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  1. Zili

    Picnic with a Book

    Thanks, momma! For some reason, it doesn't always like the www. part typed in so if you have issues accessing it that's why. I have completed my first book log on Tesla's attic. I read over half of the book today while my students worked on self-paced STAAR reviews and seniors took a couple of online quizzes.
  2. Zili

    Picnic with a Book

    As many of you know I work irl as an English Language Arts high school teacher. Reading therefore is highly important not only to my career but it has personal importance to me as well. I've started a blog to document my daily reading adventures that will hopefully bring books to readers that they didn't know they wanted to read! Please follow the blog at http://www.picnicwithabook.home.blog and our Instagram page @picnicwithabook (http://www.instagram.com/picnicwithabook
  3. I'm not sure if we can automatically generate a platform with each reset, but once we are aware there needs to be one (as some maps don't need them) I know rock and some others on the staff have been able to go in and create them. Perhaps rock or one of the admins might have a better answer.
  4. Zili

    Emerald Caper?

    I think they take it to secret hideaways and hoard it like dragons hoard gold.
  5. Zili

    Cedarcraftians outisde Minecraft

    We had these kinds of threads in our pixel art/pixel doll online forums too... as you can see by my avatar I do already show myself though that pic is from October 2018 here's a more recent one with a fresh cut in Jan. without the wig. The only difference from Jan- to now....Etsi will be quite happy to hear...I don't have a nose ring anymore!!! There was a slight oops incident and my nose ring got pulled out yet again, only this time I couldn't get any of my rings to go back in as I had developed a keloid scar on the inside of my nose that wouldn't allow passage... so no more nose rings for me.
  6. Zili

    Build Comp. Winners!

    And the winners of the free-build competition are: 1st place Random! 2nd place Etsi! 3rd place tie between Huntersmith717 and Firestone14!
  7. Zili


    Oops my health took me away for a bit again but I still lurk when I get I get the chance. No worries everything's ok was just feeling under the weather for a bit. I'm exited for the next map!

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