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  1. basicmark

    LWC changes

    Hoppers are now protected when placed meaning they can take items from and push items to other protected inventories without needing to change the hopper settings (/hop on and /hop off).
  2. basicmark

    Towny Suggestions (Combined threads)

    I'm moving some other towny suggestions into here and making it the "Towny suggestions thread" :).
  3. basicmark

    Job Suggestions (Combined threads)

    I've merged a number of theads together here to tryin and keep things orgainised! Please only add suggestions relating to Jobs in this thread 🙂
  4. basicmark

    Some Ideas

    I'm going to move this one to "Rejected" although as I said in my previous post some suggestions here are longer term things we will be looking at and take this feedback onboard :).
  5. basicmark

    Job Suggestions (Combined threads)

    LWC + Hoppers Hoppers should now be managed as before, they are locked private on placement an will feed into other locked containers without needing any commands. Holodisplay These have been added and been used in a few places around spawn
  6. basicmark

    Towny Suggestions (Combined threads)

    Are you trying to push us over the 100 plugin mark ;)?
  7. basicmark

    Job Suggestions (Combined threads)

    I wouldn't worry about existing posts but can new posts be created for new suggestions from now on? I'm not wanting to be super strict on this, worse case one of the staff can split the post, it just helps us if you can keep suggestions in separate areas in separate posts :) We're happy to have some back and forth, when we move the post to accepted/rejected is when we consider the suggestion completed. There will be some like jobs where it might be more of a rolling thing so let's see how to best handle those.
  8. basicmark

    Job Suggestions (Combined threads)

    Please don't keep extending this post with different topics as it means we can never close it (sorry but I like the feeling of achievement when I can move one of these to "completed" or "rejected" :P). If you wish to raise a number of different points around the same subject (jobs being the obvious example) then for sure add then into a single post
  9. basicmark

    Barrel Controller Bug

    The placement limitation has been removed now as the underlying issue has been resolved.
  10. basicmark

    Job Suggestions (Combined threads)

    Oh boy! Where to start?! Holo displays: IMHO it's very easy spam these down and make things worse and even more confusing. They would have ot be carefully used not to spoil the atmosphere of spawn. Miner: Will cover this later Hoppers: I'll raise this with the other staff members. List: Thanks for reporting this, I'll look into it Towny co-mayer: Added but not tested, please let me know if it works for you :). Egging villagers: We decided not to allow capturing villagers this way as it's somewhat "immoral" imprisoning them that way. You can argue players can do it anyway with minecarts and boats to keep them penned up, but that doesn't mean we need to make is easier for you mean people :P. Job suggests/changes: Existing jobs: We will monitor and together with player feedback try and adjust to ensure they are ballanced (not primising to make everyone happy ;)) New jobs: There where a few extra we wanted to add but simply didn't have time to ballance and find suitable rewards so your suggestions are usefull input for us in our future jobs discussions.
  11. basicmark

    [suggestion] Sound when your name is said in chat

    We can look into this, it will need to work with our chat system so it might be a little tricky. It does look like the author of our chat system might have such a feature planned but I'm not sure when it might happen.
  12. basicmark

    Some Ideas

    Squid are out there an with looting 3 and a decent farm you shouldn't have an issue getting the drops. Turns out squid don't give you anything for the hunter class! I'll raise it with other staff and throw it into the general balancing jobs bucket As long as it's not server lag, and not built too near other players you should be good to go, if there is an issue we will work it out with you 🙂 Maybe, but then making a guardian farm is a big investment so should have some payback, having said which we will take this and other feedback about jobs onboard and try to balance things out better. Taking these two together they are certinally things we will consider for the future, I'm afraid it's hard to put a time on when though.
  13. basicmark

    Barrel Controller Bug

    I've added a check for barrels being placed and crossing chunk boundaries, next server restart it should kick in. I should have said that the staff will replace lost barrels and items, just modreq it :).
  14. basicmark

    Barrel Controller Bug

    Thanks for the pictures lebh 🙂 What I can do, as this issue is taking longer to resolve then I was hoping, is add a check and block placement where the log and item frame are in different chunks so that at least no newly placed barrels will hit this problem. With luck I'll have time to do that this evening.
  15. basicmark

    Barrel Controller Bug

    This is nothing to do with the controller, their is a bug which is not fully deterministic for barrels which straddle chunk boundaries. I have been trying to recreate the issue on my local test server but simply can't recreate it. To me it looks like a bug or race condition in the server itself. I have reached out to both Spigot and paper communities but have not had much assistance.

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