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Mob Spawning Update

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Significant changes to natural mob spawning behaviour are being trialled for the purpose of improving user experience and making mob spawning behaviour act like single player.

Before this change, mobs spawned proportional to the number of chunks loaded by the server, which itself is related to number of players online, but these mobs could spawn anywhere on the map. This meant that ‘your’ mobs (that you bring to the server total by logging in and rendering more chunks) could be spawning by someone else or in a huge farm. This meant that at times, the world may have seemed a bit barren of mobs, especially when farms are stealing the spawns. After the change, mob spawns are specifically limited to spawning around each player, like single player, and the effects of other players on the other side of the map will not affect you. 

This change means that you should see more mobs around you when playing, but it is likely to limit the number of mobs spawning at farms (because the huge numbers before were actually mobs "belonging" to someone else).

As an example of the above (using a mob limit of 50 as an example):

  • Old behaviour: 3 players online would mean, for argument sake, approximately 150 mobs ANYWHERE on the server. If a large mobfarm is in use, all of these mobs technically could all be there, and for everyone else the map would look bare
  • New behaviour: Every player can have up to 50 mobs spawn in a certain radius around them. Farms on the other side of the map no longer ‘steal’ the mobs ‘belonging’ to that player.

Obviously this is all theoretical and we need your feedback regarding this change after testing it for a while.
Are you seeing more mobs? Fewer mobs? In what situations? Is this a positive change? In what ways can it be tweaked?

Thanks and see you in game!

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Personally I'm seeing more mobs than I used to, and I like it. I think the 'scarcity' of mobs was a little underwhelming so the fact that I can consistently see more around me at night has made me want to be more cautious, and it's revamped the difficulty without increasing it. Personally I'm for this 🙂

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