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    I hope this helps and you feel better soon! We will be missing you but always a message away on discord 🙂 hope the move with ODK and unpacking goes smoothly as can be. Stay safe speak to you soon xx Accio & Jet
  2. ah ok then. Thanks for looking into it 🙂 Accio
  3. Think this is a good idea to keep it uniform and so it doesn't disturb people in the middle of building. Also an announcement for people joining the sever in creative world? I feel like i'm being rude if someone joins but they are on the creative world and I am on survival I don't know they are on unless i look at tab? Accio 🙂
  4. oh darn 😞 is there any other ideas for other ways of increasing storage space, maybe being able to increase chest/shulker/ inventory sizes? Thanks 🙂 Accio
  5. Helllloooo :) I wanted to put forward a suggestion i'm not entirely sure if it can be done but is there a possibility of being able to stack more than 64 items at a time? Due to the barrel system not in effect the amount of materials and chests required for materials is crazy, barrels made life easier keeping everything in one place but I understand the reason for getting rid of them, lag has reduced a lot because of it. As I relied heavily on barrels I have hundreds of stacks of stone, gravel etc and it would make life a lot easier and free up space in inventory if we was able to say even double the stack size. As I say im not sure if it is possible but its a suggestion :) Thanks Accio x
  6. Hellooo 🙂 I wanted to put forward a couple of suggestions one to be able to join more than one town at a time, currently you can only join or own one town which causes problems when most of the server who are currently active players have their own or are part of a town already. I feel this could discourage new players from making their own town as no one will join theirs because they belong to another. If we are allowed to join multiple towns then it could broaden the community, maybe it could be incorporated through the ranks, it could be a perk like having a second home or third job. I also feel the rank perks could be looked into as it takes so much time and ember to rank up and if you are a vip + or lifetime vip you already have access to most of the perks so it can be a little disappointing after spending thousands of ember for something you might already have, obviously not every player has vip+ or lifetime vip but maybe the perks can be different for each. As i say these are just suggestions if anyone else has any ideas to add to it please reply 🙂 Thank you Accio x
  7. Accio_Mc

    Sleep Vote

    Great idea! Sometimes it can be a hassle in asking other players there's a sort of general curtesy that if more than a couple of people on we or i don't ask as most people are busy with other things and don't want to or can't stop what they are in the middle of doing. This would make things easier and certainly less annoying then to keep asking. Also this would help new players to get used to the server and build a home without dying multiple times due to mobs at night.
  8. Winners for December's build competition the theme was Christmas, marks are as follows: Thank you all for participating 🙂 Hope you all had a good Christmas
  9. Hi all So Build Comp is here starting the 1st December until 1st January and this months theme is Christmas!! Time to get your festive spirit in gear! Requirements for your builds are as follows: 1. It must have a Present/gift sharing area. For example a Christmas tree with presents, a sleigh, an elf's workshop, it can be anything the more creative the better! (40 marks) 2. Must be an original idea, looking for a wide variety of unique builds (30 marks) 3. Must use the space available well and for purpose. (30 marks) It will be judged using Zili's scoring system so it will remain fair although there are 3 requirements so marks are slightly changed. /ewarp buildcomp to get to the area, if you would like a place please ask to be added 🙂 Remember to have fun and have a great time getting festive! Here are some examples:

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