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  1. Thanks. There's no place like home. I am not quite 100% but I feel pretty good. 🙂
  2. I have been away since at the 10th of April or so. I was sick in the hospital. I am now back home so I will be able to get on the server soon. Tillisnut
  3. It is true that things change but we do have a great community here. I hope we will be able to grow and do well into the future. I wish you well John. Tillisnut
  4. This is a good idea if there's a stable plugin for this that wouldn't cause performance issues with the server like the barrels plugin did.
  5. I can add a few more shows from back then I liked. Dexter's Lab, Pinky and the Brain, Kids Next Door, Rugrats and Animaniacs.
  6. tillisnut


    I like the idea of a player built server road network to ride on the map. Region permissions are why you can't get on/off in areas you don't own.
  7. Glad that you were able to fix the issue. CC wouldn't be the same without you Geo.
  8. tillisnut

    CedarCraft 2.0 Launch

    I'm ready!
  9. I'm ready for the new map. Always an exciting time for all. I may not build for a bit. We'll see how busy I am.

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