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  1. Hello Everyone! For those who don't know me, I'm steincd. Cedarcraft was the only place I used to play Minecraft on a few years ago before I got burnt out. If I am not mistaken, I first joined in Map 2 back in early 2012 and I continued to play and meet amazing people throughout the years until I wasn't finding Minecraft as enjoyable as I once did. Around that time I also was in my final year of high school and was planning for my university studies. I decided to take a break, not knowing how long it would be, but months went by and soon it was a few years. So in that time I started my studies in Aerospace Engineering and got involved in clubs and research, which had led me to have unforgettable experiences, allowed me to travel the world, and meet people from all different backgrounds that I can call friends. I also learned German! While I am not perfect, I would say I am around an intermediate level with the hope of becoming fluent. After which, I hope to start learning either French or Russian. I can't decide, but I am leaning more towards Russian 😀. During my studies at university, I have thought about returning, but I wasn't quite feeling it yet. Then I was playing on a private server with some friends and we started talking and, of course with Cedarcraft being such a big part of my Minecraftian experience, I shared my time on the server with them and I realised it was time to come back. I was missing the good times I had with everyone and whilst I know most have left the server and continued on with their lives, I hope I am able to create new memories and meet new people along the way. I have been playing on the server in my own little corner that I settled for myself for about two weeks now and I figured it was time to make my return "official," so to say. I won't be able to be on the server too much as my education and personal life comes first and I am in my final year of university before I obtain my Bachelors; however I do plan on continuing to graduate school and pursuing a PhD so I am only halfway there! I'm excited to be back and whilst I don't think I will start working any enormous projects with big trees or anything... at least for the moment... I do plan on working in the little region that I call home and make it a functioning town with villagers. Maybe at some point I can try to integrate a new Chugach in it, maybe this time it will be new new Chugach 😆. Hopefully along the way we will be able to craft the items from 1.14 so I can give the villagers different jobs! If you ever want to do something together on the server, new or old member of Cedarcraft, just let me know and we can hangout!

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