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    We are continuing to be hard at work in getting the server updated to 1.14 as soon as possible, but also as smoothly and safely as possible. Between Minecraft 1.14.x currently having many issues, and ouur running of ~100 plugins, plenty of which need to be updated, updating is taking longer than we initially anticipated when we launched map 7. As such, the current map started smaller than we initially hoped it to be, to allow us to expand significantly on 1.14 release. With the time this is taking however, we've noticed some overcrowding problems kicking in. In the interests of public health and to prevent the spread of pestilence, we have introduced a modest, but hopefully welcomed, map expansion of 750 blocks in each direction, leading to an increase in the map area from 25 million blocks to over 42 million, an increase of almost 70%! When the server is released onto 1.14 in the near future, the map shall be expanded significantly further. See you in game! View full news
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    I went ahead and plopped down a billboard for you guys - you can place a sign with some info about your shop on the wood blocks! Travel to /shops and it'll be right in front of you. A map of where you can place your sign:
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    . Aurum Nation XP Farm /t spawn XP is available as a command to all members of the Aurum nation! This means that if you joined us with your town, or are a member of a town within our nation, you already have access to this. Not a member? Aurum is offering the following incentives to any towns looking to join our nation: 5,000 Ember upon joining (you will keep this even if you leave later) 400 BONUS Towny plots, useful for larger towns (default with no nation is 25) -- the more towns who join, the higher the bonus becomes! Access to an XP farm for easy repairs and xp levels. Join the nation with your town, or join a town already in the nation to get access to the command! Interested in becoming a member? Send a message to lebh, ofLegends, or rocksvin (or just reply to this post) to get an invite! Member towns: (as of 20th Feb, 2018) Halona Codex Eisitasii Anorien Equestriville Kolias XP Farm Apollo Vale Cloud
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    I want to share with you all a project that I have been working on: https://cedarcraft.fandom.com/wiki/CedarCraft_Wiki It's a wiki with a lot of information and commands that is helpful for us all. use /wiki in-game to get a link in chat to the wiki Credit to missatessatessy for proofreading and editing If anything is missing or you feel that something else is needed, just send a message on discord, in-game or on here would be great.
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    Hey guys, You know what time it is, mapping time! This was waaaay easier than last time even though I didn't have elytra, map is less than 10% the size of previous map. This isn't up to the quality I would like but it's the best I could do with what was available to me. When I can get better mods I'll make a new post (since I heard you can't edit) with the new one.
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    I will be taking a few days off from CC...... not sure how long I will be gone. I just need to do somethings that I have not been able to get to. Be good, have fun, and oh yeah, have fun!!!! (((hugs)))
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    So this is me, my girlfriend and our Land Rover named Rove. if you guys want to keep up to date with what we are up to away from MC the follow our instagram @RoveTheLandRover
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    First: I'll bring up spawn and navigation as a small topic. As new players are complaining a lot or getting lost, I think many of the new players are not used to reading vanilla mc signs, and I can understand it a bit they are a bit fuzzy to read, and don't stand out much. I personally have no problem reading signs, but understand people who are. And I would like to suggest to start using Holo sign "Holograpical Display" I think about 80-95% of servers I have joined "lately" are using it. And that sticks much more out and is better to help the new player navigate. Second: The miner job, I believe it has gotten a bit too rough of a nerf, I don't have any conclusive data to show to this, but the ember and xp per hour compared to any of the other jobs must be 1/2 or 1/4 slower. Also talking to a lot of other players it seems they have the same impression. Third: Hoppers used to come as locked before, and I liked that much better, as it is more safe, and also, I believe that the /hop on did not need to be added as the hopper was locked, and so was the chest, so I believe the last map you did not have to add it, not sure if this is a change from lwc or some setting that was changed. but at least I'll just mention it so you guys are aware of it. Forth: When Joining the server each time the message says to use /list to see who other is online, but we don't have access to /list, just an FYI. Jobs Suggestions: This is just random perk ideas for each rank or addition to previous ranks, ( I don't want all of them added, just different suggestions). as I heard you guys wanted some job suggestions. Also just a suggestion to have more tier unlock as it can go a bit between the unlocks, doesn't need to be big things either, a vote crate key etc maybe every 10 or 5 levels. Builder: Build CraftBook Bridges (removing the old permission for everyone, then it will attract more to use this job) Build CraftBook Gates Build CraftBook Elevators Access to CraftBook Painting Switches Access to townyfly for x amount of time, flight inside your own town borders, would increase the use of towny too. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/townyflight.50360/ Access to custom heads https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/head-database.14280/ 10% acrobatic McMMO xp boost extra set homes Access to CraftBook signcopier Cook/Chef Access to custom food, and add a tier of food you can make depending on the level of chef you are. