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    Have not been on lately the last 3 weeks due to multiple disc bulges in spine and a trapped nerve causing crippling pain down left leg. Have had 3 spinal steroid injections to no avail and currently seeing a physio. Have not been able to walk the last 3 weeks but I think slowly getting better with exercise and trying to break through the pain threshold and be mobile. Reason why I can not sit and played MC is because my mind can't stay focused for a time as the pain kicks in regularly I sit.out side playing brain dead casino games on mobile phone drinking tea and taking to the local birds 😝 Will BBS ❤️
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    Sorry to hear it's too much to bear. 😞 Was thinking about you just yesterday wondering how things were going for you. Hopefully the exercise helps you out. Brain dead casino games sounds like a punishment though, surely there must be better things. 😛 Say hi to the birds from me!
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