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    Happy Birthday CedarCraft! Today marks the EIGHTH(!) year since CedarCraft began back in 2011! And how much has much has changed over all this time! We're now on map 7 and have updated through more versions of Minecraft than we'd ever have thought possible and carried the most awesome community through all these years with us. Whether you're a relatively new member or someone who's been with us since the very start, I'm sure you'll agree that we truly have something special in the community here. I'd like to once again thank all of you for being part of CedarCraft and everything that you bring to the community here! What do you have planned over the next year, in game and IRL? What would you like to see of CedarCraft in its eighth year? For our birthday, 26th September 2019, enjoy double money and exp on all jobs, until 00:00BST tomorrow! Please continue to support the community with all of your voting, and all donations are hugely helpful in keeping the community able to run, upgrade and continue into the years to come! View full news
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    Hello CedarCraft! Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions so far. We've updated to 1.14 now and I'm sure you've picked up on a few bugs here and there. These are being ironed out as we go forward. Please continue too make new bug reports in the correct forum and if you're experiencing something there, please add to that thread and explain what went wrong and how as clear as possible for us. Working through the thread above, we have implemented the following changes so far. As mentioned this is completely dynamic and subject to change and tweaks at all times so that we can get it fully balanced in time. Please continue to post further thoughts and suggestions regarding improvements to the server in a new topics in the suggestions forum. We are working through suggestions (but bugs take priority at present). - - - - - - - - - - - Jobs Changes 1. The exp and money income from the mining job has been at least doubled compared to before (in some instances even more) 2. Exp and money gain is no longer relatively reduced when you have more than one job - there's no disadvantage to having more than one job now. 3. Hunter job level 50 perk is an additional 10% mcMMO exp gain towards the 'axes' skill, in addition to 'swords' and 'taming'. 4. The hunter job relative to the others had significantly better exp / money gains for time invested. Looking at a selection of players, almost invariably hunter level (and income) is usually at least double that of any other job a player may have. As such, we are nerfing hunter as shown below: Before After - - - - - - - - - - - Hope you enjoy these changes overall JohnSF93
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    Hello CedarCraftians! You'll be glad to hear that we are now updated to 1.14.4! Along with this has come multiple updates and fixes, including changes to mcMMO and a huge increase in map size to a total of 100 million blocks in area! There remain a couple of minor issues, namely disguises and pets are not playing nicely at present, but these will be fixed as soon as we can! See you in game! View full news
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    currently when we want to move villagers from one place to another we use boats and either /back, /home or /tpa this however creates lag for everyone else in the server when someone tp's with a boat. the person who tp's with a boat also runs the risk of dying, at one point I was teleporting a villager to somewhere else unaware of the lag this caused me to glitch through the bedrock of the overworld and I died and lost everything due to this. I believe we should add villager eggs into the game because now we are 1.14.4 we are able to change villager professions, this means that there is no reason why we shouldn't have villager eggs, this will also prevent lag.
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    As I'm sure many of you are aware after the update to 1.14.4 there has been an issue with some barrels no longer working. We have been working on a way to restore these broken barrels and I am happy to say have succeeded. To avoid overwriting blocks which might since have been replaced this process is not automatic. I have responded to all the modreqs which have currently been raised relating to this issue and fixed all barrels I could find. If you have any broken barrels please do /modreq them and we will fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience in this matter and sorry for any inconvience caused. While we do our best to ensure updates run smoothly there can be complex iteractions between plugins which are hard to foresee and test ahead of time. -Basicmark CedarCraft Admin team
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    Have not been on lately the last 3 weeks due to multiple disc bulges in spine and a trapped nerve causing crippling pain down left leg. Have had 3 spinal steroid injections to no avail and currently seeing a physio. Have not been able to walk the last 3 weeks but I think slowly getting better with exercise and trying to break through the pain threshold and be mobile. Reason why I can not sit and played MC is because my mind can't stay focused for a time as the pain kicks in regularly I sit.out side playing brain dead casino games on mobile phone drinking tea and taking to the local birds 😝 Will BBS ❤️
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    Sorry to hear it's too much to bear. 😞 Was thinking about you just yesterday wondering how things were going for you. Hopefully the exercise helps you out. Brain dead casino games sounds like a punishment though, surely there must be better things. 😛 Say hi to the birds from me!
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