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As we all know well by now, voting for us daily is one of the most important things that you can do to help us in terms of bringing new faces to the community and getting our name out there. I've recently reduced the amount of sites needed to vote on daily from 5 to 3, hopefully making this less of a chore for you all.

As well as this I want to improve the vote crate that you get for voting 3 times a day.

Also, there is the possibility to give the top 3 (or more) voters a month their own special prizes. 

Please let us know what sort of things you want to see in the vote crate that you feel will make voting more worthwhile.
And while you're at it, don't forget to vote!


If you really want to help us, please consider making a review on our voting pages (especially PMC, /vote3) so new players can see how we stand out. Thanks!

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As I said on the server chat, it would be cool to have 'hostile' mob spawn eggs; not for killing, ofcourse but for decorative purposes. Wether one wants to have a cave spider roaming somewhere in their base (me) or would like to have a pet magma slime, or even a prison with a bunch of pillagers, a somewhat rare voting prize like that would make it awesome to see if 'this time' you'll get what you wish for, and if you get a spawn egg that you dont want - it still might get a nice price on the auction. Imagine trying to fill a prison with witches and pillagers on your own, without a magic carpet and so on - almost undoable, unless you're really set on suffering. (Imagine a caged pet creeper!)

Common prize? Various colored wool? Like 16 or 8 of it maybe, or some carpet?
Common prize vol. 2? Some dyes? Same like with wool?
Some other prize ideas would be: flower pots, flowers, vines, saplings, apples, Jack-o-Lanterns, lanterns, bookshelves, seaweed blocks, bone blocks, netherwart blocks. Generaly decorative blocks or mildly useful ones.

An ultra rare Johns or Damos head xD

Some other way to go with it would be to add prizes derived from each job, so a fun prize either FOR each job or 'OUT' of each job; A stack of cacti/a diamond hoe :>/ a stack of xp bottles/ some-cool-potion /A stack of glazed terracota / A stack of arrows / etc., not sure what would be specific for each job but little-while-cool-and/or-useful-thingies.

I'll write more if something comes to mind!

Edit: This is Pani_Kapitan, lol.

Edited by Has

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Sponge, shulker boxes/shells, nautilus shells.

Bonus towny plots could be nice, plus a chance to get another crate key.

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Hmm, what about if Potatoes of Sorrow were used as keys for spins to a different loot pool? Maybe 10 of them (random number) could be exchanged for a key to a higher-tier loot pool, or one potato for another spin on the initial vote crate for those who don't wish to save up.

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