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/food-new-cooker-and-juicer-blocks-custom-foods-drinks-fruits-and-items.26925/ Access to craftbook cooking pot Access to craftbook cauldron with custom recipes Access to /feed Explorer Access to biome finder https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/biomefinder.30892/ Extra sethome Access to vehicles https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/✈️vehicles-no-resourcepacks-needed.12446/ Access to fly for a short amount of time: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/flytime.42195/ Some sort of speed boost Ability to climb or crawl etc https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/░-survivalmechanics-░-1-9-x-1-13-x-░.26156/ Ability to craft Parrot egg Farmer Custom crops of some sort https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/farmcraft-1-13-fully-custom-crops.50031/ Replant seeds that are broken https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/clickharvest-harvest-replant-crops-on-right-click.42603/ An automatic farm https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/epicfarming-ultimate-minecraft-farming.56166/ Woodcutter Auto replant sapling Custom trees https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/elemental-trees-make-your-custom-trees-1-8-1-13.14448/ https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/owngarden.31709/ Hunter Extra hearts Add MythicMobs with custom drops https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/⚔-mythicmobs-free-version-►the-1-custom-mob-creator◄.5702/ Excavator Condense clay and glowstone Concrete powder to concrete. Blacksmith Fireresist for x amount of seconds. Use of mcmmo repair and salvage (only for blacksmith) Miner Access to depth command Condenses quartz Alchemist Turn sugarcane into sugar with one command Craftbooks Cauldron with custom stuff for the alchemist. I will end it here, as I have typed enough for now, I was just brainstorming.
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    Barrels is a storage plugin which allows for mass storage of a single item. If you are used to modded Minecraft they function much like draws. Crafting barrels Barrels can be crafted out of any log type (not stripped logs though) and come in a number of tiers: Iron :- Holds 64 stacks Gold :- Holds 1024 stacks Diamond :- Holds 4096 stacks The crafting recipes are shown below, each requiring a log of your desired type (this is purely cosmetic), 4 iron/gold/diamond and 4 enderperls: Barrels are locked on place by default. They do not integrate with the chest protected system and so require different commands to lock/unlock. There is built in help for the commands which can be obtained by running the command: /barrel help Storing items Items can be transferred to/from not only your inventory but also from a shulker box if held in your main hand. To put items into a barrel: Use (right click) when holding an item to put the itemstack in your main hand into the barrel Use (right click) while sneaking (shifting) to put all itemstacks from your inventory which can be stored in the barrel into the barrel. Note that if the barrel is empty when this is done the item from your main hand is used to set the item for the barrel to store. Use (right click) when holding a shulker box to put one item stack from the shulker into the barrel (again if the barrel is empty this will also set the item to be stored in the barrel). Use (right click) while sneaking (shifting) when holding a shulker box to put all the item stacks from the shulker into the barrel. To take items from a barrel: Punch (left click) to take one item out of the barrel and add it to your inventory. Punch (left click) while sneaking (shifting) to take up to one item stack out of the barrel and add it to your inventory. Punch (left click) when holding a shulker box to take one item out of the barrel and add it to the shulker box. Punch (left click) when holding a shulker box while sneaking (shifting) to take up to one item stack out of the barrel and add it to the shulker box. Locking and unlocking To lock a barrel simply run “/barrel lock” and punch (left click) the item frame of the barrel. To unlock a barrel simply run “/barrel unlock” and punch (left click) the item frame of the barrel. Getting information about a barrel Use the “/barrel info” command and punch (left click) the item frame of the barrel and it will show in chat information about the barrel including its type and maximum storage. Switching barrels Find that your barrel is full and/or you want to change its look? Hold the barrel you want to replace with in your main hand and use it (right click) in the item frame of the barrel. The old barrel will be returned in your main hand and no mess trying to take out and replace items! Barrel controller A barrel controller can be crafted to allow for items to more easily be added to barrels. When a barrel is connected to a controller it becomes part of the controllers network and items inserted via the controller will be added to a suitable barrel saving the hassle of interacting with multiple barrels. The recipe for the controller is shown below: In addition barrel controllers can take items from inventories (chests, hoppers etc) which are connected to any face and automatically store them (items which are not store-able will remain in the input inventory). The controller has a network strength of 15, barrels connected directly to a face of the controller will have a strength of 14, further barrels can be connected to the faces of the barrels each time there will be a drop of signal strength of 1. Any barrels which have no signal strength will not be part of the network. Confused? In short place barrels adjacent to each other and the controller, ideally putting the controller near the center of the barrels. Note that you can connect on the front back faces of a barrel so you don't need to make a flat wall of barrels! To which barrels are connected to a network use the “/barrel connected” command and use (right click) the controller, all the item frame of connected barrels will then “glow”. To put items into the barrel network using the controller Use (right click) when holding an item to put the itemstack in your main hand into the a barrel within the network. The controller will attempt to add items into a barrel which is already storing the type of item being stored first. If there are no such barrels then the controller will find an empty barrel and store it in there instead. Use (right click) while sneaking (shifting) to put all itemstacks from your inventory which can be stored in the barrel network. As outlined above this will add items to empty barrels as required. Use (right click) when holding a shulker box to put all the item stacks from the shulker into the barrel network.
