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    This year was my last at university (5th year inc. sandwich placement), where i've been studying a 'Master of Engineering', MEng in Mechanical Engineering, and I have been awarded a 2:1 for that so I'm very happy with the result 🙂 As part of the final year, everyone needs to take part in a group project to develop through the year. I picked development of a single-seater race car, for the university's racing team, SHU Racing. I was in charge of Powertrain (i.e. the engine and everything related to it). At the end of the year we take the car to Silverstone to compete against the other universities in a series of static and dynamic events. This year, SHU Racing managed to achieve its highest score ever of 332.1 points, ranking the team 21st out of 81 teams (The best rank we've got too!). It was also the first time the team reached the final of any event (in this case the costing, one of the static events), making it a double win for us 😄 After getting back, the team met with HRH The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, to discuss technological innovations that the university has to offer, this was the cherry on top 😄 This year has been one of the best years ever for me, onwards to my engineering career! 😄
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    This month's theme will be Towers! Requirements: 1. Must be original and not based on a movie tower or real life tower. 2. In order for it to be considered a tower there must be at least 7 levels and each level must server some purpose. For example the top level might be a beacon like light in which the next to top level would need to be the operation room aka redstone to operate the beacon, the next level down might be the tower keeper's living quarters..etc. 3. There's no restriction on how tall the tower is as long as you use your space wisely. Each accessible level must be at least 3 blocks tall. 4. Any level used for living like quarters will need to have at least one window. This window can be glass or it can be a decorative hole that does not allow anyone to slip in through the blocks. Even fencing will work for this requirement. Remember that we have changed locations and are now near Northwick I will have an admin address this ASAP to change the warp. Until they can switch the warp the comp is at the following location: -2579, 65, 654 You have until Sat. September 7th to complete your builds! This time I will include a rubric based judging on every build at the time the winners are announced to ensure that there's no favoritism and that the comp has been judged fairly.
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    There has already been blowback from a few players over the winners. Let me clarify that I judge each build based on meeting the criteria and originality. Let me also take a moment to remind players that complaining ant nitpicking about the winning builds is not good sportsmanship and continued behavior will result in a 3 month ban from the competition to give such persons time too cool down. My friends and family should not be made to feel like they can't enter & have fun with everyone else because of situations like this. Cedarcraft is a fun, supportive, uplifting community and these behaviors do not reflect what the CC server stands for.
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    Well... Everything calmed down, but then I went and did something crazy. Someone inspired me to make some changes to myself and my life. I'm very happy with the results, but now I only have about an hour of free time every day. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'll pop in when I can. And who knows? Maybe I'll wear myself out and come back. Either way, be sure to stay in touch. I'm always on Discord and social media!
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    I think Dreamy might like Scare Tactics lol then again it might give him ideas to spook me XD lmao! I've found the Great British Baking Show a while ago and I'm still watching it at the moment. Its good but if I fall asleep due to the meds I don't have to rewind to re watch a part to understand what's going on.
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