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  1. For those if you who know, I don’t actually own a PC to play CC on, so I use a school computer. However, the last of school was Friday, I cannot play until school starts up again. So I’m requesting 3-4 months off. I will return (Do not fear). Have a great summer everyone!
  2. Banners are cool, we can all agree on that. However, to create even more awesome designs though, the limit on banner edits needs to be removed. The Diamond banner below has a minimum of 5 steps, and if I were to make it more complex, it would need more layers. I don't care if we increase the limit or do away with it, just as long as its bigger.
  3. I like the stronghold theory, but you lost some credibility with the songs
  4. Ok, so villages are made by villagers, or at least we can assume. So who build strongholds or nether fortresses? I think villagers used to be explorers, but abandoned the projects due to safty concerns. They used to sail large ships, but we find the sunken ships, so they stopped that to. You guys got any theories? Post them below!
  5. Who I gods name puts milk in FIRST!?!?
  6. Ok, so lets head back to the distant year of 2007. I was making a roblox account because that was cool back then. I was an especially uncreative child so my mind went like this "I love TV, the channel 176 (Cartoon Network)" So I picked Lovetv176. When i got my X-Box 360 in 2012, I was too old for such a childish name, so I let the X-Box pick one, and i got DressedConch. I loved it, but then came Black Ops II. I didn't have a clan tag, so i picked DrCo. I thought "Hey DrCo... DrConch! and thus, my username was born! Then in 2016, i made my skin which isn't as good as I think it is.
  7. I think they just use it as currency among themselves. I mean, that makes sense
  8. Hey guys this is me. I read books a lot and I’m a lifeguard
  9. Would it be a wild idea to have profits from the admin shop go directly toward the lottery jackpot? Maybe not 100% of the profits, but at least 50%
  10. I literally don't know who any of you are
  11. We could add and island with a larger shop
  12. I agree, second level shops are annoyingly out of the way
  13. Or we could just make them not spawn
  14. We need get rid of Phantoms, like they don’t need to spawn. Period.

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