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  1. Nice to see you again 🙂 A very cool yet catchy song to listen to too 🙂
  2. Personally I'm seeing more mobs than I used to, and I like it. I think the 'scarcity' of mobs was a little underwhelming so the fact that I can consistently see more around me at night has made me want to be more cautious, and it's revamped the difficulty without increasing it. Personally I'm for this 🙂
  3. iProGam3r has found chest 1/10! Here is the clue to the next chest:
  4. Hello everyone! Now this is exciting, I have hidden 10 chests around CedarCraft, each with a clue to the next. The later the chest the higher the value of the treasure! Some of these may be easy, some may be tricky, and some may want to make you tear your hair out.... The idea of this game is to work together with a few friends to figure out the clues, as we know more heads are better than one! Rules Please post a picture of yourself with any chest you find on here, so that you may be put on the wall of fame. I'd love to know who finds each one. Don't grief chest locations (i.e. clue signs, but they should be protected anyway), when a chest has been found the clue to the next one will be posted here if nobody gets it quickly. Have fun! The first clue is below, where I have hidden something at Spawn in this image. Good luck everyone!
  5. This year was my last at university (5th year inc. sandwich placement), where i've been studying a 'Master of Engineering', MEng in Mechanical Engineering, and I have been awarded a 2:1 for that so I'm very happy with the result 🙂 As part of the final year, everyone needs to take part in a group project to develop through the year. I picked development of a single-seater race car, for the university's racing team, SHU Racing. I was in charge of Powertrain (i.e. the engine and everything related to it). At the end of the year we take the car to Silverstone to compete against the other universities in a series of static and dynamic events. This year, SHU Racing managed to achieve its highest score ever of 332.1 points, ranking the team 21st out of 81 teams (The best rank we've got too!). It was also the first time the team reached the final of any event (in this case the costing, one of the static events), making it a double win for us 😄 After getting back, the team met with HRH The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, to discuss technological innovations that the university has to offer, this was the cherry on top 😄 This year has been one of the best years ever for me, onwards to my engineering career! 😄
  6. Ah the days of Game Masters, the original Spleef arena and my first town 🙂
  7. A few of these came to fruition when I was in my 'interim' of changing what I watched, but I definitely watched a lot of cartoons as a kid, like these: Courage the Cowardly Dog Ed, Edd n Eddy Dexter's Laboratory The Powerpuff Girls (Original) Samurai Jack Kids Next Door Scooby Doo (All of 'em repeated on Boomerang) Some other kids shows that were on when I was a kid: My parents are aliens Basil Brush (although that's been rebooted many many times so don't know if that counts XD) Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue (Too young to see original so this is what I watched)
  8. Another leading question!
  9. I need to know what you guys do!
  10. Used this name on Runescape, though it was as "2.0" not "V2", decided to go back to it when I made a minecraft account 😛
  11. We're looking to expand it in the future
  12. Of course ^_^ I'll probably start by mapping out where it'll all go this time as I did just end up adding to it randomly XD Thanks for offering to help :) Firstly though I'll be setting up my home etc :P

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