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    Etsi Keychains

    #6 & #10 are claimed
  3. Zili

    Etsi Keychains

    #7 is spoken for by Bauerdog
  4. Zili

    Etsi Keychains

    #3 has been spoken for by missatessatessy
  5. Zili

    Etsi Keychains

    #2 has been spoken for by Elli
  6. I am selling keychains for $5 (that already includes the shipping) made from various items but each displays an owl charm in remembrance of our Etsi_Wahuhi ❤ I bought a package of owl charms to make the jewelry I wore to her services leaving me with about 40 (give or take) owls left. Tako, Uchi, and myself thought that mom would want something good for the server to come from this. For every keychain bought/ordered that $5 will be donated to the server! I will post these in batches of 10 as I make them, this is the first set. To purchase please let me know which numbered keychain you would like. Please paypal the money to me using [email protected] be sure to include the mailing adress when you send me the money that way I can send it out to you. If you wish to purchase more than one you may do so!
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  9. Zili

    Owl Mom's Legacy

    Damo has set the warp you can use /etsi to get there.
  10. Zili

    Owl Mom's Legacy

    A memorial garden has been set up for players at the following coords: -2631/63/247 Feel free to build in her memory and I encourage everyone to post signs with jokes and puns around the grounds as she loved a good pun or a bad one ❤️ Tako, Uchi, Dreamy, and myself know how much she meant to all of you and wanted to give you a space where you could remember and honor her.
  11. Dearest members of Cedarcraft, it is with the heaviest of hearts that Tako, Uchi, OneiriosDreamKing, and myself bring you the news of mom's passing. It was at her wish that we did not inform the Cedarfamily that she was sick again, unfortunately this time her body just was not able to recover. Mom's start with Minecraft and Cedar (the only server she ever played on) began a few years ago when her kids shared time bonding over the game. Often she'd watch Tako play from over his shoulder and participate in chat by having Tako type her comments. This early interaction earned her the nickname "The Watcher." Tako, Uchi, and I had a brilliant mother's day gift idea and pulled our money together to purchase her her very own account! She thought about her screenname for a while and eventually settled on "etsi_wahuhi"-Cherokee for Mother Owl-essentially the best "Watcher" name there could be. From that momment on she was the Momma Owl to anyone and everyone on the server. It was momma's selflessness and her tendency to be anyone's mom should they need that led to the staff asking her to join the moderators. Cedarcraft and the Cedarfamily was among her favorite entertainment in her years of retirement. She really did view this community as an extended family. Although we grieve for our momma owl, she did request that I pass on a few words of Momma wisdom, -Remember to help each other, especially new players so that they feel welcomed and our nest in the great Cedar tree will grow! -Be kind always. We may have disagreements because we all think differently, but that does not mean that we cannot be friends. -Don't give the staff a hard time, they are people too and doing their best. When possible give them a helping hand if they ask. -When you are bored with the game don't give up on it, inspiration is everywhere! If all else fails mine ores and gather supplies for a rainy day...just avoid the lava! -Keep each other close, check on each other, make peace and forgive as often as needed. -Most importantly-- Remember, Owl Mom is always watching!
  12. I know this may be late, but no you can not disable it. I don't think removing it would be a good move but maybe disabling it for certain mobs
  13. Congrats Elli, Dawn, and TreePunch!
  14. /home will be present, however due to the issue with map6 warps /warp will not work at present, I also do not believe it is possible to recover the warps. but we can add the ability for new warps to be created.
  15. @Crimsoncranberry - I believe this can be disabled using /mcability, Please confirm?
  16. Are we able to do /home and /warp on the map 6 access?
  17. Hello CedarCrafters! So the day has finally come where we have launched map 6! You can now visit this by typing /server map6 whilst in-game. Whilst we have released this now, there may be slight bugs with block in-game due to the conversion that has taken place, You should be able to fix these by breaking and placing them again. All your MCMMO Stats from Map6 will be present as well as balance, However these are non-transferable and are for map6 only. Kind Regards CedarCraft Administration.
  18. Winners for December's build competition the theme was Christmas, marks are as follows: Thank you all for participating 🙂 Hope you all had a good Christmas
  19. Wow, nicely worded Benj and welcome back to CC. Once you join CC you always remain part of the family ❤️ Happy 2020 to you and hope to see you soon on the server 👍
  20. We're almost at the end of 2019, and with 2020 comes a new decade as well as a year. Most of us will have been children/teenagers at the start of the decade (many still are now) and it's wierd and amazing all at the same time to think how much we've all changed over the past ten years; as our personalities and worldviews changed as we aged, and the world around us developed and shifted in ways it never has before. I wanted to wish everyone on the server a happy new decade (and year too), and hope that the 2020s will be a step further on the 2010s. I've actually been involved with the server not just recently, but across the decade - when i first bought Minecraft in 2013, this was one of the first servers I encountered, and it quickly became the server I spent the majority of my Minecraft time on. Other servers had the mega-minigames and high player counts, but something about this server's community endeared itself to me inexonerably. I 'grew out of Minecraft' in late 2014 - going through that stage of adolescensce where I think I'm too old and 'too cool' for a 'kid's game' like Minecraft before I actually matured and understood Minecraft is by no means a 'kid's game' or 'cringy', and seeing things in that way was much more childish. When Minecraft returned to mainstream popularity earlier this year, and I finally decided to get back into this game, this was the first place I came to - even when I lost interest in this game, I still remembered the fun times I'd had on this server; and it's every bit as enjoyable as it was then. An insurrmisable amount of thanks to everyone on the server who's given me good times on this server early in this decade, and now, at its end. I'm delighted I made the decision to come back to this game, and this server; and hope to continue as part of this community well into the next decade. Thanks, and Happy New Year and Decade BenjiShip15
  21. Hi all So Build Comp is here starting the 1st December until 1st January and this months theme is Christmas!! Time to get your festive spirit in gear! Requirements for your builds are as follows: 1. It must have a Present/gift sharing area. For example a Christmas tree with presents, a sleigh, an elf's workshop, it can be anything the more creative the better! (40 marks) 2. Must be an original idea, looking for a wide variety of unique builds (30 marks) 3. Must use the space available well and for purpose. (30 marks) It will be judged using Zili's scoring system so it will remain fair although there are 3 requirements so marks are slightly changed. /ewarp buildcomp to get to the area, if you would like a place please ask to be added 🙂 Remember to have fun and have a great time getting festive! Here are some examples:
  22. Thank you for letting me know you arrived safely ❤️ Enjoy your holiday and safe travels home (hugs).
  23. Have a good trip and be safe ❤️
  24. I am going to be away until Monday as me and my family are heading to North Carolina and will be leaving from our hotel to go there in a few hours
  25. The great escape has occurred and I am hidden away at home :D
  26. Momma escaped! Call the authorities! JK! Welcome home again!
  27. Hey, no snitching on me Zili gal! Getting ready to make the great escape shortly 😄
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