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  1. Mom & velocirandom did the majority of the work on the interior decorating, I just stood around most days lol.
  2. Well I hope they get you home on time momma, I know you want out of there!
  3. This past comp (a team build) two teams entered and only one team actually built. Unless we had 3 teams I do not give out prizes as there's no competition that way. However the build was done well! As for the future of the build comps I leave that in the hands of the rest of the staff if someone would like to step up and take over. My demands at work have grown and with growing stress my health becomes worse. I've got to put myself first here and lessen my stress somewhere, unfortunately I am unable to quit my job XD
  4. Popina's build: 7 levels= 30 Used Space= 10 (most floors though they had something were vastly empty) Windows= 10 Originality= 25 Total= 75 Winners will stand as is.
  5. It has been brought to my attention that I need to rejudge. I had received word that Popina wasn't able to finish but as it turns out she did. I still have all of the builds saved and will rejudge this evening at some point. I apologize.
  6. Ladies and Gents of Cedarcraft please grab your partners for this build! It was suggested that I attempt to run a team build so why not do so now? For September's theme it is Vikings! As long as your build is viking themed you're in the race to place! You can build a viking longboat, a meadhall, heck you can even build a giant Thor's hammer! Get creative! Requirements: 1. Must work in partners 2. Must be viking themed 3. Must work in Norse Runes into the build (i.e. as a floor design, inlaid on the walls, etc.) 4. Remember to use your space wisely Inspiration Pics found on Google: Teams will have until October 5th to complete their entries (only one plot per team) Prizes: To each member of the team: 1st: 1000 ember 2nd: 800 ember 3rd: 500 ember
  7. Prizes: Etsi: has donated her ember back to the Build Comp Funds to keep them running Bauerdog: 1000 Dippy: 500
  8. I will give access to the prizes and give out the prize ember tomorrow. For now I need rest! Those wanting their builds moved please remember that entities like armor stands and pets don't move, also paintings and item frames don't transfer over either. If you wish to keep them please take those down and then mail me in game or pm on discord with the general location you'd like your build put at. Thanks! Also thank you for being considerate to wait on the prizes, Dreamy and I are sharing one computer for the time being until his is repaired (soon!) and therefore I need to give him time on the game too. ^_^
  9. Winners are: Etsi_Wahuhi, Bauerdog2015, and Dippy8390
  10. This month's theme will be Towers! Requirements: 1. Must be original and not based on a movie tower or real life tower. 2. In order for it to be considered a tower there must be at least 7 levels and each level must server some purpose. For example the top level might be a beacon like light in which the next to top level would need to be the operation room aka redstone to operate the beacon, the next level down might be the tower keeper's living quarters..etc. 3. There's no restriction on how tall the tower is as long as you use your space wisely. Each accessible level must be at least 3 blocks tall. 4. Any level used for living like quarters will need to have at least one window. This window can be glass or it can be a decorative hole that does not allow anyone to slip in through the blocks. Even fencing will work for this requirement. Remember that we have changed locations and are now near Northwick I will have an admin address this ASAP to change the warp. Until they can switch the warp the comp is at the following location: -2579, 65, 654 You have until Sat. September 7th to complete your builds! This time I will include a rubric based judging on every build at the time the winners are announced to ensure that there's no favoritism and that the comp has been judged fairly.
  11. There has already been blowback from a few players over the winners. Let me clarify that I judge each build based on meeting the criteria and originality. Let me also take a moment to remind players that complaining ant nitpicking about the winning builds is not good sportsmanship and continued behavior will result in a 3 month ban from the competition to give such persons time too cool down. My friends and family should not be made to feel like they can't enter & have fun with everyone else because of situations like this. Cedarcraft is a fun, supportive, uplifting community and these behaviors do not reflect what the CC server stands for.
  12. And the winners are: 3rd Place: blue_knigh I enjoyed the redstone tables and the outside entrance for the sleeping quarters, however, the attic space was wasted 2nd Place: ellibear Great use of the grounds using up all the space and using the greenery for an entrance, there were however areas of wasted space such as an empty balcony there's a lot more you could have done there to fill in and decorate the space. and 1st place: Dreamy! (I know what others are going to say, no this was not favoritism, no this wasn't a bribe) There was no wasted space whatsoever. The grounds were completed, there were multiple levels, several seating areas, a bar with bar stools and cups ready to drink from, the kitchen was filled with appliances, plenty of rooms, two decorated balconies and even the bathroom provided more than other builds such as a towel and toilet paper. This build included several details that made use of basic items in minecraft to be something entirely different, even the meeting room featured a fire pit which was unique compared to the general fireplaces seen in the other builds. I will attempt to upload some videos I took of each build when I get back from work tomorrow, until then you can check out the builds by visiting /ewarp buildcomp to see the builds for yourself. I will also be placing the prize boxes down and sending the monetary gains to the winners. Tomorrow August's comp will also be announced and we are moving locations, tomorrow evening I will have one of the admins change the comp warp to the new location near Northwick.
  13. I think Dreamy might like Scare Tactics lol then again it might give him ideas to spook me XD lmao! I've found the Great British Baking Show a while ago and I'm still watching it at the moment. Its good but if I fall asleep due to the meds I don't have to rewind to re watch a part to understand what's going on.
  14. Dreamy & I already watched season 3 in 2 days lol
  15. So the every clumbsy Zili has outdone herself again! Y'all know I'm constantly tripping over invisible wires or something right? Well nope apparently I had a misdiagnosis and its gone on for over 2 years now and now I need surgery! Dreamy will be taking good care of me and making sure I don't put weight on my foot for 6 to 8 weeks while I recover (after that only 50% weight on my foot for another 4 weeks) in all this injury (lisfranc ligament repair) will take nearly a year to full recover from. That means I'll have some free time to throw a movie or tv show on in the background while I craft (both jewelry and minecraft) as well as the ever growing pile of grades to complete as I return to work at the start of August! I'll be laid up on Dreamy's couch with my foot in the air to keep down swelling. So recommend your fav tv shows and movies to us. Dreamy has an ever growing list of movies I have never seen that we'll also try to work through.

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