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  1. Thank you for letting me know you arrived safely ❤️ Enjoy your holiday and safe travels home (hugs).
  2. The great escape has occurred and I am hidden away at home :D
  3. Hey, no snitching on me Zili gal! Getting ready to make the great escape shortly 😄
  4. Welp, guess you have probably figured out by now that I went back to the hospital. Had some not so good effects from the meds but things seem to be slowly improving. I miss all of you and will be back as soon as I can! ❤️
  5. Last word I got, I may get out of the hospital come Tuesday. However time in Cedar will still be limited for awhile as I will be traveling to and from the doctor's office for more treatments.
  6. Today is officially two weeks in the hospital. There is mixed bag of news. I have to spend at least four more days here and when I am released to go home, will be traveling back and forth to doctor 's office for treatment. Thanks to a bone marrow biopsy we have determined what attacked poor little etsi. Aplastic Anemia. Basically my body said it was gonna quit making red cells. When I get sick I do it up good......lol.
  7. Been gone a week already and it looks like at least another week before I can come home. So, to keep a long and confusing story short and to the point, I have been in the hospital this past week. There are some issues they are trying to figure out but it looks like I could be here for another week or more.
  8. Hm, shop 302 is listed twice?
  9. Well, when I was a kid.......back before written history......there was only the Saturday morning cartoons like Bullwinkle and Rocky, Bugs Bunny, and just a bit later on was Space Ghost. Sigh.....
  10. Enjoy and stay safe ❤️
  11. Like a snake does "ssssssss-cone"
  12. By "liking" the post they were letting me know they understood.
  13. I will be taking a few days off from CC...... not sure how long I will be gone. I just need to do somethings that I have not been able to get to. Be good, have fun, and oh yeah, have fun!!!! (((hugs)))
  14. Before I joined Cedar Craft I use to watch my children play here. I was referred to as the "Watcher". I wanted a name that was similar and just happened across a site that was a Cherokee dictionary. Since I am suppose to be part Cherokee I chose etsi (mother) wahuhi (owl). Just seemed to fit.

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