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Jobs Changes

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Hello CedarCraft!

Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions so far. We've updated to 1.14 now and I'm sure you've picked up on a few bugs here and there. These are being ironed out as we go forward. Please continue too make new bug reports in the correct forum and if you're experiencing something there, please add to that thread and explain what went wrong and how as clear as possible for us.

Working through the thread above, we have implemented the following changes so far. As mentioned this is completely dynamic and subject to change and tweaks at all times so that we can get it fully balanced in time.

Please continue to post further thoughts and suggestions regarding improvements to the server in a new topics in the suggestions forum. We are working through suggestions (but bugs take priority at present).

- - - - - - - - - - -

Jobs Changes

1. The exp and money income from the mining job has been at least doubled compared to before (in some instances even more)

2. Exp and money gain is no longer relatively reduced when you have more than one job - there's no disadvantage to having more than one job now.

3. Hunter job level 50 perk is an additional 10% mcMMO exp gain towards the 'axes' skill, in addition to 'swords' and 'taming'.

4. The hunter job relative to the others had significantly better exp / money gains for time invested. Looking at a selection of players, almost invariably hunter level (and income) is usually at least double that of any other job a player may have. As such, we are nerfing hunter as shown below:




- - - - - - - - - - -

Hope you enjoy these changes overall


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