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    This is the "puppy" I am always talking about. His "official" name is Ralph, but we tend to call him "Ru-Ru". He is 1/2 Miniature American Eskimo (his momma), 1/4 Dachshund, and 1/4 Chihuahua. He has the long body of the doxie and standard legs, but the anxiety of the chihuahua.......a very weird mix!
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    I have been working on a public village that all CC players can come and use free of charge. I've named it "Rove's Public Trading Village". You will soon be able to ride a rail from the outskirts of spawn right to the village doors. Rove's Public Trading Village is for everyone no matter how much ember you have or how long you have been playing on the server. We have a villager breeding program to make sure that a fresh batch of villagers are added regularly to maximize the number of trades, farms that are there for you to harvest (and replant) to use for trading with our villagers, beds to stop those pesky phantoms from spawning and the dispenser wall which will give you a tradable item at the push of a button. Donations are gratefully accepted to help this awesome public space stay open and free. Don't want to donate? No worries you are still more than welcome to come and trade, farm or just hang out. What are you allowed to use your traded items for? Anything you want, the only we ask is that the dispenser wall items are only used to trade with our villagers. When you enter Rove's Public Trading Village you will see a sign directing you to the rules, please read and follow them so everyone gets to enjoy this place. If you have any issues or questions just let me know.
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    Hello CedarCraft! CedarCraft has updated to our seventh map! The brand new changes are outlined in our previous post below! We are currently working on the /help menu At present you can use this menu to see the way that jobs and in-game ranking works Other help menu items will be added shortly We have initially launched only the new map, with no hub or old world access as yet. This needs configuring which will take some time, and currently we wish to focus our efforts on a smooth transition into the new map. Do not despair, our hub and the old map are just around the corner! In addition to these, there are changes coming to our VIP ranks where we’re giving you more bang for your buck, and the addition of the CedarCraft legends A rank for those who go above and beyond in supporting CedarCraft and the community £10 / month for our dedicated users that already purchased LifeVIP [Legend] tag and the ability to colour your name however you please (as long as it’s not made to look like staff) See you in game!
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