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  1. Dewiack


    Also , the redstone machines are no longer stable on our server, we have tried and tested 3 of the 4 old machines we have used in the past and all of them due to lag etc of loading other worlds and such will not give anything of an acurate reading , took about an hour to get a reading of about 10.4 on one horse and 12.9 on another
  2. Dewiack


    Well due to the way mods are now implemented client side most of them had to be re-writen inorder to work with 1.3+, horse stats are still there but just need something to give us the information that works on the version we are using
  3. Dewiack


    Ok i will post again on this as more of a refresher, Due to the way client side mods now work alot of the past HUD dev's are not willing to remake their huds for 1.3+. The only way i have seen to actually get acurate information about horses is via this server sided kind of mod. Now due to trying to run the races as fair as we can with having speed limits on races etc to give everyone a chance. I would personally like to see a server side mod added if it was at all posible. I also know i am not the only person as current who want's this to be a thing due to client side mods no longer working for this type of application. With knowing this information, Without a fair way to actually run the race's we will be unable to do event's. Unless either a client side mod becomes available or something added server side we will just not bother to try to re-juvinate the racing aspect in cedar. The whole point of us doing the racing in previous map's was not for any peronal gain, Infact over the lifetime of us doing the events we did on map 4 we threw away over 1.3million in prize funding along with items and free housing / stables for people who wished. The aim for doing the races was to give people a reason to login and take part in an event if it be monthly or by-monthly. Hopfully we will see something soon that will be able to help make this possible again
  4. Dewiack


    Leebbbbhhh - one of the votes on old is mine - should have been on new 😛
  5. So in the past we have run horse racing, as I'm sure most of you would be aware (me and Queezle). Now, with that being said, we are up for attempting to return this to Cedar and give a little fun back into the game. Changes: Due to the way Ember is earned and the speed it can be earned now, running races with high ember prizes like we did before will not be posible, sadly. But with that comes the idea that we can give out items as prizes. Prizes overall are yet to be finalized, but would consist of rarer items and hard to get items (mending books / trident / etc ). So with that being said, if people would like to join, have any suggestions, or would like any information please post below or ask any questions ingame.
  6. Dewiack


    Well they were pretty successful the last time round when we did it for full day's on the saturday with the high ember amount's, As soon as we went to more item / lower ember amounts to keep up with demand of racing it took a turn, Even back then i couldnt churn out 500k a week and sleep XD But that being said , we have come up with an idea for the prizes for the horse racing that should have alot of people interested but will bring it up in a future post. What we are going to do is not have sponsored races for the first even , including no rare item / horse auction event's like we did last time as it was very tiring and took almost 16h for the whole thing to be done along with small breaks for food etc. But that being said Donations towards prize pool will not be turned down. Anything given to go towards the prize pool if posible will be split up among all the race's if not we will specify what prize for what race depending on time zone etc so to try to keep it evened out for all to have a chance. Overall we are expecting September at the latest for all this to be setup as Queezle is coming to the UK for a few months soon so activity from the both of us will be a little low at that time for ovious reasons. Only thing i am worried about is the ability to see horse speed / hearts / jump ability. Again we may have a horse jumping race's in the future and also may on the first even depending on interest. I will put up a poll to see where the interest sits.
  7. Dewiack


    That is basicly what we had to do when we ran the horse racing last time round IppoIkki , We used a sub region in order to allow people to mount / dismount in the track and we would put their horses in the track stables if they wanted for them , Also we had houses close by that sold out pretty fast for people to use as their horse storage (able to store 4 horses). As for the demand for horse related plugin's. We plan on building a new race track in the next few weeks or so and will be running racing event's therefore after this. As for the moment there is no client side plugin that works for horse information anymore , either the ones i used or the Better HUD edition. So the only easy way of solving this would be a server side plugin. Oviously at admin's discresion. Due to the way the economy is and the time it would take to make ember compaired to how we usto make it, We have no choice but to offer item rewards as prize's for the racing this time round. Totally understand if people will not be as interested due to that but there is no way we can make 500k a month at the moment to be able to make it a big business for people again. That being said , if i find a way to do it with maybe track sponsorship's or like we did last time with race sponsorship's then we will try to do it. If i remember right , last time round Etsi and tako bought most of the race advert's etc and it was a great day because of their input along with ourselves to push the day. The first ever horse race day we did we managed to get 48 concurrent people online at one time because of the racing. I would love to beat that this time round.

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