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    Decided to re-compile all the downloads and depictions of the previous maps of Cedar into one post on the new forum. Updated with functioning links. Map 1 World File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eha2f25vulk2dah/CedarCraft-Map1.zip/file Mapping: https://i.imgur.com/KuRu9b9.jpg Related Post: http://archive.cedarcraft.org/index.php/topic/6773-map-1 Map 2 World File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wqxoycz5e2txy7d/CedarCraft-Map2.zip/file Mapping: http://i.imgur.com/8WG2rJD.jpg Related Post: http://archive.cedarcraft.org/index.php/topic/6893-historical-map-23-renders Map 3 World File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u54a74t27mgutxd/CedarCraft-Map3.zip/file Mapping: https://i.imgur.com/ata4Q76.jpg Related Post: http://archive.cedarcraft.org/index.php/topic/6893-historical-map-23-renders Towns: https://i.imgur.com/ewWw435.jpg Map 4 World File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2prsu254oco02m/CedarCraft-Map4.7z/file Mapping: http://i.imgur.com/b3HjfDB.gif Related Post: http://archive.cedarcraft.org/index.php/topic/7656-cc-map-40-incomplete Detailed Render: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ls28a5dbhat6dr6/cedarcraft_map4_render_v1.zip/file Map 5 World File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k44uosj329odyx2/CedarCraft-Map5.7z/file Mapping: https://i.imgur.com/dYRvCEM.jpg Related Post: http://archive.cedarcraft.org/index.php/topic/9542-map-5-cartography/ Map 6 World File: Not Available Mapping: http://i.imgur.com/YYVBofY.jpg Related Post: http://archive.cedarcraft.org/index.php/topic/9228-static-map-project-icarus/ Map 7 (Current) World File: Not Available Mapping: http://i.imgur.com/un4L8C6.jpg Related Post: https://cedarcraft.org/index.php?/forums/topic/28-map-7-cartography/ Dynmap: http://mc.cedarcraft.org/map/
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    headdrop off :- Disables dropping of mob heads as loot headdrop on :- Enables dropping of mob heads as loot
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    Before I joined Cedar Craft I use to watch my children play here. I was referred to as the "Watcher". I wanted a name that was similar and just happened across a site that was a Cherokee dictionary. Since I am suppose to be part Cherokee I chose etsi (mother) wahuhi (owl). Just seemed to fit.
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    Just my coworker how took a random picture of me 😋
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    Below are your custom recipes that you can make once you reach blacksmith level 25
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    Ugh I love short hair on women, makes you seem more confident imo ^_^ no homo, I just think it's nice to see. Mine was short for a while but now I'm trying to grow it again. Hmmm.... Phone selfie, or something. Like I said, not this short anymore.
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    That moment when your pc setup is better looking than you are 😂
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    Here's me, showing off my best side:
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    Oops my health took me away for a bit again but I still lurk when I get I get the chance. No worries everything's ok was just feeling under the weather for a bit. I'm exited for the next map!
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    And the winners of the free-build competition are: 1st place Random! 2nd place Etsi! 3rd place tie between Huntersmith717 and Firestone14!
