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  1. Jet_Chi

    Some Ideas

    i looked at the Xisumavoid farm where he uses a sweeper to harvest the kelp then one to push the floating blocks, i think this idea is great but i was concerned it would cause lag for others. i might try to do something like that farm. I really want to use Black Concrete but i would be farming squid for days, in if it was possible to find an area to force spawn squids would it cause server lag to create a farm out of it. thanks for the responses 🙂
  2. Jet_Chi

    Buying a Beacon

    I want to buy a beacon as im doing alot of mining around my area at the moment, if no1 wants to part with one in long term can someone loan me one if that arent using it. Please let me know how much you want for a beacon.
  3. Jet_Chi

    Some Ideas

    1) Ink Sacks are harder to obtain, as to build a decent spawner it will cause huge lag spikes. i have looked at designs which involve taking portion of a river biome and drying the rest of the rivers out to force them to spawn. Need that black concrete :S To offset the issues with building a squid farm, could there be more incentive for people to go farm Squid, like more exp/ember from hunting them? 2) Coal blocks look nice but lots of people use coal as a fuel source. i have looked into kelp farms as a fuel source and lots of them seem to be automatic with observers as allowing the kelp to grow fully then harvest causes large lag spikes, i tried this out with a simple piston farm on 20 kelp blocks on single player and it created lag spikes. Can the mods review different types of kelp farm and say what is acceptable. 3) Mining seems to be very underwhelming on Jobs, can it be buffed slightly to bring it in line with other jobs. if you control a guardian farm you're probably making tons more ember than you can with mining. 4) Weekly Challenges for prizes, this is vague but it could be any sort of challenge to inspire some competition. 5) private islands like on previous maps where you can spend a large amount of ember to buy islands, those islands can be found through a portal room at spawn. cant see a downside to this. Just some ideas ive been thinking off, lets have a discussion 🙂
  4. Jet_Chi

    Shop Relocation

    Rocksvin i know where your coming from lots of people will go look upstairs but equally unless every shop upstairs was in use lots of people wont bother as you dont see it straight away. Map 2 with the open market was nice also the Map with different size buildings at different prices was nice
  5. Jet_Chi

    Shop Relocation

    I have been looking at the different shops and noticed some are in better locations than others. My suggestion is to move the shops into a portal so a command like /shop would take you there and theres a more friendly layout so you can see what everyone has to offer.

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