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  1. Sponge, shulker boxes/shells, nautilus shells. Bonus towny plots could be nice, plus a chance to get another crate key.
  2. Sorry to hear it's too much to bear. 😞 Was thinking about you just yesterday wondering how things were going for you. Hopefully the exercise helps you out. Brain dead casino games sounds like a punishment though, surely there must be better things. 😛 Say hi to the birds from me!
  3. Great now the Postman Pat theme is stuck in my head. edit: A show that was on every morning at 7:15 am, for at least 9 years in a row, was Bananas in Pajamas. No idea how many episodes they made but seeing how low effort the entire show was I'm guessing a couple of hundred. God awful either way, and I can admit I'm scarred for life since those days. Here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQvFnSIIuHE (I wanted to blame the british for this show but it turns out I should blame Australia instead!). At least by the time The teletubbies came to Swedish tv I was far too old to be watching it.
  4. If you're genuinely concerned yeah, but unless it's an admin with access to proper monitoring tools us mods can just hum and ho about it and hip shot a guess! 😄 If the farm is a tried and tested one they're generally ok, as for 1.13 and upwards if you're dealing with entities either keep the numbers low or spread them out, any entities bumping into each other is bad (say 40+ in 1 tile). As for item processing, I don't really know, gonna have to start using mods/tools to determine lag at that point.
  5. rocksvin


    You could set up a test course to gauge the horse speed, redstone can time them in some way. It's not as fool proof as the mod/plugin though and requires you to actually test every single horse. 😕
  6. Thanks for letting us know, and good luck with the exams!
  7. Thanks Biolly, appreciated! 😄 Was actually considering reaching out to you for that render but didn't know how, and now here you are!
  8. rocksvin


    Critical exploits fixed huh. For that reason I'd say no, gotta keep my advantages somehow. ;( I want it for a decent fishing loot table and a working salvage skill mainly!
  9. If furnaces breaks them, altho I don't understand how, try with droppers on top instead, they're proven more effective for lag reduction as well. Furnaces interacting with hoppers (I assume that's what you mean with redstone filters, actual item filters) in a negative way might be from mcJobs *shrugs* Lebh put down a ton of furnaces on his ones too and that caused no issues from what I heard.
  10. rocksvin


    It's a bit awkward that you can't mount and dismount animals in player regions yes, it was added as a preventive measure several patches ago because people kept having their horses stolen, same goes for every other animal you could put a saddle on and ride away with. We could probably make it so that regions default with interact flag set to allow (I believe this is the one that controls mounting in this case) to make animal handling easier across regions, but it also opens them up for theft again, so that'd need another solution on its own. For all I know, there's no way to set an 'ownership' to an animal as soon as you mount it, so that no one else can.
  11. Can't say yes or no, but I can offer advice! For point 3 regarding barrels, yes, I've noticed this too. I believe for high output farms you'd probably want to restrict as much as possible to your bog-standard item filters and connect the barrels to the output of said item filters rather than keeping them as a dump in the main item transfer line. As for point 4, the only real work around is to always have the shulkers placed by a dispenser, that creates one without an lwc lock.
  12. Dolphins. 😞 Hopefully, or maybe not, we can egg pandas come 1.14 - they're going to be useful, and probably a pretty rare spawn in main world seeing how we'll get maybe 1 jungle. Foxes are another thing I suppose.
  13. I'm not even sure if we can remove the limit (and I'm not sure why Mojang capped it...) - only way I know of to bypass it is with command blocks, which doesn't help you at all heh.
  14. I'm sure there's a way to set it up so that WE would automatically empty the region space, but I doubt there's a way to store the blocks deleted, along with chest contents. 😕

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