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    Reducing Lag and Improving CedarCraft


    Hello CedarCraft,

    Following in-depth analysis of our recent server performance, we have removed map 6 from the server and this will soon be available for download for your personal use locally. In addition, we believe that we have unfortunately found a significant source of the recent server lag spikes in the barrels plugin. As such we will be disabling all barrels on the server the upcoming Tuesday 26th May (evening, UK time).

    There has sadly been no easy way to automatically transfer your barrel contents into chests and so this will have to be done manually. If you are unable to do this before Tuesday, don't panic - all barrel data is saved and will remain accessible by the admins. Simply raise a /modreq and we will be able to replace your items.

    In better news, we have made significant updates to the server software and bug fixes to many plugins. We've purchased a new anticheat that is much better at what it does and with much less of a performance hit. The jobs system has had multiple bugs squished and all rewards for levelling up in each job are working properly now. Alchemy has also been fixed and is paying out XP/E accordingly.

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this change, but our overall aim is to get back to being lag free - at which point we can start reintroducing features such as Mob and PvP arenas and other minigames. See you in game!

    - JohnSF93

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