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  1. I do believe it would only be possible to stack over 64 with mods. Chest expansion would only be possible with mods too.
  2. I do very much agree with the idea of better perks or maybe lower prices since 1 million ember is quite a lot plus whatever you need before it.
  3. Bauer

    Sleep Vote

    My opinion? Yes
  4. Bauer

    Sleep Vote

    I quite like the idea of that
  5. Bauer


    I have my build at -1945 64 5373 if you want to check it out or post it :D
  6. I know this may be late, but no you can not disable it. I don't think removing it would be a good move but maybe disabling it for certain mobs
  7. I am going to be away until Monday as me and my family are heading to North Carolina and will be leaving from our hotel to go there in a few hours
  8. hmm.... suspicious... you are Lunchmeats and AdamaxEP is talking about lunchmeats
  9. Oh my, lots of love is being sent your way from me and my mom! Awaiting your return :D ~Bauer
  10. Love it! no... the idea... not you
  11. Game theory has an interesting theory on endermen which talks about who made the end cities and it mentions how end cities might have been made by ancient builders who traveled dimensions and built there and about how strongholds are secure places and they are meant to keep mobs out whilst they escaped to the end only to realize they were trapped. link is here:
  12. boutta make a nation


  13. I forgot my old account info...

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