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  • How to appeal your ban

    If these guidelines are not followed, your ban appeal will be immediately deleted:

    • You need to have a forum account set up first
    • Click 'add new appeal' below
    • Be completely honest in what you are writing about, mention everything that you think is relevant. If you lie in an appeal you shall be permanently banned from the community
    • Please be patient as we need to contact the moderator who banned you to post evidence
    • Only make ban appeals for yourself. Any ban appeals not for your account will be closed
    • Only one appeal to be made. Repeat appeals from the same username will be removed

    Bans can only be appealed within 60 days. Appeals for bans longer than this are automatically rejected: We do not expect staff to hold proof for an extended period of time and your appeal will not be considered without moderator evidence. If you do not know why you were banned, then please politely state this in your appeal. You will be reminded by a member of staff and will be able reply to explain what happened. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

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