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  1. I guess this doesn't come as a surprise since I've been AFK for 6 months now due to my health; but I have informed Vet that I am no longer able to remain as a moderator. In a nutshell: My health is still declining and we're not quite sure what is causing it only some of the the things that are helping the decline overall (and not to my advantage). The workload irl has only increased over the last 6 months because apparently I do my job too darn well 😕 More work stress means I can handle less and less of the stress and duties associated with moderating here when active staff numbers have dwindled. Rather than continue to be a staff with perks and not even signing in at this point, I am stepping down so that the admins and staff can have needed conversations and find solutions to helping Cedar be active again. I might pop in from time to time but mostly my time these days is spent in bed trying to get more rest, reading to relax, and slowly but surely (eh...75% of the time) completing my chores so that Dreamy isn't the only one keeping the house picked up and cleaned up as I'm not able to do what a normal healthy person can do in a days time. What may take you an hour or two to complete (such as washing, drying, and hanging up the laundry) becomes a two day process for me that leaves me unable to do anything else...that leaves me with very little time and energy to handle even simple modreqs and definitely not hosting and judging build comps. With the lack of energy and the frustration that I am not able to function properly anymore comes a black cloud of mental health issues as well and the only way to combat that is to try and find more time/ways to rest rather than adding on to the stress and physical actions I am unable to perform.
  2. Zili


    I am going on hiatus and don't know when or if I'll be back. Some of you know that over the last couple of years I've had my share of health issues. I've had 4 surgeries, countless physical therapy sessions, and prescription drug after prescription drug. The PT, meds, and more doctors appointments than I care to count all center around an unknown autoimmune disorder. If you don't know what an autoimmune disorder is, it is when the body's immune system attacks itself. This leaves me as an open target for Covid-19 when I'm in a flare. I've been in a flare basically since Covid caused the shut down here in the states. Stress is the #1 cause of my flares. The more I'm stressed the sicker I get. I'm already working 14-20 hours a day causing loads of stress with my job and I've become stressed out when logging into Cedar Craft (I won't go into the details of why CC is stressing me out, those that need to know, know). Science: the C Reactive Protein blood test is supposed to be less than 8.0 mg/l and mine is at 20.2, 3x higher than the normal-this means that I have severe inflammation through out my body and when in a flare this severe I am in constant pain every minute of the day. If I keep over working myself I'll never get into a remission from these autoimmune disorders and I'll stress myself into an early grave. It is evident I have to give up one or the other for a while and since I have to work in order to afford my health care I'm having to let go of CC for a bit, I have no idea when I'll be back. I'll be filling my time with relaxing and non stressful activities to try and get a better handle on my health. I'll still be on discord for anyone who wishes to keep in contact but I won't be logging in to the game.
  3. There were 5 tops builds that stood out among the smaller and unfinished builds: Random, Dreamy, Tako, Aqua_Mar1ne, and Shirenui. The winners are: 1st-VelociRandom's Tardis under attack by Daleks 2nd-Tako_Oni's Mushroom Planet 3rd- Aqua_Mar1ne's Alien Invasion
  4. There's the ability to combine plots with this creative world
  5. Time to vote for the next theme! Sorry I'm late in posting this so you've only got a day to vote!
  6. If this is a possibility I'd like it to be possible too I really need to start storing more sand and glass XD
  7. Zili

    Sleep Vote

    John, is there a way to shorten the night cycle? Maybe reduce night time, but still allow it to cycle through like make it 5 min?
  8. I give up. Just build something sci-fi space related ok?
  9. Zili

    Sleep Vote

    I like this too so that the younger players who do sleep don't have to wait the full sleep cycle. I've had to explain to younger players not not everyone's in a place where they can sleep and we still get chat spam with "sleep" or "here's a bed" or "set warp to go back" rather than being patient (I know that can be harder on the younger ones that are here with their siblings).
  10. Please view the video of entries before you vote: Voting ends at 11:59 pm on the 23rd (one week to vote for your fav)!
  11. And the Winners are.... 1st Place: Dreamy! 2nd Place: Popina! 3rd Place: Hunter! Congrats! Later today I will post a poll for the community to decide on Players' Choice out of all 4 completed builds. Remember there's an extra chest of goodies this time for the Players' Choice.
  12. You wanted it so you got it! The May/June theme is Famous Towers! Tonight was the last night for the Harry Potter Builds, they will be judged tomorrow for the main 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. I will also post up a vote link with images of the builds for everyone to vote on "People's Choice". Also there's a twist! You can sign up as an individual builder or as a team build (I just need to know your partner's name too so I can add it to the plot signs). Team builds will be judged separately from individual builds. Teams are 2 people only (no teams of 3 or more). Rules for the Famous Tower builds: 1. All plots are 32x32 if you need to extend by one block somewhere higher up in your build and it does not interfere with others' builds then you may do so. 2. You will have from May 17th-June 15th to build 3. The build needs to be recognizable as a famous tower (real or fictional), and you'll need to include a sign that states what Famous Tower your build is. 4. Towers must be an actual structure not a single block pole. 5. Towers must have an interior, if there is no known interior get creative. Use of space will count towards final judging. Y'all know the drill, if you want a plot after I clear out the current comp either drop a comment below, dm on discord, or send me a mail in game. Prizes for this comp to be announced in the near future.
  13. Time to vote! You've got one 1 week! Voting ends on May 13th!

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