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    This year was my last at university (5th year inc. sandwich placement), where i've been studying a 'Master of Engineering', MEng in Mechanical Engineering, and I have been awarded a 2:1 for that so I'm very happy with the result 🙂 As part of the final year, everyone needs to take part in a group project to develop through the year. I picked development of a single-seater race car, for the university's racing team, SHU Racing. I was in charge of Powertrain (i.e. the engine and everything related to it). At the end of the year we take the car to Silverstone to compete against the other universities in a series of static and dynamic events. This year, SHU Racing managed to achieve its highest score ever of 332.1 points, ranking the team 21st out of 81 teams (The best rank we've got too!). It was also the first time the team reached the final of any event (in this case the costing, one of the static events), making it a double win for us 😄 After getting back, the team met with HRH The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, to discuss technological innovations that the university has to offer, this was the cherry on top 😄 This year has been one of the best years ever for me, onwards to my engineering career! 😄
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    What kind of trickery is this!! Hi all, i was remembering memories...
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    These have been added in and will be available after next server restart
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    It's cause I made my best friend on Runescape complete this quest called Legends' Quest with me, which was considered intermediate difficulty at the time because of the skill requirements. I bought and gathered all the things we needed, meanwhile he whined that I was being a slave driver for making him get 45 agility or whatever it was. I dragged him all over Karamja telling him "ok now we're supposed to do this." Fun times. 😛 Then after you completed it, you could get into the Legends' Guild and buy yourself a Cape of Legends, which was also considered a pretty good cape since it wasn't super hard to get nor was it expensive. There weren't a lot of people who completed the quest either, it was more like a thing only "questers" did, which made it more special to me. I used to get compliments and stuff on my name. Idk, it meant something to me anyways, cause there were all these memories attached to it about the clan I used to run with. Then freaking League came out and ruined all that, so....
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    Oh gee, I wonder where my base could have possibly been on map 4. It's clearly so well hidden!
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    Way back in 2000 a mate of mine took a pic of me on stage in my cover band. He had a very early Digi cam and sent me the pic which I named GeoStar13.jpg Ever since has always been my IGN Geo = First 3 letters of my name. Star = Cos I am 🤘😎🤘 13 = Lucky number There is GeoStar13 At some point may have noticed NoirStar13 and TigerStar13 I asked the kids to continue the Star13 trend 👍
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    Hoppers are now protected when placed meaning they can take items from and push items to other protected inventories without needing to change the hopper settings (/hop on and /hop off).
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    Back in good ol' days of playing early World of Warcraft (2005-2007) I used to be in a couple of nice guilds. In nearly every guild we had a funny tradition to post our IRL photos to show how do we look like beside computer reality. So I thought that maybe I should try to continue this tradition here;) As there's nothing to hide, here's old prick Wichurski. Photo taken in Gdynia Aerobaltic show in august 2018. I just had to take a photo next to that pretty Freightliner FLD120 😉
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    Me with The Mighty Mount Mayon 🤘😎🤘 Last erupted February 2018 Legazpi, Phillipines September 2018
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    This is the "puppy" I am always talking about. His "official" name is Ralph, but we tend to call him "Ru-Ru". He is 1/2 Miniature American Eskimo (his momma), 1/4 Dachshund, and 1/4 Chihuahua. He has the long body of the doxie and standard legs, but the anxiety of the chihuahua.......a very weird mix!
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    Hello first of all, I have not posted on the forums for 4 years but I am back 😄 . I just wanted to share my experiences on the Jobs/ranks, and get some feedback on what other people think of them. I want to start with Jobs first. I really like the jobs that have been added, I am an excavator and Miner. They have both been yielding me a ton of Ember so far, but I have been hearing about other jobs not being as good for money or to rank up in general. I am sure if you create a post on here about them then the admins can take a look into the jobs for you though. The jobs are perfect in terms of level and money, you don't make that much from them unless you really put some work into it, which I think is how it should be. In terms of the perks for the jobs I am a little bit undecided on... Some of the jobs have great ones whereas others aren't so great, and the levels you attain some of the perks are a bit meh for me personally. But I can't speak for everyone 🙂. All in all I love the jobs because it gives me an extra way to make money on the server. The ranks plugin is really nice and I am enjoying working towards ranking up and using my ember instead of it piling up like it did before. I do not think they are expensive by any means, If you want those ranks then you are going to have to be working hard in your job or selling stuff in a stall. If they were any more cheaper than they are then most people would be rank 10 in a month. To add to the ranks I think we should have prestige's once a few people have reached the maximum rank. I think it would be cool to add something to the prestige's such as, prestige 1 gets to use one of the benefits from the ranks without having to be that rank. And then so on for prestige 2... That's my experience and opinions on the new Jobs and Ranks that have been introduced. I would like to hear other people's opinions on them as everyone is not going to have the same opinion as I do. Thanks for reading 🙂
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    'Just hear those sleigh bells jinglin', ring ting tinglin' too' Ring ting tingalin' they have indeed as the CedarCraft Administrative & Architectural team have been carefully laying out all of the 12 daily presents for our wonderful boys/girls of CedarCraft. Whilst you've all been fast asleep we have been busy working away building a wonderful Christmas themed world for you to all collect your presents from us, the staff of CedarCraft, With also the ability to leave your fellow citizens presents. /christmas is now available for use to visit this world! Remember that this event is active for only 12 days so make sure to login and collect your item(s) each day! However Don't worry if you miss a day, as this will still be available until the event end in 13 days! (6th Janurary 2019) Have a Very Merry Christmas CedarCraft Administration. View full news
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    JOIN US for the launch of CedarCraft 2.0 Time to be confirmed!
