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    Greetings all, It's been a while since I've been here but I've been sitting on this data for map 4 and haven't really put it all together in a render yet. But finally, with an indirect nudge, I got it compiled and want to add it to this collection! http://www.mediafire.com/file/ls28a5dbhat6dr6/cedarcraft_map4_render_v1.zip/file It's a zoomable render for map 4 (~60 MB compressed, ~160 MB uncompressed), with marked coords for all that I was able to collect back then. I was thinking of adding a search feature but it's not documented anywhere and I don't know enough to hack into their `leaflet.js` setup. So for now, you can search by opening `markers.js` as a text file. Maybe in a later update if there's demand I'll figure it out. I'd like to thank John for allowing me to expediently collect some missing coords on the last day; it would not be as full otherwise. For anyone who was around during map 4: enjoy! ---- P.S. I see that Cedar has a dynmap with coords now; nice! Hopefully that is distributed along with the map files at the close. 🙂
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    Thanks Biolly, appreciated! 😄 Was actually considering reaching out to you for that render but didn't know how, and now here you are!
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    Map 3 is a tricky one to get working but I finally figured it out: Unzip download with unzipping program. World file is within "CedarCraft-Map3\home\mcma\Minecraft" and called "mc" which you drag out and put into saves. Open up launcher. Go to launch options and enable advanced settings. Create a new version configuration. Set the version to 1.6.4. Enable "JVM arguments". Change "-Xmx2G" to "-Xmx4G" (If you have less than 8GB RAM you may struggle, "-Xmx3G" may be enough). Do not disable "JVM arguments". Save the configuration. Play the configuration. Open the world in singleplayer. Give it a good few minutes to load up. It should now work (be sure to follow the above suggestion of opening in a LAN world and disabling firetick, map 3 spawn is very flammable). Essentially you need to increase the allocated RAM for minecraft to open map 3, the rest of the maps should not need you to do this though.
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