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  1. not a fan, if players need night time for villagers/bees etc we wont have the opportunity as most players want day a lot of the time. other servers I have played on have this feature and its day 24/7 which means its difficult for players that need night time. 1 vote for a player that NEEDS night wont be possible against the other players that WANT day time.
  2. Counter attack is very annoying when using guardian farms, for example when you try to kill them at there slot counter attack constantly keeps damaging you making it rly hard to get the sweeping edge effect on the guardians, also when you try to make guardian temples into guardian farms it is impossible to not constantly get killed every 5 seconds when trying to destroy the temple because of counter attack being so overpowered it is pushing you back before you can even get close to the guardian your attempting to kill which means that you die before you can even kill guardians. They are supposed to be the easier ones to kill but when trying to get to a elder guardian it is really hard because of all the little ones giving the "counter attack" effect.
  3. currently when we want to move villagers from one place to another we use boats and either /back, /home or /tpa this however creates lag for everyone else in the server when someone tp's with a boat. the person who tp's with a boat also runs the risk of dying, at one point I was teleporting a villager to somewhere else unaware of the lag this caused me to glitch through the bedrock of the overworld and I died and lost everything due to this. I believe we should add villager eggs into the game because now we are 1.14.4 we are able to change villager professions, this means that there is no reason why we shouldn't have villager eggs, this will also prevent lag.
  4. More reason why they should be worth more money, they also keep teleporting away therefor take longer to kill
  5. U say that but they may be able to up it a little bit so it’s the same as the pig man farm. Just suggesting some ideas 🙂
  6. Good suggestion but blazes are quite a lot rn considering they are 14 from memory and enderman are only like 1.53
  7. Please reply to say if u agree 🙂 just gives me more confidence to make more suggestion xD
  8. I would like to request that the price of endermen for the hunter job would be raised along with the xp players get for killing endermen for hunter job. I would like this because the endermen deal a lot of damage and take awhile to kill, They are just as hard to kill as guardians Creating a price for slime’s on hunter job would be amazing because it is a natural spawning mob and I believe that it should be worth money since there are also multiple to kill.

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