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    FIRST! I've mentioned this on the discord, but since I need an excuse to post a thread (*cough* what?), I thought I'd thank the staff team for putting so much time into moving the forums and creating these shiny new ones for us. ^_^ These are great! Heard it was mostly Damo behind this, but either way 👍 Btw I'm pumped to start on the next map! What is everyone's plans for builds/location/etc?
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    Hello CedarCraft! Welcome to the new CedarCraft website! The old site is viewable at archive.cedarcraft.org and will be for the forseable future. Feel free to search for any useful posts that were present and write them here! We will be continuing to add useful features to this new site, potentially including integration with the Minecraft server! We welcome any suggestions you have going forward! Upcoming server update With a new multi-server hub system, no longer will we lose old maps when we reset! You will always be able to join and continue to play in old CedarCraft maps (starting with the current map) with the same items, towns and money etc! Releasing on 15th December 2018, we hope you will join us with the launch! Upcoming features: New stunning map built lovingly over many months by our architect team! Updated to 1.13.2! Auto-resetting resource worlds where you can freely mine and gather resources without worrying about the environment! Spend Ember to promote yourself up the Cedar hierarchy and unlock special perks along the way! Ability to place TNT, anyone? Earn Ember by doing the things you love doing in game, such as mining, farming, chopping wood or simply killing things. As well as money, you will unlock additional special perks when you get experienced enough at a certain job! Voting crates that you can unlock every day for voting for our server, packed with some great (and some not-so-great) goodies! Towny nations, allowing you to increase the amount of residents towns can have. Town block size reduced (price adjusted accordingly) to allow greater flexibility in making your towns look unique! More convenience to players to help easier interaction: all players will be able to teleport to others and to any Towny town! Addition and overhaul of many plugins and backend configurations to improve server experience and performance And so much more... See you in game! JohnSF93 CedarCraft Owner View full news
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    This month's theme will be Towers! Requirements: 1. Must be original and not based on a movie tower or real life tower. 2. In order for it to be considered a tower there must be at least 7 levels and each level must server some purpose. For example the top level might be a beacon like light in which the next to top level would need to be the operation room aka redstone to operate the beacon, the next level down might be the tower keeper's living quarters..etc. 3. There's no restriction on how tall the tower is as long as you use your space wisely. Each accessible level must be at least 3 blocks tall. 4. Any level used for living like quarters will need to have at least one window. This window can be glass or it can be a decorative hole that does not allow anyone to slip in through the blocks. Even fencing will work for this requirement. Remember that we have changed locations and are now near Northwick I will have an admin address this ASAP to change the warp. Until they can switch the warp the comp is at the following location: -2579, 65, 654 You have until Sat. September 7th to complete your builds! This time I will include a rubric based judging on every build at the time the winners are announced to ensure that there's no favoritism and that the comp has been judged fairly.
