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  1. I have no confidence with this sort of thing so enjoy a cute cat instead
  2. Ah, yeah I plan to donate materials again as well :) So I'll be sure to hold on to everything and collect like crazy.
  3. Dacota

    CedarCraft 2.0 Launch

    So excited!! ♡♡
  4. Shiny new things are nice and greatly appreciated! Thank you to all who worked to give us these new things ♡ I'm loving the new site- the layout, the clean design. I love it. I'm also excited for the new map! Been working on a new build style to prepare for it! (not going great, btw) Might make a towny town with The Pika Crew- Or at least half of us. A nice location with access to the ocean and beautiful landscapes is an ideal location- but let's face it... I know I'm gonna have an underground lair just like I have on every map I've been here for. I'm also excited to see the new builds everyone will be working on and the new map built by the architect team ʚ(´◡`)ɞ

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