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  1. Please view the video of entries before you vote: Voting ends at 11:59 pm on the 23rd (one week to vote for your fav)!
  2. And the Winners are.... 1st Place: Dreamy! 2nd Place: Popina! 3rd Place: Hunter! Congrats! Later today I will post a poll for the community to decide on Players' Choice out of all 4 completed builds. Remember there's an extra chest of goodies this time for the Players' Choice.
  3. You wanted it so you got it! The May/June theme is Famous Towers! Tonight was the last night for the Harry Potter Builds, they will be judged tomorrow for the main 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. I will also post up a vote link with images of the builds for everyone to vote on "People's Choice". Also there's a twist! You can sign up as an individual builder or as a team build (I just need to know your partner's name too so I can add it to the plot signs). Team builds will be judged separately from individual builds. Teams are 2 people only (no teams of 3 or more). Rules for the Famous Tower builds: 1. All plots are 32x32 if you need to extend by one block somewhere higher up in your build and it does not interfere with others' builds then you may do so. 2. You will have from May 17th-June 15th to build 3. The build needs to be recognizable as a famous tower (real or fictional), and you'll need to include a sign that states what Famous Tower your build is. 4. Towers must be an actual structure not a single block pole. 5. Towers must have an interior, if there is no known interior get creative. Use of space will count towards final judging. Y'all know the drill, if you want a plot after I clear out the current comp either drop a comment below, dm on discord, or send me a mail in game. Prizes for this comp to be announced in the near future.
  4. Time to vote! You've got one 1 week! Voting ends on May 13th!
  5. Zili


    Yes I'm posting on FB as well and have updated the related links with the Instagram url 🙂
  6. Zili


    Hey Cedarians you know we have an Instagram account now cedarcraft.mc What we need from y'all is content! The map is so huge and we can only explore so much on our own before we have to go do other things either in game or irl. That means I need you guys/gals to submit builds to be featured on our page. Please give coordinates to your builds (and a title if you have one for your build) so that I can take screen shots for the Insta page!
  7. Also everyone, the grand prize build (1st place) will be added to Accio_MC's Actual Hogwarts build! Thanks Accio! ❤
  8. More specific Rules/Guidelines for the Harry Potter Build Comp: 1. We must be able to tell what your build is and that it comes from Harry Potter (If Zili or Accio_MC can tell what it is then you're good to go because we're the resident uberfans of HP lol) 2. If you build outside of this theme on purpose you will be disqualified and you will not be offered a transfer of your build! 3. Accio_Mc has decided to offer a discount in her concrete shop at spawn with this build comp because your build must feature concrete! That's right concrete! It does not need to be entirely concrete but there must be a significant portion (approximately 30-40% concrete in your build to qualify for judging! Deadline for completed builds before judging will be May 15th at 11:59 pm central time 😄 That's one whole month to work on your builds! I will include a vote for finished builds for a "People's Choice" award which will include a chest of goodies. Typical prize boxes will exist for Places 1-3 First Prize will also win 2,500 ember Second Prize will win 1,500 ember Third Prize will win 800 ember As a bonus for every completed build I will give out 100 ember! We only have room for 12 entries and this ember bonus only applies to completed builds!
  9. And the winner is Harry Potter! A close second was Famous Towers. Let me know here, in-game, or on discord of you'd like a plot to enter. Use /ewarp buildcomp to get tk the build comp area. You'll be teleported to the Build Comp House which has the rules & beds on the 1st floor, and at the end the prizes can be picked up on the 2nd floor.
  10. Since we're all stuck at home with this Covid-19 mess I've noticed an increase in players and thought if there's enough interest I'll start up the comps again. This time I want to see what y'all would want to build. I've got a poll for this months comp (which will be mid April-May). Feel free to leave other theme ideas in the comments so that I can have more ideas for the next poll.
  11. Hello everyone, as a teacher during this Covid-19 crisis and schools being flipped on their heads right now leaving students feeling scattered, I offered up my help for English/Language Arts. NR128 suggested that we start a community resource for our school aged players (even college age players if need be) for help in their newly online classes. So first if you are experienced in tutoring or teaching a subject and are willing to help our players in their classwork please post below with what subject(s) you can help with and I will keep a running list here. Please check your discord DMs and DM's here on the forums if you volunteer your help so that students can get answers as soon as possible. Also if you see a free online resource for parents/students to aid with their education please post those as well and again I will keep a running list in this post. I will add some more of mine own at a later date. Tutors/Teachers: Zilifox- English/Language Arts and History Mersues- Chemistry, Physics, Maths NR128- Spanish, Chinese! AP Literature, Programing, and can help with tech issues at home. *Note help provided over discord and video can be set up for language learning Free Online Resources: Spectrum Internet- offering free internet to homes in need during this time. Xfinity/Comcast- also offering free internet to homes in need at this time. WattPad (App) has free stories to read. No Red Ink (www.noredink.com) can help with grammar lessons & practice Grammarly.com can help with editing your papers https://petapixel.com/2020/03/21/ppas-1100-online-photo-classes-are-currently-free/ http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses
  12. I am selling keychains for $5 (that already includes the shipping) made from various items but each displays an owl charm in remembrance of our Etsi_Wahuhi ❤ I bought a package of owl charms to make the jewelry I wore to her services leaving me with about 40 (give or take) owls left. Tako, Uchi, and myself thought that mom would want something good for the server to come from this. For every keychain bought/ordered that $5 will be donated to the server! I will post these in batches of 10 as I make them, this is the first set. To purchase please let me know which numbered keychain you would like. Please paypal the money to me using [email protected] be sure to include the mailing adress when you send me the money that way I can send it out to you. If you wish to purchase more than one you may do so!
  13. Zili