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    Important notes: Cannot egg babies or tamed mobs. Spawning ocelots with an egg can sometimes be buggy, resulting in not being able to tame the spawned ocelot. Can Egg: Bat Chicken Cod Cow Dolphin Donkey Horse Llama Red Mooshroom Mule Ocelot Parrot Pig Polar Bear Pufferfish Rabbit Salmon Sheep Squid Tropical Fish Turtle Wolf Neutral mobs that will never be able to be egged: Skeleton Horse (No spawn egg exists) Villager (Decided to be un-ethical, and can be abused)
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    Certain members of the CedarCraft community: lebh, missatessatessy and ofLegends, have been working hard on writing a wiki with lots of helpful hints and tips for enjoying your time here with us on CedarCraft, especially aimed at those players who are new to CedarCraft. You'll find it in the menu bar up top! Alternatively, click here! The Wiki page is currently hosted externally (on Fandom) as we feel it is important that this project remains entirely community driven without input from us pesky, tinkering admins. At a later date we may host the wiki on this site (purely for continuity/cleanliness) but the importance of it being driven by community members who are not CedarCraft staff will remain the same. With that in mind, any questions about the wiki - fire them at those three! Enjoy! View full news
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    Updated settings are now:
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    I've added a bunch of items to the unclog list (untested so let me know of any which don't work!), I could just add everthing but that gets a little overwhelming. Hopefully what is in the list is items which are not craftable, not "valuable" and things you might pickup as a sideffect of doing something (mob drops from XP farms, mcMMO drops etc). I'll leave this thread open for a bit to allow for suggestions of other items to be added.
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    After getting familiar with our jobs system I have a few suggestions that I hope seem fair to you kind folk. Along with those suggestions I have also included an idea that I've had for the game since enchanting came out (it feels like mojang wants to see me spam my 1 and 2 keys on the keyboard over and over). First: Currently Hunter level 50 gives the perks of "10% mcMMO sword and taming booster". As an axe user (as opposed to swords) I would greatly appreciate the boost to be for mcMMO sword OR axes, with the caveat being that it is one or the other. Second: I remember seeing a forum post by lebh, that had the great idea of extra hearts at a certain level. I don't remember this idea being addressed. I would propose that you get either extra hearts, or armor toughness (currently only diamond armor gives toughness). As someone who both dies a lot, and loves chain mail armor, toughness or more hearts seem like a great and fair addition to hunter. Third: This one I imagine really only really benefits me as the only axe user, but more may use axes if this was added. Currently, the only combat enchant for axes is Sharpness V, the simple addition of Looting would make me not have to spam my item hotkey after each hit with an axe in order to switch to a sword for the looting. Additionally, Knockback and Fire Aspect (not sweeping edge) would be great for those that use those enchants, as Mojang seems to forget people use axes to fight.. Thank you for the consideration! I do hope that my first and third suggestions are not too much to ask. Also I do apologize if my second suggestion has been answered before, and I just happened to miss it. Lots of Love xx
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    We had these kinds of threads in our pixel art/pixel doll online forums too... as you can see by my avatar I do already show myself though that pic is from October 2018 here's a more recent one with a fresh cut in Jan. without the wig. The only difference from Jan- to now....Etsi will be quite happy to hear...I don't have a nose ring anymore!!! There was a slight oops incident and my nose ring got pulled out yet again, only this time I couldn't get any of my rings to go back in as I had developed a keloid scar on the inside of my nose that wouldn't allow passage... so no more nose rings for me.
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    I have no confidence with this sort of thing so enjoy a cute cat instead
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    I couldn't decide between most of them and panicked, picking the most popular 😭
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    This. Restored P-38 Lightning. Have a pic sitting in cockpit but can't find. Love the DC-3. Total workhorse of the air at the time.
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    First I've seen the holo thing used before and it's pretty neat, and good at grabbing attention so definitely a good suggestion. Second I still haven't gone mining yet, so no opinion on this point. Third I heard it was a change to the plugin, but yeah you are right, before you just had to have the same perms on the hopper and chest for it to work. Not sure if anything can be done to change it back though 😕 Fourth Yes (xD) Jobs I had a long list of perk suggestions for Builder and explorer myself, and the list is basically exactly the same. 😄 Lovely concise post lebh 🙂 Thought I'd add my thoughts on each point so nothing is left out. x
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    With the launch of the new map in less than 2 weeks, Logs and More has a final special for Map 6. This week we'll be selling Golden Carrots and Cookies. Golden Carrots are 8 for 5 ember Cookies are 16 for 1 ember
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    I think I'll build a small hut on the new map I'm thinking dirt will do nicely
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At over seven years old, marking its beginnings in 2011, CedarCraft has grown to have one of the closest communities in Minecraft.

From the dedicated staff team to all of the members who make us who we are, the welcoming CedarCraft community is the one to be a part of

Support CedarCraft

Providing the servers and software to keep CedarCraft running smoothly is not cheap and we rely on the generosity of our members.

Please consider supporting the community with the purchase of one of our 'VIP' ranks

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