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*Public Trading Village Update*

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So I logged on today ready to add some new additions to the village.. Once my game loaded I saw that my study had been greifed and also had the village... things were stolen, killed and dreams were crushed...

It is because of this that the Public Village has closed it's doors.. it's a shame that a few players can ruin it for everyone. I may decide to reopen at a later stage but for now the village will remain closed and I will start moving all the villagers into an underground vault this week sometime where they will be safe until I decided what to do with the  "public" village.

Trusted players are still welcome to come and use the farms and villagers but I will need to add you to the protection first. 


I will keep you guys updated on what's happening with the village as I decide, a huge thanks to Rock for helping roll back the damage.


Thanks guys 🙂


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Hey, I'm sorry to hear about this Rover.

I'm working on a large public farm right next door to your village, and after talking with Rock, we're thinking the best way to do it is just have a big protection with multiple owners (so that someone is always online who can add people to the protection), and just have people ask to be added. Would probably help to avoid random griefers and such. I get that you probably don't want a bunch of owners on your protection, but I think just adding people to the region is the best idea for now. Dang griefers. X_X

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😞 oh, that sucks really much...


well, what you could do is to make the region "protection" and add all the donator ranks as they are a bit more trust. then you have a lot of member on that region. and the only way for people to get added is either mail or msg you? 

/region define area g:VIP g:VIP+ g:Legend g:lifeVIP

That should at least get rid of grifer that joins just to grife, and it will be semi-public. as your build is so close to spawn, I think its targeted... sadly 😕

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