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  1. This one is for admins. So I was just curious if persons were allowed to stream and/or record footage from the server. That’s.. really it..
  2. Sorry I missed a couple days, IRL issues. Anyway, here’s number two! The trees move faster than I As I sit in the passenger seat Performing weekly rituals To talk about things That you wouldn’t care to hear I sit and I think Of what I will say Many things come to mind Too fast for me to grasp a single one I try to hang on to one thought The thought of a release But it is not enough It never is enough I come home to the same And with the god home I can’t grasp my happiness Loosing it with every small mistake Am I doomed to bear this for life Or will I find peace? Only time, as infinite As irrelevant As illusive as it is Will tell me my future But whether it be dark and lonely Or bright and full of friends I will push through I’ve made it thus far Why give up now? I have weapons I have heavy armor My writing is my closure In between skirmishes My music is my titanium armor and shield My games and work my razor sword My lips are my bow And my words their arrows And I will use all in my possession To fight until I draw last breath And I do not intend on loosing This war is mine Mine alone And I am it’s victor I will vanquish all that stands in my way I will rise above all pain and suffering And I will stand before you Dirt and ash on my armor The blood of my pain on blade And I will announce to you The war is won I have fought hard and well Through the fire and the ash Through the rain and mud Through hunger and famine Through suffering and anguish And I have succeeded My body may be bruised and wounded And my mind fragmented But my heart remains It is stitched, but beats stronger than ever Join me in battle! Take up your sword and shield! Strap on your armor, heavy or light! Daggers, bows, maces, or war hammers! Take them up and fight with me! Prove that you are strong Not only to the world But to yourself!
  3. In this forum post, I’ll paste a poem handwritten by yours truly daily! I’d love to get constructive criticism and feedback on them, so feel free to do so! Auf weidersehen! As I walk, kicking the ash up I look to the skies Burning with hews of orange Clouded by dark clouds and smoke The wind blows bitter Coating my skin with dust Speaking to me in ancient tongues That I cannot understand As it carries forth the howls of the lost I carry my pen in and My paper in other I write of the darkness Surrounding the world Surrounding the hearts of many I write of the flames Destroying all life Leaving nothing but ash and corpses And I write of the terror That subdues all that survives All that remains But in the darkness Within the burning flames And within the terror Is a flower that blooms vibrantly It’s petals stretch ever outward Catching all light that shines Regardless of the sun Having been blocked out from the clouds From the smoke From the ash Bright red Bright blue Vibrant white This flower takes many colors Blooming rose Budding lavender Rising sunflower Dangling Lilies This flower takes many forms If only you wish it to Nurture this flower Feed it and keep it watered And it will do the same for you For it cannot survive alone In this apocalyptic state of mind And neither can you.

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