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  1. That is freaking awesome! What texture pack? And I am gonna download the world.
  2. Netflix now has a show called Scare Tactics. I think it's hilarious.
  3. Here is my guess for the finale. Not a spoiler since I have no idea what is actually gonna happen. Daenerys kills Tyrion. Daenerys kills Jon. Arya kills Daenerys. Sansa takes the throne. Total guesses. How does everyone else think it will end and who will end up on the throne? I've enjoyed the show and I'm not afraid to say it. I will preface that I do like fantasy and science fiction too. I didn't start watching until season 7 and binged the first 6 seasons on DVD. To be honest I got stuck on it when Eddard Stark, the father, was beheaded. I thought it was so shocking that would happen. Since then it has been roller coaster ride to me. And it is one of the most popular shows ever so I'm not alone. I can't even imagine how much money HBO has made on it. That being said I see tons of detractors of the show. It seems to garner both intense loyalty and also intense dislike. I find at work I have to be cautious who I let know I watch it. I guess I don't overthink it or care to pick it apart and instead just enjoy the ride.
  4. I didn't see any Game Of Thrones threads and I am really excited about the episode this weekend so I thought I would start one.
  5. TuckerAmbr


    Personally, I trust your judgement lebh.
  6. Fortnite is a big one.
  7. TuckerAmbr


    Not a single response. Not even from staff. Ok.
  8. Looks good. Thanks for the info 😄
  9. TuckerAmbr


    This is a great server and one aspect of it I love is how the community is setup. It is a normal MC map where people can setup towns and build their homes. There are some amazing builds and I like to explore around and see it all. Last weekend I did exactly that riding a horse. But when I got to someone's shop I wanted to get off to go inside. The server wouldn't allow me to get off so I couldn't go inside. I disconnected and when I got back on I was off my horse but couldn't get back on. I lost my horse. I started playing just before the addition of horses and thought it was a great addition. Because of the way the server is setup it could take advantage of them. Player made roads, bridges, race tracks, etc.. There are even plugins that allow players to see horse stats such as speed. Players could sell horses based on the horse attributes. Just a suggestion to better enhance the horse experience.
  10. Can you reset the shop for anyone that is derelict for say 90 days, assuming there is someone on the waiting list for a shop. As with any MC server, players will come and go. It helps the community and to retain new members if they are aloud to enjoy all the fun aspects the server has to offer, and one would be shops. I have another potential suggestion too. Instead of having a spawn shops area have all shops on a players personal build areas. Then maybe at spawn have a directory and tp options to go to the various shops. That way there can be as many shops as there are players and players can make shops look anyway they want. I know some will say, 'you can do that now'. But it is hard for a new player to do that and compete against the spawn shop area and you are not able to actively advertise your shop either so it is kinda impossible. Just a thought.
  11. Ancient civilizations built strongholds. We don't know much about them but many believe aliens were involved. Nether fortresses I gotta go with wither skellys. The embodiment of evil.
  12. Why did 5 people 'like' your post. Esti, I definitely do not like it.

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