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  1. ofLegends

    *Public Trading Village Update*

    Hey, I'm sorry to hear about this Rover. I'm working on a large public farm right next door to your village, and after talking with Rock, we're thinking the best way to do it is just have a big protection with multiple owners (so that someone is always online who can add people to the protection), and just have people ask to be added. Would probably help to avoid random griefers and such. I get that you probably don't want a bunch of owners on your protection, but I think just adding people to the region is the best idea for now. Dang griefers. X_X
  2. ofLegends

    Cedarcraftians outisde Minecraft

    Ugh I love short hair on women, makes you seem more confident imo ^_^ no homo, I just think it's nice to see. Mine was short for a while but now I'm trying to grow it again. Hmmm.... Phone selfie, or something. Like I said, not this short anymore.
  3. ofLegends

    Cedarcraftians outisde Minecraft

    Okay now I got it, nice 😛
  4. ofLegends

    Favorite Movie Series

    Wow, marvel movies, really? *reconsiders my friendship with missa* 😉
  5. ofLegends

    Cedarcraftians outisde Minecraft

    No, I can't see anything!!!! 😥 I saw geo's pics tho 👍
  6. ofLegends

    Cedarcraftians outisde Minecraft

    Can't see any pic!!! /tableflip
  7. ofLegends

    Soo, something when the bang.

    🎉 🎉 🎉
  8. ofLegends

    Soo, something when the bang.

    Poor Geo 😢
  9. ofLegends

    Rainbow Star Sheep Farm

    Screenshot taken by VeritasLuxMea
  10. ofLegends

    Some Ideas

    I mostly agree with what you've said, but for #2 I just want to say that 1.13 is horrendously laggy for some reason anyway (Mojang's fault, not CC's), but if you wanted to build one go for it. It's client lag anyway, not server lag. The general consensus for "laggy" farms has generally been to just get them evaluated if you're unsure, but for the most part if it's not fully auto it's fine. 🙂
  11. ofLegends

    Equestriville Mayor elections

    Me every time there's a local election
  12. If so, go ahead and modreq the sign to be removed. 😃 I believe I marked 2 blaze spawners in the nether with signs claiming them as mine, then I accidentally deleted the warp after I found 2 different spawners that were closer together (meaning I had claimed 4 total). The only blaze spawners I plan on using already have a farm built around them and are protected within a region. I don't know where the first two are that I claimed with signs, but if you happen to find these, this post can serve as permission to delete the signs on them. Just thought I'd make a post about it in case someone runs across these and thought to use them.
  13. ofLegends


    Hi tucker! Nice to have another player from the 'old days' of minecraft!
  14. ofLegends

    My experience on the Jobs and Ranks

    I agree, I think most of the jobs are in a good place as far as money goes in that you won't earn a lot unless you're actually working at it. That's the way it should be. I think miner and hunter could do with a different level 25 perk -- miner gets /nightlight, but everyone can already use the /nv alternative. I don't see /nl getting used. Hunter level 25 perk I'd like to see changed to something else, as everyone can already obtain mob heads as it is. Unless the level 25 hunter perk does something different about it I'm not aware of? Other than that, I like the perks and think they're interesting and fun. I love the ranks. It's a great way to give people things to work towards. I personally have never cared at all about mcmmo levels -- nobody sees them usually, and they barely affect things once you're past a certain (low) milestone. The ranks are different. Everyone can see what rank you are, and you gain prestige from it. Everything after [VII] Official is a new perk even for VIPs, so it really encourages people to work at their jobs.
  15. ofLegends

    McMMO Alchemy

    McMMO alchemy is broken afaik, or at least it was 1 week ago when I was doing the alchemist job. You can check your xp using /alchemy.

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