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  1. I have some stuff too I can give her when I am on. It would be a drag.
  2. TuckerAmbr

    Emerald Caper?

    I like turdles.
  3. TuckerAmbr

    Job Suggestions (Combined threads)

    Can't you put fortune on axes? Does that increase drops similar to looting?
  4. TuckerAmbr

    Cedarcraftians outisde Minecraft

    Stablegenius and TuckerAmbr
  5. TuckerAmbr


    Build of mine on another survival server.
  6. TuckerAmbr


  7. TuckerAmbr

    [suggestion] Sound when your name is said in chat

    That would be nice.
  8. TuckerAmbr

    *Public Trading Village Update*

    That sucks but it is a cool looking village.
  9. TuckerAmbr

    Favorite Movie Series

    Marvel's killing it. Got a couple old timers with Indiana Jones. Thought we would have more hopping on Star Wars though.
  10. TuckerAmbr

    Favorite Movie Series

    Nube to this server and thought I would do a poll. Nuff said.
  11. TuckerAmbr

    Shop Relocation

    What does that mean?
  12. TuckerAmbr

    Equestriville Mayor elections

    Are you going to build a wall on the southern border?
  13. TuckerAmbr

    Voting Site is down

    Thank you.
  14. TuckerAmbr

    Voting Site is down

    Minecraftservers.biz is down it appears. How do you we get keys now?
  15. TuckerAmbr


    Hello everyone I am TuckerAmbr and a newbie to this world. I thought I would introduce myself since I am starting to get addicted to this server. I started playing MC in 2012 (can't remember the version). I have played other servers in the past and prefer survival. I should be seeing you around and please ask me any questions you would like.

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