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Cactus Farm Question?

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so ive noticed some farms are semi automatic using redstone clocks etc etc.

Can we make Cactus farms which auto break on growth cycle as i have been told by different people it is allowed. they autobreak on growth into a glass block so no redstone is required and it can be alot simpler to build than running redstone to pistons on a taller scale.


Edit: additional can we use observer blocks to harvest farms such as kelp farm when it reaches a certain level or is this considered too automatic?

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No, it's not.


No automatic farming

  • You must not use fully automatic farms - i.e. those that do not require direct interaction to work
    • Automatic chicken farms using hoppers to catch eggs are an exception to this rule and are permitted. Please limit 20 chickens per chunk.
  • You may use semi-automatic farms, such as those activated by pushing a button
  • This is to protect players from lag spikes. If you are unsure if your farm would be automatic or semi-automatic, please make sure to ask a mod first


This should be fairly self-explanatory. If you don't have to interact with the farm in order to gain items, it's automatic. Regardless of the methods used to detect when they're grown, or harvest, whatever. If it harvests without an action on your part, it's not allowed.

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I get the observer blocks suggestion but I am trying to think of farm designs which won't cause lag spikes but as for cactus you have to create something which takes up more space and will lag using pistons? Could cactus farms be reviewed so they can be a small size? I think it would be valuable for the rules to be in more depth, there are people on the server with automatic slime farms, I'm not trying to get people into trouble just want to clarify the rules

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I would rather see exceptions added to the list of auto farms than allowing every single one. If we would allow auto farming, someone, somewhere, would make one that pukes out 320k melon slices per hour (as an exaggerated example) which would indeed cause lag - but smaller scale ones don't really. There are some new cactus farm designs out there relying on swinging piston arms next to cactus blocks making them grow much faster and from what I've heard and seen they cause little to no lag at all, tps nor fps. Like I said though, it's a rabbit hole we'd jump down into, there has to be an upper limit on what's ok or not because right now we only have an arbitrary rule surround it (if it causes lag, we'll tear it down etc.) but I wouldn't like to be the guy who zaps around the server trying to find out what farm in particular is causing the issues, and to be frank there's a whole lot of people who don't even care or know if their contraption causes lag, so they just run it anyway (read: pumping 150+ cows into a 5x5 pen).



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