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My experience on the Jobs and Ranks

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Hello first of all, I have not posted on the forums for 4 years but I am back 😄 . 


I just wanted to share my experiences on the Jobs/ranks, and get some feedback on what other people think of them.


I want to start with Jobs first. I really like the jobs that have been added, I am an excavator and Miner. They have both been yielding me a ton of Ember so far, but I have been hearing about other jobs not being as good for money or to rank up in general. I am sure if you create a post on here about them then the admins can take a look into the jobs for you though. The jobs are perfect in terms of level and money, you don't make that much from them unless you really put some work into it, which I think is how it should be. In terms of the perks for the jobs I am a little bit undecided on... Some of the jobs have great ones whereas others aren't so great, and the levels you attain some of the perks are a bit meh for me personally. But I can't speak for everyone 🙂. All in all I love the jobs because it gives me an extra way to make money on the server.


The ranks plugin is really nice and I am enjoying working towards ranking up and using my ember instead of it piling up like it did before. I do not think they are expensive by any means, If you want those ranks then you are going to have to be working hard in your job or selling stuff in a stall. If they were any more cheaper than they are then most people would be rank 10 in a month. To add to the ranks I think we should have prestige's once a few people have reached the maximum rank. I think it would be cool to add something to the prestige's such as, prestige 1 gets to use one of the benefits from the ranks without having to be that rank. And then so on for prestige 2...

That's my experience and opinions on the new Jobs and Ranks that have been introduced. I would like to hear other people's opinions on them as everyone is not going to have the same opinion as I do. 

Thanks for reading 🙂




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I agree, I think most of the jobs are in a good place as far as money goes in that you won't earn a lot unless you're actually working at it. That's the way it should be.


I think miner and hunter could do with a different level 25 perk -- miner gets /nightlight, but everyone can already use the /nv alternative. I don't see /nl getting used. Hunter level 25 perk I'd like to see changed to something else, as everyone can already obtain mob heads as it is. Unless the level 25 hunter perk does something different about it I'm not aware of? Other than that, I like the perks and think they're interesting and fun.


I love the ranks. It's a great way to give people things to work towards. I personally have never cared at all about mcmmo levels -- nobody sees them usually, and they barely affect things once you're past a certain (low) milestone. The ranks are different. Everyone can see what rank you are, and you gain prestige from it. Everything after [VII] Official is a new perk even for VIPs, so it really encourages people to work at their jobs.

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Obtaining mob heads at 25 I can agree isn't the most fantastic of perks, we've played around with the idea of egging hostile mobs as well but outside of novelty I'm not so sure on how useful it actually is, although it is something unique that only the hunter itself could do, not everyone with a Vip package. Drawbacks of egging hostiles is that someone could grief you pretty bad with it, say egg 10+ skeletons and just unleash them near a player then /spawn, but, idk, if you got to level 25 hunter you're probably not interested in griefing that way so it's not a problem unless the eggs become a 1-10 ember thing on the market and easily available. Increased durability on weapons is something I'd consider for a level 25 perk as well. What about you?




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Well everyone has the perk right now, so it's a bit unfair, but I think to give them access to egging hostile mobs would be nice, as one could make a chamber with creeper and skeleton to get a unique disk. The risk of them griefing with hostile mob I think is minimal with the time it takes to get there, unless as you say they start selling them. That is also great if possible to give them more durability. what would also maybe be fun would be to give them access to cooking pots as we already got the plugin installed and would not require that much modification. got the 

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