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    • JohnSF93

      Hello CedarCraft!

      CedarCraft has updated to our seventh map! The brand new changes are outlined in our previous post below!

      We are currently working on the /help menu

      • At present you can use this menu to see the way that jobs and in-game ranking works
      • Other help menu items will be added shortly

      We have initially launched only the new map, with no hub or old world access as yet. This needs configuring which will take some time, and currently we wish to focus our efforts on a smooth transition into the new map. Do not despair, our hub and the old map are just around the corner!

      In addition to these, there are changes coming to our VIP ranks where we’re giving you more bang for your buck, and the addition of the CedarCraft legends

      • A rank for those who go above and beyond in supporting CedarCraft and the community
      • £10 / month for our dedicated users that already purchased LifeVIP
      • [Legend] tag and the ability to colour your name however you please (as long as it’s not made to look like staff)

      See you in game!

    • JohnSF93
      Hello CedarCraft!
      Welcome to the new CedarCraft website!
      The old site is viewable at archive.cedarcraft.org and will be for the forseable future.
      Feel free to search for any useful posts that were present and write them here!
      We will be continuing to add useful features to this new site, potentially including integration with the Minecraft server!
      We welcome any suggestions you have going forward!
      Upcoming server update
      With a new multi-server hub system, no longer will we lose old maps when we reset! You will always be able to join and continue to play in old CedarCraft maps (starting with the current map) with the same items, towns and money etc!
      Releasing on 15th December 2018, we hope you will join us with the launch!
      Upcoming features:
      New stunning map built lovingly over many months by our architect team! Updated to 1.13.2! Auto-resetting resource worlds where you can freely mine and gather resources without worrying about the environment! Spend Ember to promote yourself up the Cedar hierarchy and unlock special perks along the way! Ability to place TNT, anyone? Earn Ember by doing the things you love doing in game, such as mining, farming, chopping wood or simply killing things. As well as money, you will unlock additional special perks when you get experienced enough at a certain job! Voting crates that you can unlock every day for voting for our server, packed with some great (and some not-so-great) goodies! Towny nations, allowing you to increase the amount of residents towns can have. Town block size reduced (price adjusted accordingly) to allow greater flexibility in making your towns look unique! More convenience to players to help easier interaction: all players will be able to teleport to others and to any Towny town! Addition and overhaul of many plugins and backend configurations to improve server experience and performance And so much more...
      See you in game!
      CedarCraft Owner

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