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  1. absolutely, we encourage it because it helps spread word about our amazing community here@
  2. Wow! CC y'all are awesome all 8 plots have been claimed & I know there's probably some more wanting to join so I will be expanding the arena today, if you want to join fear not there will be more plots!
  3. Tako plot 5 Geo plot 6
  4. So Weird! Wishbone Clarissa Explains it All Secret Life of Alex Mack All that
  5. Keeping along with the summer idea let's make some treehouses! Your entry must include a way inside the tree to a living space (in my example there's a ladder area leading from the first floor to the 2nd floor that uses the hollow trunk of the tree) and it must be decorated inside the home/hangout space. If your entry lacks these features you'll lose points! Since our plots are large the size of the tree house is up to you but if you don't use up all the space I encourage you to to find a way to use the rest of the plot (in my example I have a fountain, tree swing, bbq area with table, and a pool with a cabana). Monetary Prizes: 1st Place: 1,500 ember 2nd Place: 1,000 ember 3rd place: 500 ember As always each winner will also have a chest full of goodies to take home as well. Deadline: July 5th! To claim a plot to enter please reply here to this post, pm on discord, or send me a /mail in game. Staff can enter too! Since I am the host and judge all other staff members are allowed to enter the competition too 😄
  6. And here are May's Winners: 1st Place for the originality of Atlantis Ruins: Trey707 2nd Place for the complete temple with mobs: huntersmith717 3rd Place for an ocean temple: dawnmarie93 Congrats everyone! Looking forward to June's theme!
  7. you have kids next door listed in both set 1 and set 3
  8. Players voted for this month's theme to be Atlantis. You are not required to build underwater for this event you are to create something that might have been a part of the mythical underwater kingdom of Atlantis. At the end of the comp, I will "drown" the arena so that we may see what these builds look like both in the water and out of the water for judging purposes...hopefully, I will be able to record the builds on video. Plots are already being given out just send me a mail in the game: /mail send zilithzan I would like a plot for the build comp, please Once you send me a mail for a plot I will assign you a plot remind you to use the server-wide warp "buildcomp" and will include your plot number so that you can start building right away! Because, we are already a week into the month this will run through the first week of June (this also works out for me so that I can decompress after teaching as work ends May 31st). I am short on funds at the moment so for now, the following prize amounts will stand (unless players wish to donate for the comp, and if you do I would appreciate your dedication to the server's events deeply)! 1st Place: 800 ember 1000 2nd Place: 400 ember 600 3rd Place: 200 ember 400 Remember that all placing winners (1st through 3rd) will also receive a box full of items. I've hand-selected prizes that I think the players will enjoy! The competition will end on June 6th giving me 2 days to judge and reset before the next comp. I did not have time to create an example build like I have done in the past since we are already a week into the month so instead I have found some inspirational images of other Minecraft Atlantis theme builds. Keep in mind our plots are not enough space to include everything you see in the following inspiration pictures, so you may wish to focus on one aspect like a castle, a market, a farm, a home, etc.
  9. Atlantis theme has won! Tonight I will set up the comp arena once again. Please /mail me in game if you would like a plot.
  10. The darkness of it caused me to not watch the majority of it, words were hard to make out and the closed caption wasn't always reliable being partially deaf I need to see and read what's happening.
  11. Gonna post a vote for the themes this evening
  12. Ah! My gaming life is now down to Minecraft and once in a blue moon Magic The Gathering. Aside from the recent move, my focus has been work, reading, and writing...shifting the focus somewhat this summer to my jewelry business as well. I often stare in awe at the geeky-nerdy fandom jewelry of other games and save images for inspiration. Before forgetting that other games exist I used to play Dungeons & Dragons, Legends of Zelda, and once last year gave Warcraft a try but gave up on it after a couple of months...I am navigationally challenged and kept missing my marks on the map. So what games do you run to when you're out of mojo for Minecraft?
  13. Zili


    according to a research survey the majority of great britian say "gone" (51%) the other 49% say "bone" (in the case of our survey above "goan") https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2016/10/31/its-scone-gone-not-scone-bone
  14. Zili


