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  1. missatessatessy

    Cedarcraftians outisde Minecraft

    I couldn't post my picture on a public forum, too much of a coward xD 🌳
  2. missatessatessy

    Favorite Movie Series

    I couldn't decide between most of them and panicked, picking the most popular 😭
  3. missatessatessy

    Job Suggestions (Combined threads)

    First I've seen the holo thing used before and it's pretty neat, and good at grabbing attention so definitely a good suggestion. Second I still haven't gone mining yet, so no opinion on this point. Third I heard it was a change to the plugin, but yeah you are right, before you just had to have the same perms on the hopper and chest for it to work. Not sure if anything can be done to change it back though 😕 Fourth Yes (xD) Jobs I had a long list of perk suggestions for Builder and explorer myself, and the list is basically exactly the same. 😄 Lovely concise post lebh 🙂 Thought I'd add my thoughts on each point so nothing is left out. x
  4. missatessatessy

    My experience on the Jobs and Ranks

    If I could egg hostile mobs with 25 hunter, I think I'd end up having a lot of pet hostile mobs instead of griefing with them xD Plus would be super useful for the disk thing 😄
  5. missatessatessy

    Map 7 Way points

    Hi it's me again, I asked if some of you would like a map with way points on it, got a fairly solid yes, so I did this: https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/501807c92c054bbfb5cde369ab6f1339 It is interactive, so I'm able to update it without having to edit this forum post (which you can't do yet). If you want a way point added hit me up on discord/in-game with coordinates 👍 (If you want your location to be removed from the map also let me know.)
  6. missatessatessy

    Map 7 Cartography

    I would but mapping takes so much time and effort, would be waste of valuable time (especially since explorer isn't a job, and no one wants to pay for the information... I tried).
  7. missatessatessy

    Map 7 Cartography

    Hey guys, You know what time it is, mapping time! This was waaaay easier than last time even though I didn't have elytra, map is less than 10% the size of previous map. This isn't up to the quality I would like but it's the best I could do with what was available to me. When I can get better mods I'll make a new post (since I heard you can't edit) with the new one.
  8. missatessatessy

    Well someone had to say it...

    Someone say mapping?? 😄 (no prizes for guessing what I might do next map)

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