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  3. Don't you worry about us, time to look after no1 (that's you) for a while :).
  4. Him and Massive. I remember being "Herobrined" by Massive back in the day, spawning mobs, placing signs around my base ... fun times :).
  5. Last word I got, I may get out of the hospital come Tuesday. However time in Cedar will still be limited for awhile as I will be traveling to and from the doctor's office for more treatments.
  6. Mom & velocirandom did the majority of the work on the interior decorating, I just stood around most days lol.
  7. Well I hope they get you home on time momma, I know you want out of there!
  8. hmm.... suspicious... you are Lunchmeats and AdamaxEP is talking about lunchmeats
  9. Oh my, lots of love is being sent your way from me and my mom! Awaiting your return :D ~Bauer
  10. Today is officially two weeks in the hospital. There is mixed bag of news. I have to spend at least four more days here and when I am released to go home, will be traveling back and forth to doctor 's office for treatment. Thanks to a bone marrow biopsy we have determined what attacked poor little etsi. Aplastic Anemia. Basically my body said it was gonna quit making red cells. When I get sick I do it up good......lol.
  11. Yeah, that dude was such a jerk...
  12. Earlier
  13. hope you get better soon
  14. Yes, get well Etsi. We miss you.
  15. Oh no, be well Etsi ❤️
  16. Been gone a week already and it looks like at least another week before I can come home. So, to keep a long and confusing story short and to the point, I have been in the hospital this past week. There are some issues they are trying to figure out but it looks like I could be here for another week or more.
  17. lol, reminds me of the days when lunchmeats would randomly spawn mobs on players...
  18. mmmmm, oh yes, the tree *nods head
  19. Incredible build old chap, was a pleasure to come back into the Minecraft universe, into our Cedarcraft home and then view such heroic effort!
  20. 3 years away and this is how you welcome me back, with a horde of zombies! No armour, no food, wooden sword and a raw piece of mutton. gosh... ...thanks server. ;(
  21. That is freaking awesome! What texture pack? And I am gonna download the world.
  22. So for those who don't know me... I was quite the builder on this server a few years back. Before making my exit, an admin gave me the download file of my last big project from the server's sandbox world. I was able to finish it and after collecting some dust I have decided to release it to the public (and as a youtuber with 22k subs it makes for some good content). I'd like to thank Zili, etsi_wahuhi, and VelociRandom from their help doing the interior decoration for this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfKRGwmDt5w
  23. Counter attack is very annoying when using guardian farms, for example when you try to kill them at there slot counter attack constantly keeps damaging you making it rly hard to get the sweeping edge effect on the guardians, also when you try to make guardian temples into guardian farms it is impossible to not constantly get killed every 5 seconds when trying to destroy the temple because of counter attack being so overpowered it is pushing you back before you can even get close to the guardian your attempting to kill which means that you die before you can even kill guardians. They are supposed to be the easier ones to kill but when trying to get to a elder guardian it is really hard because of all the little ones giving the "counter attack" effect.
  24. This past comp (a team build) two teams entered and only one team actually built. Unless we had 3 teams I do not give out prizes as there's no competition that way. However the build was done well! As for the future of the build comps I leave that in the hands of the rest of the staff if someone would like to step up and take over. My demands at work have grown and with growing stress my health becomes worse. I've got to put myself first here and lessen my stress somewhere, unfortunately I am unable to quit my job XD
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