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    Soo, something when the bang.

    I got a couple of more points you can try, I am not the best solving technical issues but ill try.. try joining minecraft server <- cedarcraft try running minecraft as an administrator. check if your java is up to date 1. Go to Start 2. Run 3. CMD 4. Type ipconfig /flushdns sorry that's all I can think about. hope you get it fixed... Yeah might be other servers are closer to you, so it works easier for your connection. or there are some other issues..
  2. lebh

    Soo, something when the bang.

    Are you able to join any other servers? there are some of the solution that I saw online: dissable the firewall then try and join and see if that works restart your router/wifi contact your ISP (reinstall java / Minecraft)
  3. lebh

    CedarCraft Wiki!

    I want to share with you all a project that I have been working on: https://cedarcraft.fandom.com/wiki/CedarCraft_Wiki It's a wiki with a lot of information and commands that is helpful for us all. use /wiki in-game to get a link in chat to the wiki Credit to missatessatessy for proofreading and editing If anything is missing or you feel that something else is needed, just send a message on discord, in-game or on here would be great.
  4. First: I'll bring up spawn and navigation as a small topic. As new players are complaining a lot or getting lost, I think many of the new players are not used to reading vanilla mc signs, and I can understand it a bit they are a bit fuzzy to read, and don't stand out much. I personally have no problem reading signs, but understand people who are. And I would like to suggest to start using Holo sign "Holograpical Display" I think about 80-95% of servers I have joined "lately" are using it. And that sticks much more out and is better to help the new player navigate. Second: The miner job, I believe it has gotten a bit too rough of a nerf, I don't have any conclusive data to show to this, but the ember and xp per hour compared to any of the other jobs must be 1/2 or 1/4 slower. Also talking to a lot of other players it seems they have the same impression. Third: Hoppers used to come as locked before, and I liked that much better, as it is more safe, and also, I believe that the /hop on did not need to be added as the hopper was locked, and so was the chest, so I believe the last map you did not have to add it, not sure if this is a change from lwc or some setting that was changed. but at least I'll just mention it so you guys are aware of it. Forth: When Joining the server each time the message says to use /list to see who other is online, but we don't have access to /list, just an FYI. Jobs Suggestions: This is just random perk ideas for each rank or addition to previous ranks, ( I don't want all of them added, just different suggestions). as I heard you guys wanted some job suggestions. Also just a suggestion to have more tier unlock as it can go a bit between the unlocks, doesn't need to be big things either, a vote crate key etc maybe every 10 or 5 levels. Builder: Build CraftBook Bridges (removing the old permission for everyone, then it will attract more to use this job) Build CraftBook Gates Build CraftBook Elevators Access to CraftBook Painting Switches Access to townyfly for x amount of time, flight inside your own town borders, would increase the use of towny too. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/townyflight.50360/ Access to custom heads https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/head-database.14280/ 10% acrobatic McMMO xp boost extra set homes Access to CraftBook signcopier Cook/Chef Access to custom food, and add a tier of food you can make depending on the level of chef you are. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/food-new-cooker-and-juicer-blocks-custom-foods-drinks-fruits-and-items.26925/ Access to craftbook cooking pot Access to craftbook cauldron with custom recipes Access to /feed Explorer Access to biome finder https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/biomefinder.30892/ Extra sethome Access to vehicles https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/✈️vehicles-no-resourcepacks-needed.12446/ Access to fly for a short amount of time: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/flytime.42195/ Some sort of speed boost Ability to climb or crawl etc https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/░-survivalmechanics-░-1-9-x-1-13-x-░.26156/ Ability to craft Parrot egg Farmer Custom crops of some sort https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/farmcraft-1-13-fully-custom-crops.50031/ Replant seeds that are broken https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/clickharvest-harvest-replant-crops-on-right-click.42603/ An automatic farm https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/epicfarming-ultimate-minecraft-farming.56166/ Woodcutter Auto replant sapling Custom trees https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/elemental-trees-make-your-custom-trees-1-8-1-13.14448/ https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/owngarden.31709/ Hunter Extra hearts Add MythicMobs with custom drops https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/⚔-mythicmobs-free-version-►the-1-custom-mob-creator◄.5702/ Excavator Condense clay and glowstone Concrete powder to concrete. Blacksmith Fireresist for x amount of seconds. Use of mcmmo repair and salvage (only for blacksmith) Miner Access to depth command Condenses quartz Alchemist Turn sugarcane into sugar with one command Craftbooks Cauldron with custom stuff for the alchemist. I will end it here, as I have typed enough for now, I was just brainstorming.
  5. lebh