    Owl Mom's Legacy

    Damo has set the warp you can use /etsi to get there.
  14. Zili

    Owl Mom's Legacy

    A memorial garden has been set up for players at the following coords: -2631/63/247 Feel free to build in her memory and I encourage everyone to post signs with jokes and puns around the grounds as she loved a good pun or a bad one ❤️ Tako, Uchi, Dreamy, and myself know how much she meant to all of you and wanted to give you a space where you could remember and honor her.
  15. Dearest members of Cedarcraft, it is with the heaviest of hearts that Tako, Uchi, OneiriosDreamKing, and myself bring you the news of mom's passing. It was at her wish that we did not inform the Cedarfamily that she was sick again, unfortunately this time her body just was not able to recover. Mom's start with Minecraft and Cedar (the only server she ever played on) began a few years ago when her kids shared time bonding over the game. Often she'd watch Tako play from over his shoulder and participate in chat by having Tako type her comments. This early interaction earned her the nickname "The Watcher." Tako, Uchi, and I had a brilliant mother's day gift idea and pulled our money together to purchase her her very own account! She thought about her screenname for a while and eventually settled on "etsi_wahuhi"-Cherokee for Mother Owl-essentially the best "Watcher" name there could be. From that momment on she was the Momma Owl to anyone and everyone on the server. It was momma's selflessness and her tendency to be anyone's mom should they need that led to the staff asking her to join the moderators. Cedarcraft and the Cedarfamily was among her favorite entertainment in her years of retirement. She really did view this community as an extended family. Although we grieve for our momma owl, she did request that I pass on a few words of Momma wisdom, -Remember to help each other, especially new players so that they feel welcomed and our nest in the great Cedar tree will grow! -Be kind always. We may have disagreements because we all think differently, but that does not mean that we cannot be friends. -Don't give the staff a hard time, they are people too and doing their best. When possible give them a helping hand if they ask. -When you are bored with the game don't give up on it, inspiration is everywhere! If all else fails mine ores and gather supplies for a rainy day...just avoid the lava! -Keep each other close, check on each other, make peace and forgive as often as needed. -Most importantly-- Remember, Owl Mom is always watching!
  16. Congrats Elli, Dawn, and TreePunch!
  17. Momma escaped! Call the authorities! JK! Welcome home again!
  18. Hopefully momma will be home soon...she really doesn't like her limited choices of hospital food! 😂 tried to get me to sneak her food from the vending machine!
  19. Just a quick update: momma is home! Yay! She was ready to go home mentally at least just days after getting to the hospital. Owl mom is one tough cookie, and I'm proud I get to call her mom! ❤
  20. Mom & velocirandom did the majority of the work on the interior decorating, I just stood around most days lol.
  21. Well I hope they get you home on time momma, I know you want out of there!
  22. This past comp (a team build) two teams entered and only one team actually built. Unless we had 3 teams I do not give out prizes as there's no competition that way. However the build was done well! As for the future of the build comps I leave that in the hands of the rest of the staff if someone would like to step up and take over. My demands at work have grown and with growing stress my health becomes worse. I've got to put myself first here and lessen my stress somewhere, unfortunately I am unable to quit my job XD
  23. Popina's build: 7 levels= 30 Used Space= 10 (most floors though they had something were vastly empty) Windows= 10 Originality= 25 Total= 75 Winners will stand as is.
  24. It has been brought to my attention that I need to rejudge. I had received word that Popina wasn't able to finish but as it turns out she did. I still have all of the builds saved and will rejudge this evening at some point. I apologize.

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