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  1. We're almost at the end of 2019, and with 2020 comes a new decade as well as a year. Most of us will have been children/teenagers at the start of the decade (many still are now) and it's wierd and amazing all at the same time to think how much we've all changed over the past ten years; as our personalities and worldviews changed as we aged, and the world around us developed and shifted in ways it never has before. I wanted to wish everyone on the server a happy new decade (and year too), and hope that the 2020s will be a step further on the 2010s. I've actually been involved with the server not just recently, but across the decade - when i first bought Minecraft in 2013, this was one of the first servers I encountered, and it quickly became the server I spent the majority of my Minecraft time on. Other servers had the mega-minigames and high player counts, but something about this server's community endeared itself to me inexonerably. I 'grew out of Minecraft' in late 2014 - going through that stage of adolescensce where I think I'm too old and 'too cool' for a 'kid's game' like Minecraft before I actually matured and understood Minecraft is by no means a 'kid's game' or 'cringy', and seeing things in that way was much more childish. When Minecraft returned to mainstream popularity earlier this year, and I finally decided to get back into this game, this was the first place I came to - even when I lost interest in this game, I still remembered the fun times I'd had on this server; and it's every bit as enjoyable as it was then. An insurrmisable amount of thanks to everyone on the server who's given me good times on this server early in this decade, and now, at its end. I'm delighted I made the decision to come back to this game, and this server; and hope to continue as part of this community well into the next decade. Thanks, and Happy New Year and Decade BenjiShip15

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