    Shop Relocation

    I love the shops on this map. Having it like a open market style takes up too much space, and there is no way to implant that into the map and make it as preaty as we have it now. And also its easier to run around in circle to find all the shops on this map compared to market types. And it would break the whole theme to implant a market style player shops. If we want a nice looking spawn like this one, this must be the best one ever, at least its my favoirte, we need to keep this theme, "the market" style looked like a amature build, and now we have a proffesional looking one. I have seen so many new player brag about how our spawn looks like. Tip: And if you guys want to make an easy shop for yourself with a teleport so anyone can teleport there, there is town, and it is cheeper with upkeep then the player shop, and anyone can teleport there with /town spawn (name)
  6. lebh

    My experience on the Jobs and Ranks

    Well everyone has the perk right now, so it's a bit unfair, but I think to give them access to egging hostile mobs would be nice, as one could make a chamber with creeper and skeleton to get a unique disk. The risk of them griefing with hostile mob I think is minimal with the time it takes to get there, unless as you say they start selling them. That is also great if possible to give them more durability. what would also maybe be fun would be to give them access to cooking pots as we already got the plugin installed and would not require that much modification. got the
  7. lebh

    Lottery permission

    Hey I saw we don't have access to at least the Lottery.gui and it is a great GUI that has a lot more information, and I would like to request access to it if it is possible. The other 2 are more of a ignore msg to reduce spam, and would be nice for some people. Lottery.Gui - Allows you to use /Lottery GUI Lottery.togglebuymsg - Allows you to use /Lottery togglebuymsg Lottery.toggleremindmsg - Allows you to use /Lottery toggleremindmsg
  8. lebh

    Lottery permission

    Thanks 😀 so much, much appreciated. keep up the good work 👍
  9. lebh

    Forum tweaks

    I like everything about the forum, nice and more modern looking, so I want to thank everyone for a job well done 😻 👍 I just want to make a few suggestions here rather than asking for much in the discord, so it's all in one place. - Is it possible to add a bbcode that either is a spoiler, or show text, also maybe a anchor href (click on highlighted word, and it jumps to that section in post) just to have it better organize if longer post? - It doesn't appear possible to edit the first post in topics (for example this post), but replies are able to be changed. (looks like I am able to do this on here but ofLegends dose not have a button bellow in "Your CedarCraft") Anyway these are just tiny tweaks I thought I'd ask about, but I know the admins are very busy with the holidays and our new map coming up, so don't stress over this. 😀
  10. lebh

    Forum tweaks

    I guess I'll just post here instead of making a new tread about some other forum issues I've seen. Recent topics: looks more like it updates and puts it on top each time someone post a reply to a topic, not how the old one used to work, It is fine with me if this is a feature, but I am not sure if it was intended to be like that or just a bug? at least ill just make you guys aware of it. Report a player: looks like its not possible to report a player: screen shot below: once clicked Add new report: --------------------------------------------------- This happens: ---------------------------------------------- not sure if this is just on my end or if its a website bug? but no text box pops up just a save button. in advance thanks! keep up the good work!
  11. lebh

    Well someone had to say it...

    Well one of the thing that is missing, is more random stuff that we can just drop off after say farming, wood-chopping, as it is too annoying always having to sort stuff, just drop it off in a chest and be done with it 🙂 also more auto-smelting of stuff!§ also it was too cramped of an area, as we kept adding stuff and we could not expand the system, just cause of that lol 🤶
  12. lebh

    Well someone had to say it...

    Well I think my first task is going to build a better auto-sorter then what I had, as the one I currently have now dose not cover everything. Then I'll find a area that is nice where I can build, I will most likely build in a mountain area, so I can carve in houses into the mountain. old sorting system:
  13. lebh

    Forum tweaks

    second side note(sorry): I see there is a 5 min cooldown on edit, but when writing a guide, or long posts. It is handy to edit the post whenever you need to.
  14. lebh

    Forum tweaks

    Side note: in the Gallery there was first a edit picture button(setting gear) but when I clicked it, and hit save, got up an error and it disappeared, never seen it again, plus ofLegends too don't have it anymore
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    I am just screwing around ❤️
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    testing 🤩 Love the new look of the forum ❤️

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