This is an old suggestion (see post from crimsoncranberry last Oct) but for a brand new reason. Recently we lost the ability to move mobs about by boat, which for most passive mobs is not much of a problem as players can easily get eggs for them from any person with Farmer level 25 or higher. Can we now have the ability for Farmers (at say level 50) to egg villagers? If the villager has an occupation can their profession and trade attributes be retained? Or if the majority opinion is to have them reset, can we have named villagers retain their attributes? As it is, it will be very difficult for new players to start a village and moving villagers about becomes an extreme hassle. (I moved most of my villagers into isolation using the boat method to stop the blighters from breeding every time I wanted to get emeralds off of them!) It would, as crimson pointed out before, really help with population control and therefor mitigate some server lag. Cheers, Nick.
  7. https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/epic-fortress/
  8. Would love to play around with it... think there's a schem somewhere to download it?
  9. I do believe it would only be possible to stack over 64 with mods. Chest expansion would only be possible with mods too.
  10. not quite the title I was going for on the build, but it works 😄
  11. There were 5 tops builds that stood out among the smaller and unfinished builds: Random, Dreamy, Tako, Aqua_Mar1ne, and Shirenui. The winners are: 1st-VelociRandom's Tardis under attack by Daleks 2nd-Tako_Oni's Mushroom Planet 3rd- Aqua_Mar1ne's Alien Invasion
  12. There's the ability to combine plots with this creative world
  13. Suggestion. If trains win, may need an elongated plot rather than Square.
  14. Time to vote for the next theme! Sorry I'm late in posting this so you've only got a day to vote!
  15. ah ok then. Thanks for looking into it 🙂 Accio
  16. That's not possible either I'm afraid, at least not without a plugin and then we get into interesting interactions with our chest protection plugin.
  17. Think this is a good idea to keep it uniform and so it doesn't disturb people in the middle of building. Also an announcement for people joining the sever in creative world? I feel like i'm being rude if someone joins but they are on the creative world and I am on survival I don't know they are on unless i look at tab? Accio 🙂
  18. oh darn 😞 is there any other ideas for other ways of increasing storage space, maybe being able to increase chest/shulker/ inventory sizes? Thanks 🙂 Accio
  19. Setting any stack size beyond 64 seems not to be possible.
  20. This is a good idea if there's a stable plugin for this that wouldn't cause performance issues with the server like the barrels plugin did.
  21. If this is a possibility I'd like it to be possible too I really need to start storing more sand and glass XD
  22. This would be a good alternative to barrels, and hopefully not cause the same issues that barrels did 😜
  23. Not a bad idea. Barrels were so cool for massive storage and easy to dump a full inv of say 'stone' into storage with one click. If possible I would assume would need another plugin?
  24. I agree too this as a builder and tinkerer of redstone I need too stock myself with more materials and im glad someone brought this up lord kagrenac
  25. Helllloooo :) I wanted to put forward a suggestion i'm not entirely sure if it can be done but is there a possibility of being able to stack more than 64 items at a time? Due to the barrel system not in effect the amount of materials and chests required for materials is crazy, barrels made life easier keeping everything in one place but I understand the reason for getting rid of them, lag has reduced a lot because of it. As I relied heavily on barrels I have hundreds of stacks of stone, gravel etc and it would make life a lot easier and free up space in inventory if we was able to say even double the stack size. As I say im not sure if it is possible but its a suggestion :) Thanks Accio x
  26. I'd like to suggest a timer for server restart in the Creative World, with the same increments as in Survival Mode.
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