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  1. Yes, get well Etsi. We miss you.
  2. Really liked season 3 of Stranger Things if you have Netflix. If you like sit coms probably my favorite is The Office.
  3. That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear it. But you do generally like the show?
  4. This plugin allows ownership. But if there is no way to get around the claimed regions then it really doesn't matter. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mcmmohorses.46301/
  5. I have been on other servers that when your name is said in chat or if you are messaged a little bell goes off to the player notifying them. I play on minecraft servers because I enjoy minecraft. And so, do not always watch chat when I am busy building or exploring or whatever and will miss it when other players want to talk to me. But if there was a little sound that happened when my name was said I would not miss it. Please consider this as I think it would better involve players in the community. Thank you.
  6. I was too. Although I do really like all the movies up there.

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