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  1. Hey All, I am 100 hunter, some people have been messaging me to pickup spawners when im on, im more than happy to come pick up spawners if im online or message me on discord and ill try to get on. Im spending alot of my time playing on my own doing redstone stuff which doesnt work on spigot so i am not as active on CC. i am accessible via discord though! 😄 Have Fun all!
  2. Not sure how GOT ending is gonna be with 2 episodes left....
  3. I can show you but its furnaces in a particular place makes some items to through filter and some don't
  4. After creating a redstone filter, me and aidan put furnaces on top to prevent lag(theres plenty of videos on this), however we noticed that the filter stopped working, furnaces dont this in vanilla. more reason for a redstone test world so we can check server before making stuff, as atm things that should work in minecraft are not working in cedarcraft which is very annoying to constantly doubt yourself on whether it should be working or not.
  5. 1. Can we get the ability to turn protections off whilst placing hoppers/furnaces/dispensers etc etc, i build redstone with aidan and if one block gets forgotten with unlock its a pain to adjust anything if the other person is not on. having the ability to turn off lwc when placing these items will make building complex redstone alot easier. 2. can we get a creative world within the server so we can test Redstone/builds. im more concerned with the redstone as its so frustrating building something in singleplayer for it to not work when on the server example being items grouping together which effects how items travel. 3. The Barrel system when attached to any mob farm seems to act strange, sometimes it puts the item in barrel and sometimes it passes the barrel observer and goes through the system, this causes problems with items getting through the system and clogging elsewhere. i noticed that if you throw the item into the top of a hopper it pulls the items really fast but if the item flows from one hopper to the other its very slow and can get backloged in hoppers 4. can we get option to turn shulker protections off? if i made a redstone storage system which took items from shulker on hopper then uses piston to break and move shulkers to another area. i cannot currently do that as when i place the shulker its locked to me.
  6. i put in title Purge the shops then changed my mind as it sounded a little aggresive so i forgot to put something in text box!, but maybe implement rules/ remove shops from inactive players.
  7. Hi All, I use /shops frequently to see what people are selling etc, however ive noticed lots of new players who are active are not able to buy spawn shops, the shops have been expanded which has been a great help, but there are lots of shops all around spawn which players have been inactive for long periods of time without updating their shops.
  8. OOO im going to go checkout see if i can find my old builds and post them ahah. Nice one missa!
  9. Jet_Chi came about as My middle name is Chi and i really liked Jet Li movies. When i temp changed to HandSolo it was because my last name is Hand
  10. Jet_Chi


    Hello Fellow Cedarians, I finished my vulpix build its by /t spawn farm and near spawn. I have uploaded to https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/vulpix-2937243/ If you can give it a diamond and feedback 🙂 I want to do some more builds like this 🙂 any suggestions? should i start a youtube series of builds? What software should i use to capture the builds? I was thinking about building Umbreon as i really liked these pokemon back in the day and pokemon are interesting to build. however black is a hard resource to get so may hold off until 1.14
  11. there is no logs for the resource world as i understand, if you die by falling you lose all items, i think the more annoying part when losing all items is when its out of your control. its happened now and there is no way of regaining all tools/armor without grinding, ill probably try grind em out at some point. just want to make sure this doesnt happen again.
  12. Hi All, Accio_Mc walked through the end portal in spawn and fell straight to her death, she is very annoyed as it was not her fault, i saw it happen as she is sitting next to me. she spent around 6-7k ember buying all the stuff required for good armour and tools. can you create a bedrock platform whenever a resource world is opened up to prevent this happening again, it appears when you walk through the portal you are barely on the block. ive decided to give her all my tools and armour as she is pretty annoyed.
  13. So i have a couple of projects i want to work on, I have finished the storm trooper helmet, i need to get some ideas of what to build on the interior of the storm trooper helmet, a theme or suggestions would be highly appreciated.OfLegends suggested building a vader helm nearby which im going to look into, however im wary that the stormtrooper helmet took like 80-100 stacks of quartz and a black build will be so hard to gather resources for until 1.14 wither roses come into game. I have been a massive fan of lotr, star wars, final fantasy for a longtime but ive always thought about building a pokemon as i grew up with the first 3 generations, im about to start building a 3d vulpix however i need alot of materials. Currently Buying Normal Terracotta and Orange Terracotta at shop 14 its located at /shops turn left im thinking of using orange terracotta for the body and red terracotta for the hair, brown terracotta for paws, i have seen multiple different variations but not sure what colours to go for.
  14. Hi All, I spent a couple hours more than i should have needed trying to build a super furnace for crimsoncranberry, i copied my super furnace block for block but after investigating each part of the circuit it wouldnt pull items from a chest into a hopper minecart. Gameking was able to fix this by playing with some settings. so in conclusion, if you cant get something to work when you know it should work, raise it. i thought id let everyone know on here so its a known issue in case anyone experiences similar problems , as i spent so long trying to get it to work before putting a modreq in with examples of whats not working.

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