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  1. Well... Everything calmed down, but then I went and did something crazy. Someone inspired me to make some changes to myself and my life. I'm very happy with the results, but now I only have about an hour of free time every day. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'll pop in when I can. And who knows? Maybe I'll wear myself out and come back. Either way, be sure to stay in touch. I'm always on Discord and social media!
  2. Hey, guys! I miss you all tons! Sadly, it will be longer still before I can return. In short, I am too busy. I am doing so much more stuff than I thought I was capable of handling right now. I feel good about myself for almost keeping up with these challenges, and I think it will be good for my confidence to meet those challenges. I have been working, studying, and dealing with life events like crazy for the past two months. This will continue at least until July, maybe longer since I may take on additional tasks once my current ones are taken care of. As far as my stuff goes, Dawn has taken over as a temporary mayor of Eisitasii and is doing a terrific job! (If you want a home or shop there, let her know!) I do also have a beautiful house with a stash of magnificent treasures. I would very much like to keep this, but I do feel it would be unfair for me to hog land and not use it. At the mods' discretion, I am okay with it being transferred to another owner. I would like for Dawn to have an opportunity to get any valuables from it first if that happens. Some of the materials would be useful for the town and its projects. Well, I hope to see you guys all again soon! Happy mining and crafting! - ComputerGhost

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