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  1. lebh

    Forum tweaks

    I guess I'll just post here instead of making a new tread about some other forum issues I've seen. Recent topics: looks more like it updates and puts it on top each time someone post a reply to a topic, not how the old one used to work, It is fine with me if this is a feature, but I am not sure if it was intended to be like that or just a bug? at least ill just make you guys aware of it. Report a player: looks like its not possible to report a player: screen shot below: once clicked Add new report: --------------------------------------------------- This happens: ---------------------------------------------- not sure if this is just on my end or if its a website bug? but no text box pops up just a save button. in advance thanks! keep up the good work!
  2. lebh

    Well someone had to say it...

    Well one of the thing that is missing, is more random stuff that we can just drop off after say farming, wood-chopping, as it is too annoying always having to sort stuff, just drop it off in a chest and be done with it 🙂 also more auto-smelting of stuff!§ also it was too cramped of an area, as we kept adding stuff and we could not expand the system, just cause of that lol 🤶
  3. lebh

    Well someone had to say it...

    Well I think my first task is going to build a better auto-sorter then what I had, as the one I currently have now dose not cover everything. Then I'll find a area that is nice where I can build, I will most likely build in a mountain area, so I can carve in houses into the mountain. old sorting system:
  4. lebh

    Forum tweaks

    second side note(sorry): I see there is a 5 min cooldown on edit, but when writing a guide, or long posts. It is handy to edit the post whenever you need to.
  5. lebh

    Forum tweaks

    Side note: in the Gallery there was first a edit picture button(setting gear) but when I clicked it, and hit save, got up an error and it disappeared, never seen it again, plus ofLegends too don't have it anymore
  6. lebh

    Forum tweaks

    I like everything about the forum, nice and more modern looking, so I want to thank everyone for a job well done 😻 👍 I just want to make a few suggestions here rather than asking for much in the discord, so it's all in one place. - Is it possible to add a bbcode that either is a spoiler, or show text, also maybe a anchor href (click on highlighted word, and it jumps to that section in post) just to have it better organize if longer post? - It doesn't appear possible to edit the first post in topics (for example this post), but replies are able to be changed. (looks like I am able to do this on here but ofLegends dose not have a button bellow in "Your CedarCraft") Anyway these are just tiny tweaks I thought I'd ask about, but I know the admins are very busy with the holidays and our new map coming up, so don't stress over this. 😀
  7. lebh


    I am just screwing around ❤️
  8. lebh


    © lebh

  9. lebh


    testing 🤩 Love the new look of the forum ❤️

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