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  1. the ones already mentioned, ren and stimpy, amazing, me and my little brother discovered this when it was on late on channel 4, same as monty python.. probably scarred us a bit, knightmare, man i always wanted to go on that show. obviously the 80's cartoon classics, he-man, visionaries, thundercats, cities of gold, jayce and the wheeled warriors, teenage mutant hero turtles (because ninja wasnt allowed in the title in the uk, haha), transformers, the muppet babies, duck tales, dungeons and dragons, teddy ruxspin, superted... if any of the older people can remember the name of the cartoon that had 3 guys, 1 blue, 1 green 1 yellow and they had lego bits on them and had a starbase they protected the planet from, the green guy had a dog. many more i can't think of. man the 80's had some cool stuff nostalgia trip complete edit: nevermind i found the cartoon with the lego guys, centurion - power xtreme

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