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  1. Oh no, sorry to see you go Zili. Looking after yourself is main priority. Take care and all the best sweet ❤️
  2. All the best mate, thanks to you and the admin team for providing a safe and friendly MC server. Take care bro 🤘😎🤘
  3. GeoStar13


    Take care look after yourself Zili ❤️
  4. Good luck with everything mate 👍
  5. Didn't work, still stuck at build comp.
  6. GeoStar13

    So I'm stuck!

    Logged on and am at build comp. Did /survival no go Did /home no go Did /spawn no go. Am stuck at build comp? Hmmmm, one thing I could try is Pic AxChat as it takes you to spawn.
  7. Suggestion. If trains win, may need an elongated plot rather than Square.
  8. Not a bad idea. Barrels were so cool for massive storage and easy to dump a full inv of say 'stone' into storage with one click. If possible I would assume would need another plugin?
  9. GeoStar13

    Sleep Vote

    In relation to a few other suggestions I feel this goes against our server game play. Is survival/build. Is night and day. If members want to sleep so be it, is why I carry a bed in my inv.
  10. Welcome back Spec 👍
  11. GeoStar13


    Yay, ya'll probs worked out my IG is geostar13 😎 GJ Zili ❤️ Is content being added to FB? As you can add the IG posts to the FB page also.
  12. Congrats mate, don't peak too early ❤️
  13. Are we able to do /home and /warp on the map 6 access?
  14. Wow, nicely worded Benj and welcome back to CC. Once you join CC you always remain part of the family ❤️ Happy 2020 to you and hope to see you soon on the server 👍

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