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Server and Job Suggestions/Feedback

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I'll bring up spawn and navigation as a small topic. As new players are complaining a lot or getting lost, I think many of the new players are not used to reading vanilla mc signs, and I can understand it a bit they are a bit fuzzy to read, and don't stand out much. I personally have no problem reading signs, but understand people who are. And I would like to suggest to start using Holo sign "Holograpical Display" I think about 80-95% of servers I have joined "lately" are using it. And that sticks much more out and is better to help the new player navigate.




The miner job, I believe it has gotten a bit too rough of a nerf, I don't have any conclusive data to show to this, but the ember and xp per hour compared to any of the other jobs must be 1/2 or 1/4 slower. Also talking to a lot of other players it seems they have the same impression.


Hoppers used to come as locked before, and I liked that much better, as it is more safe, and also, I believe that the /hop on did not need to be added as the hopper was locked, and so was the chest, so I believe the last map you did not have to add it, not sure if this is a change from lwc or some setting that was changed. but at least I'll just mention it so you guys are aware of it.


When Joining the server each time the message says to use /list to see who other is online, but we don't have access to /list, just an FYI.



Jobs Suggestions:

This is just random perk ideas for each rank or addition to previous ranks, ( I don't want all of them added, just different suggestions). as I heard you guys wanted some job suggestions. Also just a suggestion to have more tier unlock as it can go a bit between the unlocks, doesn't need to be big things either, a vote crate key etc maybe every 10 or 5 levels.








  • Condense clay and glowstone
  • Concrete powder to concrete.


  • Fireresist for x amount of seconds.
  • Use of mcmmo repair and salvage (only for blacksmith)


  • Access to depth command
  • Condenses quartz


  • Turn sugarcane into sugar with one command
  • Craftbooks Cauldron with custom stuff for the alchemist.



I will end it here, as I have typed enough for now, I was just brainstorming.




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I've seen the holo thing used before and it's pretty neat, and good at grabbing attention so definitely a good suggestion.


I still haven't gone mining yet, so no opinion on this point.


I heard it was a change to the plugin, but yeah you are right, before you just had to have the same perms on the hopper and chest for it to work. Not sure if anything can be done to change it back though 😕


Yes (xD)


I had a long list of perk suggestions for Builder and explorer myself, and the list is basically exactly the same. 😄


Lovely concise post lebh 🙂

Thought I'd add my thoughts on each point so nothing is left out. x

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