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  1. I think I maybe knew 80% of thos shows, I guess the rest did not make it over to Norway, most of our where dubbed over to my language. but it gives me a lot of nostalgia, here are some TV-shows that I also can remember I'll name a few: Are You Afraid Of The Dark? The Animals of Farthing Wood Sister, Sister Inspector Gadget The Moomins Angela Anaconda Fraggle Rock 7th Heaven Lassie Buffy Postman Pat Recess
  2. Yeah, I have used furnaces on top of mine, I have a couple of different systems where I have done that. And had no issue at all, worked fine all times for me, strange you guys should start having a problem after placing furnaces on top. So you guys are only saying it's not working, but in what regard? like does the item stop in the hopper, does the filter not suck the item what's happening?
  3. lebh


    With 1.14 around the corner for servers too. mcMMO has done a lot of changes, they have been doing a rework of their plugin as the main dev is back after a long break with a lot of updated feature that has been updated. since it's going to be a complete rework of mcMMO they released a classic version for people the people who don't like changes. Just curious what peoples opinion what mcMMO they would they prefer, the new version or the classic one? - mcMMO classic - New mcMMO Here are so of the changes that new mcMMO has done: 100% Compatible with Classic/Older versions of mcMMO New Optional Level Scaling WorldGuard Region Support World Blacklisting New Skills Large Visual Improvements Skill Rank System Improved Chat Alerts Many new Sounds/Particles Better Performance Skill Rebalancing Many Critical Exploits fixed Better AFK Farming detection Party System Improvements Improved MySQL Support New Admin Tools New Commands Frequent Updates! ...and countless other changes! Want to know the nitty gritty specifics? Read the massive changelog.
  4. lebh


    I haven't seen that many helpful plugins that exist for horses, came across a couple of them: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/zhorse.3384/ https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/cytologichorses.60402/ Yeah, it would be nice to get stats and be able to sell them, and all of that, but I don't see the demand anymore. I wish we used them more, and I guess people use another way of traveling like elytra and other homes on this server. We have of course some people that love horses more 😊. Finding a plugin or a way to step off your horse inside a protected area was worse. Either the plugin has to be rewritten, but I can see that as a challenging task due to horses not having anyways of registering who the owner is. That's the reason why I didn't post any reply cause I did not have any definite answer for your solution. Wish there was a plugin that had more feature.
  5. Hmm strange, I have clicked about 10 links and have not gotten any error or nothing, it opens fine
  6. lebh

    The Banner Guy

    Yeah, it would be nice with more layers on the banner, its always been an annoyance that Mojang has made a limit for it. There is a plugin that upgrades the limit, might be an idea to look into: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/betterbanner.63993/
  7. I think we player should be able to modreq empty shops where the player has been inactive, then a mod/staff can place a sign (depending on the case) in front of the saying empty. cause that is more frustrating when going into a shop and thinking they got stuff in stock, of course, player must be allowed to take a break, but think it should be a 2-4 month grace period. cause if it is marked as empty then it's not as frustrating to check for new players and go into an inactive players shop that is out of stock. but the long term solution is to get back the system where we were only allowed to buy for 1 month extra.
  8. Just a follow up on the outpost part, I believe it has been fixed in towny version , not sure what version we are using. Just wanted to inform you guys about that. 🙂
  9. Hehe 😀 you figured out my master plan. Just thought it was an easy resource load for the server as it was just a GUI plugin, that would help everyone that has a town. but also heard that it's possible to create our own custom one since we have a GUI plugin that could be something to look in too if it's not too difficult.
  10. I have a small suggestion, I see a lot of new players are getting into towny, and many of them are struggling. I can understand that as it is a complicated system. And has a lot of commands, and have a lot of stuff. It can even come a bit overcomplicated for me that has used it several times. To ease that up I saw there was a fancy GUI for it, that looks very promising and would help new/old player. Cause most of the time, new mayor asks a question what command to use for certain towny stuff. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/townygui-3-years-customizable-1-7-10-1-13.9493/
  11. Just my coworker how took a random picture of me 😋
  12. Yeah, Thanks, I'll make a new post for each new suggestion, or if it's in the same category, I will put it inside one post 🙂 from now on.
  13. I also forgot to ask, (since I can not edit post) what about comments about same topic like I had in the first part of that reply is that okay? Disscusing view points back and forth, or is it final when an admin has spoken?
  14. Oh sorry, I just assumed it would be fine, well as I had different replies to your post as well, and thought it would be okay. 🙄 Do you want me to move it to a different post? Do you also want me to split it up in all the diffrent categories or if it just a suggestion to have it in a separate thread, so it will be easier to move it to completed or rejected? (cause I like brainstorm sometimes in bigger threads but of course I can split them up)

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