    Item prizes are actually beneficial now Dewi, because of the jobs set up. Take a miner (like me for example) I make my money digging up stone and such but what if I need wool and I've been too busy digging I could spend money but what if I'm saving that for a beacon? Then I would need to either have a friend who wants nothing in return or earn it another way. (Obviously, there are better prizes than wool lol, just the first thing I could think of). The last map, I had a donation area set up for the build comp arena and lots of players donated items and not just basic supplies either. If the races are successful this time around I do believe our community will step up and donate prizes.
  15. Alright, so this month's build comp was an utter fail! So I heard from at least one member that the theme was the culprit for the lack of entries. Obviously thinking outside the box was too progressive for the first comp and I didn't ease the community into it. Therefore I need Cedarians to voice their ideas! Build Comps are after all something our members requested so as the host I should probably pick a theme more in tune with your interests so please sound off with a theme suggestion in the comments. I will compile a list (or several) and put it to a vote on which themes we should cover. To get you started here are some ideas that have been popular and done several times in the past: Dungeons, Haunted House (Halloween themed of course), Clocktower, Movies, Steampunk, Medieval builds, Sweets/desserts, etc. Let's come up with something we haven't seen yet that is still broad enough to leave open for inspiration and several entries! You know what to do now, type a reply with your suggested theme(s) and submit it!
  16. Judging will take place Saturday April 27! If we do not get at least 2 more participants by the end of next week Build Comps will cease to exist. If you wish to see the comps continue please join! $PRIZES$ 800 ember to 1st place 400 ember to 2nd place 200 ember to 3rd place Each tier winner will also receive a chest full of goodies some items include shulker chests, friendly mob eggs, heart of the sea, enchant books tools and armor, and so much more!
  17. Hello Cedarians! You've wanted it so you've got it! The build comps hosted by yours truly have returned (survival world competition not creative world). This month's theme is "Stacked!" As in stacks of books! your challenge is to create a book themed build as you can tell from the example plot in the center of the comp arena I've chosen to create a representation of Fahrenheit 451. Bonus points for including the title of a book in your build (it has to be more than just a posted sign). Prizes TBD. Waiting on an admin to address the modreq for creating a public warp to the comp. If you want to be added to the comp let me know via /mail in game and I will assign you one of the 8 plots. The arena is at -1934, 63, 2627
  18. Zilithzan was my pixel art/pixel doll community name I really like the letter Z for some reason & came up with 3 syllables (cause 3 is my lucky number) so it is zil-ith-zan
  19. Thanks, momma! For some reason, it doesn't always like the www. part typed in so if you have issues accessing it that's why. I have completed my first book log on Tesla's attic. I read over half of the book today while my students worked on self-paced STAAR reviews and seniors took a couple of online quizzes.
  20. As many of you know I work irl as an English Language Arts high school teacher. Reading therefore is highly important not only to my career but it has personal importance to me as well. I've started a blog to document my daily reading adventures that will hopefully bring books to readers that they didn't know they wanted to read! Please follow the blog at http://www.picnicwithabook.home.blog and our Instagram page @picnicwithabook (http://www.instagram.com/picnicwithabook
  21. I'm not sure if we can automatically generate a platform with each reset, but once we are aware there needs to be one (as some maps don't need them) I know rock and some others on the staff have been able to go in and create them. Perhaps rock or one of the admins might have a better answer.
  22. I think they take it to secret hideaways and hoard it like dragons hoard gold.
  23. We had these kinds of threads in our pixel art/pixel doll online forums too... as you can see by my avatar I do already show myself though that pic is from October 2018 here's a more recent one with a fresh cut in Jan. without the wig. The only difference from Jan- to now....Etsi will be quite happy to hear...I don't have a nose ring anymore!!! There was a slight oops incident and my nose ring got pulled out yet again, only this time I couldn't get any of my rings to go back in as I had developed a keloid scar on the inside of my nose that wouldn't allow passage... so no more nose rings for me.

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