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  1. See title, rest in peace cedar history. Was nice looking back at the fun we once had. 😔
  2. The archive is no longer functioning.
  3. This would be a good alternative to barrels, and hopefully not cause the same issues that barrels did 😜
  4. If you want rewards that aren't as "OP" replace them with mundane but usable items such as the common prizes Has mentioned above.
  5. No more potatoes of sorrow, please these just actively make me not want to vote
  6. I used to love round the twist Xd So bonkers looking back at it...
  7. So there was a big talk on the server about all the old TV shows we remember from when we were younger, figured should just make a forum topic about it. Basically added all the ones we mentioned in the conversation, comment on other ones you remember and I'll add them to the poll :D Also never tried out the poll feature on the forum so this could easily go terribly wrong xD Already see a problem that you can only vote once and not edit your vote, oh well :P
  8. Anyone who wants that nostalgia hit, I invite you to watch this video from map 1. This was actually the video I saw that made me join cedar, I thought the shop inside the giant sheep was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen xD
  9. Took me about a year to find him and nudge him into action xD Added to the main post under map 4 :D
  10. Ooh what about something water based? After all I don't believe there has been a build comp since we got the "aquatic update", so should do something that might incorporate the new features we got 😄
  11. I play various games if I'm not in my "addicted to Minecraft" phase, such as; GTA, RDR, Terraria, etc. The one game that I play as obsessively and periodically as Minecraft though is called Space Station 13, a game that a few cedarcraftians introduced me to around 2013. I'm not sure if anyone who I played with back then is still on the server though, was so long ago I can't really remember who else played except for dragonqueen101 xD Other than that I just binge watch Netflix 😉
  12. Something nature based, like "Trees"?
  13. Well what I know from pestering admins is that they have to manually sort out the plugin to add the eggs for new animals, so it's just a matter of getting down to it, when there's nothing else to do (since not a major priority). If this is not the case though, please enlighten.
  14. It was working on internet explorer until I tried to log in then I started getting the same error

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