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  1. Does this change include hopper minecarts? Recently there has been a bit of fuss on the server about these, as your land claim has to be modified by an admin in order for them to work.
  2. You can put fortune on axes, however fortune is strictly for block drops. Fortune on axes is quite useless, as the only use is sapling farming. I much prefer silktouch as to snag leaves.
  3. After getting familiar with our jobs system I have a few suggestions that I hope seem fair to you kind folk. Along with those suggestions I have also included an idea that I've had for the game since enchanting came out (it feels like mojang wants to see me spam my 1 and 2 keys on the keyboard over and over). First: Currently Hunter level 50 gives the perks of "10% mcMMO sword and taming booster". As an axe user (as opposed to swords) I would greatly appreciate the boost to be for mcMMO sword OR axes, with the caveat being that it is one or the other. Second: I remember seeing a forum post by lebh, that had the great idea of extra hearts at a certain level. I don't remember this idea being addressed. I would propose that you get either extra hearts, or armor toughness (currently only diamond armor gives toughness). As someone who both dies a lot, and loves chain mail armor, toughness or more hearts seem like a great and fair addition to hunter. Third: This one I imagine really only really benefits me as the only axe user, but more may use axes if this was added. Currently, the only combat enchant for axes is Sharpness V, the simple addition of Looting would make me not have to spam my item hotkey after each hit with an axe in order to switch to a sword for the looting. Additionally, Knockback and Fire Aspect (not sweeping edge) would be great for those that use those enchants, as Mojang seems to forget people use axes to fight.. Thank you for the consideration! I do hope that my first and third suggestions are not too much to ask. Also I do apologize if my second suggestion has been answered before, and I just happened to miss it. Lots of Love xx

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