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  1. rocksvin

    PC/Java issues.

    Keep trying every now and then, it could be that it's some node between your place and CC that is acting up, eventually they'll get their stuff together. 😕 Until next time Geo!
  2. rocksvin

    Soo, something when the bang.

    Sounds like a timeout to me? But it's very selective, like only when you connect to an MC server heh.. did you try lebhs instructions apart from reinstalling mc?
  3. rocksvin

    Some Ideas

    1) You just have to bite the bullet, really. It's a pain to farm them, but they're out there. What I can recommend is to sit in a boat and move along in an ocean till you see something spawn, (push f3+b to see them better) usually a whole area of mobs will spawn including fish, dolphins and some squid - once you've killed the squid, hop back in the boat and move another bunch of chunks away till you see something new spawn, eventually you get a feel for when you can stay in the boat and wait for a new wave. But you gotta stay on the move, remaining in the same spot doesn't really work. I've personally obtained several stacks this way. Also, always do this in resource world. 2) I don't think kelp is nearly as laggy on our server compared to single player. Notice how item drops seems to stack here? That's not a thing in single player, and cuts down massively on item entity lag. Constantly updating water sources from one could be a mess though, but we'll figure that out eventually. Or Mojang. We have one that is under construction atm (8x30) utilizing a sweeper, at most we're looking at 240 kelp, but in reality it's probably closer to 120, and most of that will stack together. Xisumavoid (on youtube) built a similar one, if you wanna check it out. 3) Sort of agree, I just don't know where it could do with a buff. On one hand I'd like ores in general to be worth more (gold, iron and diamonds) but we mine stone 90% of the time if not more while branch mining, so maybe that's where said buff could be. I think most jobs seems to be around 5k ember/hour (and some more, with outliers) while I have a hard time pushing miner past even 4k. Last I checked, I sat around 3500. Thing is though, as a miner you get really useful byproducts that fuels other professions (most notably gold), and it's in almost direct correlation with blacksmithing due to the insane amount of materials it requires to level up, so you gotta keep this in mind. You gain much more ember from mining than your /money says, in a way, so for that reason I'd say it's fine. But is it bad if a job gives you just 5-10% less than another job? If you hate farming crops over and over, but if farmer job would give you 10% more than miner (which we can pretend you love for argument sake) would you still pick, and stay, with farmer over a time frame of say 100 hours? I know I wouldn't, would happily take the 10% loss and keep on doing what I like. Chances are, doing what I like, I'd probably put more time into it in the long run. 5) The thing with private islands is that they need to be kind of private and out in the ocean, while being part of the main world. While we do have an ocean, it's simply not large enough to sustain the 5-10 islands I'd like to build in this case, along with people already feeling like there isn't enough real estate to go by. I'll review it again later when the map expands, because it's really not an option to put the islands in a separate world (more server load, and detachment, although it would actually feel isolated :P) edit: Further thoughts on mining
  4. rocksvin

    Shop Relocation

    /shops have now been added as a command, takes you to the upper floor!
  5. rocksvin

    Admin Shop Lottery

    To save further discussion, let me take this thread to the finish line. "Can we add admin shops?" No, that's currently not planned. "If we add admin shops, can we have a lottery based on their profits?" No, the intent with admin shops is to drain the economy of ember, splitting the 'profits' from it would ruin the intended purpose.
  6. rocksvin

    Shop Relocation

  7. rocksvin

    Shop Relocation

    Only thing I can take out of this is to place a warp down at some point, can't say when. I think it's an obvious player issue if anything, akin to 9/10 players being incapable of finding their way off the ship without jumping off it. If you can't navigate these player shops, you should probably wear a helmet at home.
  8. rocksvin

    Shop Relocation

    It's not supposed to look like a market though, just walk up the stairs people, it's fine. 😛
  9. rocksvin

    Shop Relocation

    There are 4 staircases, that's far from being out of the way. 😛 Funny thing is, if we put a /shop warp there, it'd probably be on the 2nd floor overlooking the lake. All of a sudden the level 1 shops are out of the way. I see very few, if any, actually having issues walking up a flight of stairs, if not for curiosity. Eventually there'll be more shops on the upper level making them visible, otherwise I have to tear the whole thing down and start all over again. I really thought 4 stairs up and visible lights + shops from the actual entrance would be enough to signal that there in fact are shops up there too. edit: I'll consider adding a /shop or /shops warp there though, so we'll see.
  10. rocksvin

    My experience on the Jobs and Ranks

    Obtaining mob heads at 25 I can agree isn't the most fantastic of perks, we've played around with the idea of egging hostile mobs as well but outside of novelty I'm not so sure on how useful it actually is, although it is something unique that only the hunter itself could do, not everyone with a Vip package. Drawbacks of egging hostiles is that someone could grief you pretty bad with it, say egg 10+ skeletons and just unleash them near a player then /spawn, but, idk, if you got to level 25 hunter you're probably not interested in griefing that way so it's not a problem unless the eggs become a 1-10 ember thing on the market and easily available. Increased durability on weapons is something I'd consider for a level 25 perk as well. What about you?
  11. rocksvin

    McMMO Alchemy

    If you are intent on getting to 125 for the haste 2 pots the current solution is to dump mcMMO credits you receive from voting into alchemy, however I'd much prefer to dump them on a higher skill level tree.
  12. rocksvin

    New jobs plugin!

    Regarding hoppers, I don't think they work, I tested it briefly on test world before we went live but my memory might deceive me. Everything like this usually requires user input at every step. 😕 I guess it should be fine with inserting bottles for you at the very least, so that takes away 1 interaction, then you manually have to add ingredients (2 tiers) each time. Oh well!
  13. rocksvin


    We will all get used to our new friends in the sky eventually.
  14. rocksvin

    New jobs plugin!

    Hey, thanks for testing alchemy out! I've been meme'ing a lot about it and it is for these reasons you pointed out. 1070 interactions to barely get to level 10 feels way off to me too, but I suspected it would be like this. What is your total ember gain from alchemy so far, any idea? I feel like both mcJobs alchemy and mcMMO alchemy have been tuned because of people abusing the redstone/glowstone switch, until the devs disabled xp completely from those but "forgot" to turn up xp gained from regular brewing again. Did you run several brewing stands consecutively? I remember with mcMMO alchemy I could run at least 6 if I set up my inventory correctly. It's obviously a matter of ingredients too at some point, but it should increase the xp earned / hour. I can't remember from my testing how a hopper fed brewing stand worked out for me, but I recall having to at least place the first nether wart myself, maybe the other 3 steps can be automated. What isn't working in mcMMO alchemy atm? I'm going to assume you're not earning xp with it. If you did, you'd be looking at increased brewing speed (and probably fuel efficiency nowadays) which could help you out a little bit. As for throwing away materials, yeah. It's a shame! We were looking at ways to make potions used beyond chugging them, but most of those implementations would require far more time from our side than we had prior to launch. I for one would be happy if you could just combine 3 potions into some raw material, that would at least empty out chests. 😛
  15. rocksvin

    My Puppy

    I wish I could double like this!

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