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  1. Is this still occurring? Next time you get on please contact me and I'll check the server logs to see if anything shows up server side.
  2. Updates for 3/5/19 Updated Warps, /back and server warps for 1.13 block support! - No more suffocating to your death inside them blocks wooo!
  3. A new GUI has been implemented (No new plugin needed - HA!) which can be accessed through the /help GUI - Towny or /townygui. If you have any suggestions on adding to this GUI let us know!
  4. New GUI Menu's have been added below: /cteleport (Can be accessed through /help GUI - Teleportations) Provides server provided warps to Spawn, Shops and the Resource Worlds /mcmmogui (Can be access through /help GUI - Mcmmo) Provides skill information, clicking on a skill runs /skillname command to provide further detail in chat /townygui (Can be accessed through /help GUI - Towny) Provides basic information on town you reside in Clicking on your head runs /res command to display your characters information in chat Note: These menus are new and may have changes occur through them as we receive feedback and/or have features updated/added.
  5. Below are your custom recipes that you can make once you reach blacksmith level 25
  6. It appears the fifth site is now up again, I am marking this as answered 🙂

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