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  1. DrConch

    Shop Expantion

    Shops are great, we can all agree. You can buy stuff that would be difficult for you to normally get or you're just to lazy to obtain yourself. But as you may have noticed, all of our shops are full. I think a third level should be added to the shops so we can bring in more buyers and resources alike. Thank you for your time
  2. DrConch

    New advertisement board at /shops

    Cool. Thanks
  3. DrConch

    Cedarcraftians outisde Minecraft

    Hey guys this is me. I read books a lot and I’m a lifeguard
  4. DrConch

    Admin Shop Lottery

    Would it be a wild idea to have profits from the admin shop go directly toward the lottery jackpot? Maybe not 100% of the profits, but at least 50%
  5. DrConch

    Equestriville Mayor elections

    I literally don't know who any of you are
  6. DrConch

    Shop Relocation

    We could add and island with a larger shop
  7. DrConch

    Shop Relocation

    I agree, second level shops are annoyingly out of the way
  8. DrConch


    Or we could just make them not spawn
  9. DrConch


    We need get rid of Phantoms, like they don’t need to spawn. Period.
  10. DrConch

    Map 7 Cartography

    Why is this map so much smaller?
  11. DrConch


    Ok guys it DrConch here. My computer broke so I can only get on during school (I know kill me). However, the computers don’t allow you to install stuff, so could someone email me the Minecraft that’s already installed. Reply if you need the email, thanks!

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