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  1. This is an old suggestion (see post from crimsoncranberry last Oct) but for a brand new reason. Recently we lost the ability to move mobs about by boat, which for most passive mobs is not much of a problem as players can easily get eggs for them from any person with Farmer level 25 or higher. Can we now have the ability for Farmers (at say level 50) to egg villagers? If the villager has an occupation can their profession and trade attributes be retained? Or if the majority opinion is to have them reset, can we have named villagers retain their attributes? As it is, it will be very difficult for new players to start a village and moving villagers about becomes an extreme hassle. (I moved most of my villagers into isolation using the boat method to stop the blighters from breeding every time I wanted to get emeralds off of them!) It would, as crimson pointed out before, really help with population control and therefor mitigate some server lag. Cheers, Nick.

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