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  1. ofLegends


    NEW MAP HYPE!!! Good to have you back, zili 😘
  2. ofLegends

    Forum tweaks

    Hmm. Now that I think about it, maybe it is the easiest with the most recent reply bumping a thread to the top. I'm not sure what other people want, though. One thing I noticed, the "about me" section you can edit on your profile doesn't appear to show for other players. I've been messing around with mine, but lebh says he can't see it. I don't know if other members have anything typed, but I can't see anyone else's. This one:
  3. ofLegends

    Well someone had to say it...

    What's wrong with our current sorting system? 😢
  4. ofLegends

    Well someone had to say it...

    20% more?
  5. ofLegends

    Well someone had to say it...

    Yeah alright 😄 So you do the mapping out, I'll try to hoard materials.
  6. ofLegends

    The Idiot Switch

    It's "The Idiot Switch" because whoever designed this farm tower's lighting (ok, it was me) is freaking terrible with redstone, and pulling this lever made the entire room go dark. We're talking 2 inventories full of seeds, then you'd have to replant it all, run it all back to chests, ugh. And that's not counting all the wheat. That's why @lebh does the redstone. ♥️
  7. ofLegends

    Forum tweaks

    Poor admins/damo 😜
  8. ofLegends

    CedarCraft 2.0 Launch

    🚅 H Y P E
  9. ofLegends

    Dacota Christmas

    Christmas skins are the cutest! 😘
  10. ofLegends

    Well someone had to say it...

    Yeah, last map I was building in an extreme hills biome with lebh, but that's not really my thing... I need jungle, man! @GamekingV2, do you have plans for a railroad system? If so, I'd like to help out with donating materials. ^ goes for anyone who's planning on making a road system; not sure if GK is doing it this time.
  11. ofLegends

    The Idiot Switch

    Please, PLEASE don't flip the switch....
  12. ofLegends

    Melon Farm Tower (Map 3)

    Credit goes to MissBates09 for allllll the melons.
  13. ofLegends

    Veterans 2

  14. ofLegends


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