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    Automatic Farms


    Hello CedarCraft,

    There has been some recent discussion and debate into the use of automatic farms in CedarCraft - that is, farms that can generate resources for players without the need for any interaction whatsoever. When CedarCraft was first set up in 2011, when server software efficiency wasn't as good as it is now (and our hardware was much more basic), this rule banning such farms was designed around reducing the impact of such resource-heavy farms on the server and the overall user experience. This rule has always been something that has persisted across server updates.

    Recently however, concerns have been raised that players want the ability to freely use automatic farms, as it is part of the standard Minecraft experience. Since we've previously had no suggestions or requests to review this rule (at least not on the forums where administration can see), the banning of automatic farms has simply slipped through from map to map.

    After being brought to our attention, a full discussion with the staff team was held, in which it is our collective feeling that, with improved server hardware and improved server software in the 8 years we have been running, we believe we can safety allow automatic farming

    As such, the rule preventing this has been removed and players are free to go wild with farm creation.

    When building any automatic farms, please please keep in mind our Environmental Guidelines

    In place of this is a rule that essentially just asks you to be mindful of the greater community when creating your automatic farms. Though there is no hard-and-fast rule, at times where server lag is becoming an issue, farms with too many entities and found to be a significant contributor will be asked to amend the farm, for the benefit of the community, at staff discretion. Additionally there may be some amendments to jobs/mcmmo for balancing purposes down the line.

    Thank you very much and we hope that you enjoy this change. Please feel free to leave any comments or queries in the relevant topic.

    CedarCraft Owner

    Edited by JohnSF93

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