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  1. Oh no, be well Etsi ❤️
  2. Have not been on lately the last 3 weeks due to multiple disc bulges in spine and a trapped nerve causing crippling pain down left leg. Have had 3 spinal steroid injections to no avail and currently seeing a physio. Have not been able to walk the last 3 weeks but I think slowly getting better with exercise and trying to break through the pain threshold and be mobile. Reason why I can not sit and played MC is because my mind can't stay focused for a time as the pain kicks in regularly I sit.out side playing brain dead casino games on mobile phone drinking tea and taking to the local birds 😝 Will BBS ❤️
  3. Welcome back man, And good in ya with your studies 👍
  4. Have had this last few days from vote site #1. All other sites.are.fine?
  5. Take care mate and enjoy the summer break. Be safe and well. Catch ya on the flip side 🤘😎🤘
  6. Sigh, remembering last treehouse build a few maps ago where mine burnt down as fire spread was active
  7. Count me in. And will donate a shulka chest of goodness to 1st place. Unless I win then it goes to 2nd place 🤪
  8. Awesome, travel safe 💗
  9. Come one, come all to A Bomb In A Bull Enchantments. Shop #28 at spawn player shops. If in need of a conduit I have 2 on sale for 8000e Also over the last few weeks I have come into possession of 2 tridents that I have finally put mending on and repaired. If interested /mail me as will put on any custom enchantments for a flat rate of 5000e
  10. Pretty sure Lando would like this. He is about to set off on his expedition from Tassie to Uluru in his 1982 Land Rover. Be safe and all the best Lando and 'Rove' 🤘😎🤘
  11. All the best with everything you have taken on mate. Be sure to hop on when you have some chill time. 🤘😊🤘
  12. GeoStar13


    How about old school 3, 2, 1 hit stop watch? 🤘😝🤘
  13. Come one, come, all. Thank you all for.supporting A Bomb In A Bull Enchantments. Is a painful and time consuming task Grinding, Smithing and Enchanting though is something I have always loved to do to supply tools most prize so highly. I continue to restock the store with many different variations of enchanted tools. Now I am past LVL 25 Blacksmith I have added Chainmail Armour to the store. Remember if you would like a specific customised tool or armour /mail send GeoStar13 your requirements. Thanks again. Geo

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