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*Public Trading Village Update*

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It has been awesome to see so many players coming to the PTV to perform their trading! Makes all the hard work building this place worth it.




Few updates on the PTV..




I have done a bit of remodeling so you may find there are some new areas and updated buildings. We now have a Player Only Farm which as the name suggests is only for players. This will make sure there are always crops for you to harvest, replant and trade with. The villagers have been known to use the other farms for breeding so there weren't always crops available to the players.


The farmer villager has been moved to the inside of the Player Only Farm so he is close to the crops and always ready to trade. You will find him on the left under the stairs as you enter. If you lock a trade please unlock it before leaving the PTV.


The rail is fully set up at spawn, it will take you straight to the PTV but you may have to use your own minecart if there isn't one there.


Iv also added a small blacksmithing area which has an anvil, crafting table and furnace for you to use as much as you like but it is B.Y.O coal or dried kelp.  


Feel free to use the front iron doors on the PTV to leave and explore the world around it, take the rail back to spawn or just head out for a walk in the sand.

I have noticed a few villagers have been left with some trades lock.. please UNLOCK all trade if you lock them, its not fair on the next person who wants to trade. #rantover

Hopefully you guys are like the village so far, I'm always happy to hear your ideas on how i can make it better. 


Happy Trading









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On 12/24/2018 at 2:59 AM, RoveTheLandRover said:

If you lock a trade please unlock it before leaving the PTV.

Wait what, you can do that? How?

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